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Old Hickory 11-20-2003 04:07 PM

Hey Bingo
Have have the Monarchs looked recently? Any info would be appreciated especially on Grebeshkov, Clarke, Rullier and Strbak

BINGO 11-21-2003 05:41 AM


Originally Posted by kingsjohn
Have have the Monarchs looked recently? Any info would be appreciated especially on Grebeshkov, Clarke, Rullier and Strbak

Well, after a slow start, the Monarchs have really picked up the play. The team has had a big turnover from last year, so I think that it might of taken a bit to "gel".

Grebes is starting to come around. He looked VERY shakey at the start, but has improved. I think it was a combo of the NA style of play and "culture shock", this is MANCH-VEGAS after all!!!(Sorry, local joke!)
Grebes has awesome vision and will someday qb the pp for LA, without a doubt. I like his style. He can take a hit as well.

Clarke has hustled and figured in a bunch of goals,(I am NOT a stats type of guy) and is always moving. He is a bit small, but has the poise to play against the opposing teams 4th line.

Rullier has got to be one of the most steady players. He is right now, my favorite Monarch, by far. I love the physical style of play, this kid will not back down from ANYONE. He got sucker punched last week and preceeded to beat the snot out of a Hartford player. His defensive play has improved tremendously in the three years that I have watched him. I have often wondered why Joe has not gotten the call, especially with all of the talk of how LA needs a tough Dman. He is right here 3k miles away in the system, no need to trade for another Dman!!

Strbak is kinda new, he has been paired with grebes, and has not yet clicked. I think if and when they do, WATCH OUT. LA will have quite the tandem in the future.

I have been impressed by Lehoux lately, he is grinding down low, getting involved.
I am also impressed BIG TIME with Tripp. Reminds me of Neeley's situation, burried in the Rangers org. only to get a shot with LA. He has stuck up for others, (stepping right in and dropping the mitts, and leveling some poor soul on Norfolk.....). The knock on Tripp was that he is slow, but here he stands out. Great hands, nice touch and plays both ways.

Well sorry for any type-o's. I am rushing off to an uncles funeral, he played amateur hockey here in NH for the Nashua Royals and the Manchester Maple Leafs. Now this goes back probably to the 40's or 50's.

I would be interested to see if other Monarchs fans have the same thoughts.

Have to go, next time we can talk about Ryan Flinn. :yo:

Old Hickory 11-21-2003 07:01 AM

Thanks!!! Since it such a good update, I promise to ask about Flunn next time

My condolences on your uncle

jfont 11-21-2003 08:47 AM

thanks for the post Bingo...maybe you can write some more later...

so sorry to hear about your uncle too... :(

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