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Big Bill 11-24-2003 06:11 PM

Keeper League Deal
Real NHL stats, keeper league. 25 pts for goal and assist. 3 pts pims, 1 pt gp.

A: Havlat, Brad Ference, Brad Lukowich, 2nd rder in 2004 (around 45th overall)
B: Morozov, Kastsitsyn, Purinton, 1st rder (currently #9 overall)

Team A is strong with Forsberg, Morrison, Tkachuk, Nabokov, Nurminen, etc... TOp 3 team going for championship

Team B is also strong with great youngsters but struggling due to hold outs and injuries (Allison, Gaborik, Havlat, Gagne, Carter, Zubov, Skoula, Salo, Prospal, Tucker, Satan). Looking to retool a bit and feel Kastsitsyn will help the farm along with the high first rder to go with a later first rder the team already has (around 25-30 overall)

Which side?

Bring_Bak_Damphousse 11-24-2003 07:25 PM

The only things that really interest me in that proposal is Havlat, Kastitsyn and the 2 picks. That being said I guess it depends where your going...like you say team A`s going for the win so getting Havlat is a good move and loosing someone like Kastitsyn and Morozov shouldn`t hurt you in that respect. If team B is looking to do alittle retooling the 1st rdr and Kastitsyn are also a good return. IMO I like the deal for team A but it`s still relatively even. Although if I`m team B I`d like to get alittle more in return for Havlat.

Porn* 11-25-2003 11:31 AM

well bill... i think its a pretty good deal for you, but risky. Morozov is great when healthy. The only question about him is producing without Mario. Kastitsiyen (sp) looks really good but once again his health is an issue as is development. The pick is sweet, maybe i'll make a deal for it ;)

Plan 9 11-26-2003 04:29 AM

Team A.

Robert Paulson* 11-27-2003 04:20 AM

I don't think I'd risk getting Morozov and trading Havlat. See if you could trade someone other than Havlat. Otherwise, get a better return than Morozov.

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