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GSC 12-15-2006 04:46 PM

Favourite hockey brand/company?
As shown in my avatar, Graf Hockey gets my vote. They make the best skates around, IMO, and provide some nice gear to go with it (great gloves and sticks). I work at a hockey store in Pittsburgh and whenever I need new things, the first thing I'll do is request Graf stuff from the warehouse. Quality gear and while the price is a bit steep, it's definitely worth your money.

I invested in a pair of 707's 4 years ago...I could use them for another 4, they're amazing skates.

Doctor Hook 12-15-2006 05:35 PM

I was a CCM man for protective gear but just recently switched to Sher-Wood shoulder pads, Easton elbow pads, Itech pants and jock, Bauer sticks, and Mission gloves. Still rep the CCM for helmet and skates.

MikeD 12-16-2006 05:33 AM

Maltese Hockey
Heaton but thats long dead since the 2000 purchase by CCM.

Ti-girl 12-16-2006 10:05 AM

CCM and RBK for skates. All of us (three kids) wear them.

Though, we all wear Bauer helmets due to fat heads...

JonathanK 12-16-2006 10:27 AM

bought some graf 709's a week ago, love them. RBK for sticks, mission for helmets, and nike bauer for protective equipment and gloves

Malefic74 12-16-2006 10:48 AM

After much resistance went with some Itech stuff this year (pads & pants) and have been very happy with them. My trusty old Bauer skates are nearly 20 years old and still kicking out pucks. I've been pretty happy with the Brain's gloves I have although the blocker is starting to go a bit. I may go back to Vaughn or I may try the Itech stuff. Rbk is overpriced in comparison IMO.

I'm actually toying with the idea of removing ALL brand marks from my gear for next year.

Avery4Byng* 12-16-2006 01:05 PM

I have ccm skates, rbk gloves, nike helmet, easton pants, sher wood shouldies, jofa shins...... so i guess i dont really ahve a favorite.

nikebauer 12-16-2006 06:53 PM

take a wild guess

crashlanding 12-16-2006 07:27 PM


Originally Posted by nikebauer (Post 7379371)
take a wild guess


...eh it's probably CCM

I'm a bigtime fan of Easton's, the only gloves and stick shafts I've ever used. I don't know why, maybe because I feel they are "classic" when it comes to stick shafts.

559 12-16-2006 11:34 PM

Mission, but in no way am I blindly loyal to them.

they're my favorite, but if i find a piece of gear i like better, i'll get it.

BuddehJuS 12-16-2006 11:55 PM

CCM, though Bauer makes some damn good shoulder pads.

Sixty Six 12-17-2006 12:09 AM

i like innovative (warrior) sticks... easton also isn't bad. Since i'm a roller guy mission or tour skates.

RBK helmet
Tour Skates
Easton Gloves
Easton Synergy SL

is what i'm using right now and i have no gripes about any of them.

SoundwaveIsCharisma 12-17-2006 12:28 AM

Easton everything possible, whatever's left Bauer.

Berger_4_ 12-17-2006 04:16 PM

Easton sticks and skates all the way.
CCM helmet & ITECH visor
(i'm still in a cage, white inside, black outside...can't wait to get rid of it!)
Easton shins & elbow pads
Koho shoulder pads
No Underarmour for me though...i've got an old blue Bauer thing...looks like a one piece pajama...

colton23 12-17-2006 06:24 PM

mission skates easton/bauer stick and mission/itech protective gear and ccm helmet for roller hockey

stick9 12-17-2006 07:46 PM

I don't know if I have a favorite brand. I use so many. If I had to stick to one company it would be either CCM or Nike/Bauer. I could cover myself completely with each brand and be confident I was getting elite level protection and performance.

I have always loved Innovative sticks. Two thumbs up to Eagle for some kick *** gloves.

VanNistelrooy 12-17-2006 08:03 PM

Bauer, except for stick, whit CCM Vector.

RangersMoogle 12-17-2006 08:28 PM

I'd get some Grafs, but everyone would laugh at me and call me a superstar if I got some $600 skates with my cruddy skating skills. I just want some comfortable, durable skates, man.

stick9 12-17-2006 11:08 PM


Originally Posted by Sock (Post 7389604)
I'd get some Grafs, but everyone would laugh at me and call me a superstar if I got some $600 skates with my cruddy skating skills. I just want some comfortable, durable skates, man.

With the new skates coming out. The most basic looking skate you can find is a Graf. If they fit your foot they are very comfortable and very durable. I have a 5 year old pair of Graf 703's that are still in excellent shape. I've since switched to RBK 8k's but that's another story.

Don't let what people might say influence your choice in gear. It's not like you are going out and getting some fancy white Nike skates like Sergei Fedorov wore. A few guys yapped about some Nike gloves I owned. I didn't say anything, I just handed em the glove and said try em on. They were like, holy crap these are nice and never said anything ever again.

hckyguy14 12-18-2006 03:40 PM

I've been into CCM/RBK of late.

I use a wook RBK stick for ice and inline, RBK helmet, RBK gloves, still havn't switched from the Bauer Vapor ice skates, mainly because I got them just before I got into RBK. I do use the RBK 4 inline skates and I love them.

xeric716x 12-18-2006 04:27 PM

CCM skates/shin pads
Bauer sticks/pants/helmet
Easton Gloves

hornet 12-18-2006 05:57 PM

Well, my old neibour works for Easton, so I'd like to say that, But Scince im a goalie, Id have to say KOHO (do they even exist anymore?)

GSC 12-18-2006 06:59 PM

playing collegiate hockey definitely wears on my stuff, and I do find that Graf makes the best quality gear for me. use their gloves, pants, sticks and skates...one of these days I'll use their shin and elbow pads, too

only things I won't part with are my 80's old-school Sherwood shoulder pads and my RBK helmet. great stuff there, but with everything else I'm a Graf guy

Hockeymom67 12-29-2006 08:20 AM

A little of everything ,whatever feels good

mini-mite fan 12-29-2006 10:26 AM

Whenever I've been asked for help, here's my advice:

skates = need a perfect fit to the foot (brand wise they've all got a quality product)
helmet = need a comfortable fit (brand wise blah, blah, blah)
stick = look for light & durable models then pick by style of play/shot (personal pref)
gloves, shin, elbow, shoulder, jock, breezers, etc. = look for the deal - I could care less what name's on it. If they fit, the quality is decent, and the price is reasonable/cheap...get it.

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