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DarrenBanks56 11-02-2006 03:31 PM

Hockey net dimensions???
Im planning on making a couple metal hockey nets for the pond this year. Can someone please give me the exact dimensions for net depth for the bottom, and depth for the top back bar??? I would like this as close to the NHL dimensions as possible. Thanks

MikeD 11-02-2006 04:39 PM

2 3/8" pipe 4x6 posts and crossbar

1 3/4 pipe for bottom

1 1/4 pipe for top

1 1/4 back verticle support bar

I believe all the pipes are 1/8 inch wall thickness.

Bottom is a 22" Radius on each side blended into a 44" deep straight back bar.

Top is 22" deep and have no idea what the radius is on each side blending from hte top corner into the straight portion of the back. On a nicer weather day i can take pics for you with a tape measure laid out on it. Snowing like mad right now.

You can get a closer look at the goal itself at http://www.rileymfg.com/Professional...key%20Goal.htm which is where I picked up the set I have.

* found this at NHL.com


DarrenBanks56 11-02-2006 06:42 PM

thanks man. thats everything i need.

MikeD 11-03-2006 09:00 PM

if ya give Riley manufacturing a call...many times they will have a set of the nets and dressing for real cheap. Once in a while they get a set that is dirtied up. I got my set of two nets for the price of one because the dress kit was dirty. It all washed off with a simple windex and cloth wipe!

What the print doesnt show is how to put in the anchores to weave the netting onto. Looks like 1/4 by 1/8 ribbon bent in ridges and welded to the back center of the pipes. will take a pic of it for you ASAP. The neetting from RIley is expensive but mine has been exposed to the outdoors 100% for 4 years now and the netting is as solid strong as the day i got them. Its worth the extra cost. The H3 full dress kit just sets the whole thing off. They do look sweet full dressed.

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