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Beakermania* 08-21-2006 08:53 AM

Montreal's #15 Prospect by the Fans
Poll #14 is won by Carle

Its a long way from the start of the season, so lets to a poll of the top 20 Montreal prospects. Each poll will be open for 2 days, but i may start the next one sooner if there is a clear cut winner of one poll. 40/80 rule (40 vote lead, at least 80 total votes cast)


Originally Posted by Montreal
Pleks and Perezhogin should not be considered prospects by HF standards since they both played over 65 games in the NHL. Don't know why they are still listed on the Habs page but they should be considered graduated. Murray has 56 games under his belt, so by HF he's still a prospect, but I personally don't consider him one.

Danis at 25 and Cote at 24 are becoming too old to be considered prospects.

Next add will be Paquet, Lambert, Stewart, Sanford, Lacasse, Urquhart,

If you want someone added sooner than they are scheduled to be added, just leave a comment to that affect. I will try to make move them up as far as I can, if more than one name is to be added to the next poll i will break the tie by

1) majority of requests.
2) first request if tied.

In case of a Tie as happened in poll #6 I will count Rookie votes manually so post those here as a tie breaker. They will only be counted on a tie, i will not manually count if the vote is won by a close margin.

1.) Andrei Kostitsyn
2.) Carey Price
3.) Guillaume Latendresse
4.) Kyle Chipchura
5.) Mikhail Grabovsky
6.) Alexi Emelin
7.) David Fischer
8.) Ryan O'Byrne
9.) Sergei Kostitsyn
10.) Maxim Lapierre
11.) Jaroslav Halak
12.) Matt D'Agostini
13.) Ben Maxwell
14.) Mathieu Carle

Beakermania* 08-21-2006 08:57 AM

I'm gonna go with our AHL scoring leader, Corey Locke

Tuggy 08-21-2006 09:00 AM

I'll go with Aubin.

Dan K 08-21-2006 09:27 AM

Juraj Mikus.

Honourable mentions to Jonathan Ferland and Mathieu Aubin.

Darz 08-21-2006 10:00 AM

Pretty close between a few different guys, but I'm going with Ryan White.

Prospector 08-21-2006 10:01 AM

Aubin for me! He proved he was too dominant in the Q last year, semething Mikus do not have accomplish yet ( But give him time)...

Considering the accomplishments and the development, my vote goes to Aubin!

DerekT 08-21-2006 10:02 AM

Here's some love for Valentenko!

Le Tricolore 08-21-2006 12:07 PM

Oskari Korpikari once more.

CH Wizard 08-21-2006 12:09 PM

Juraj Mikus.

Talent Analyst 08-21-2006 12:09 PM

Juraj Mikus

Vasculio 08-21-2006 12:27 PM

Mikus for me, he's underrated IMO, and that's a good thing

Jakomyte 08-21-2006 01:49 PM


Qui Gon Dave 08-21-2006 03:10 PM

Erm... statistical anomaly. As glad as I am to see some people still voting for Ferland, I'm a little confused how picasso has managed 2 votes for the same person :dunno: Have things gotten to the point where Ferland requires people to vote twice for him to stand a chance in these polls? Anyone else know how to vote twice as I feel Ferland deserves to be a lot closer in the running than he has been so far, I wouldn't mind knowing so I can help him out some. Failing that, picasso, can you share your secret?

yvan74 08-21-2006 06:17 PM

BENOIT!!!!:handclap: hands down!

Russeltown 08-21-2006 11:00 PM

Aubin over Mikus

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