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Sec of Partying Down 11-21-2003 06:39 AM

WC Playoff Predictions at the Quarter Point
Now that we've all had a chance to see how good each team can do, which teams do you think we make the playoffs in the Western Conference...

Western Conference
1. Vancouver Canucks
The Canucks look like the real thing, goaltending is still a concern but Cloutier has been good. Bertuzzi hasn't been scoring as much as Canucks fans would like he still has 19 points in 20 games. Imagine if he really gets rolling...
2. Colorado Avalanche
The Avs have had injuries but still have a very respectable 26 pts in 19 games. If the Avs get a Burke or Joseph they will be the best team in the league.
3. Detriot Red Wings
They can't be as mediocre as they have showed so far. Just have too many weopons not to be a cup contender.
4. St. Louis Blues
Not as good as their record shows. Goaltending is a major concern as is their thin blueline. But they still have a number of offensive weapons that will ensure a playoff spot and possibly home ice advantage in the first round.
5. Dallas Stars
Modano, Zubov -14??? What is going on here? Dallas Stars sure are struggling but it won't last they just have too much talent and depth not to be their in the end.
6. Los Angeles Kings
Great coaching, should be their if the injury bug doesn't bite, more than it already has...
7. Deadmonton Oilers
How the hell do they do it? They really shouldn't have a 10-7 record but they do and with their track record of consistency I had to make them one of the teams.
8. Calgary Flames
Don't laugh...The Flames are quietly becoming one of the best defensive teams in the league and if Kipper provides the consistency in goal the Flames have been searching for they definitely have a good shot.

In the Hunt...

Anahiem Mighty Ducks
Minnesota Wild
Phoenix Coyotes

EDIT: These are not the playoff seeds, they are in the order of Best to Worst team...

Irish Blues 11-21-2003 06:43 AM

20 games is a little early to start making playoff projections. I'd wait about another 10 games at least. By the mid-point of the season teams in the top 8 are a near certainty to still be there when the season is over, so you could make playoff predictions at that point and be pretty safe as far as picking who'll be in and who won't.

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