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Mephisto 12-08-2003 03:21 PM

You guys think he'll stay no1 when Turek returns?

Big Deaner 12-08-2003 03:52 PM


Originally Posted by Mephisto
You guys think he'll stay no1 when Turek returns?

IMO I think Sutter will give Turek every chance to be our starter once he gets healthy but if Turek seems out of shape or just not sharp Sutter will have no problem with playing Kiprusoff for the majority of the games, I think Kipper has really gained Sutter's trust. Personally I wouldn't care if Turek was out for another couple months or even if he reinjured himself and missed the rest of the year, as 80% of his contract would then be paid (has that kicked in yet?). Another question that is equally interesting is what will happen to McLennan who IMO is the perfect backup, a guy who is content sitting on the bench for the majority of games and is a great guy to have in the dressing room.

FLAMESFAN 12-08-2003 04:13 PM

Either way, they should both push each other into playing better. It's a great problem to have.
I also think that the job is Turek's to lose, he will be given a chance , what he does with it is up to him.

kruezer 12-08-2003 07:35 PM

I'm with the thinking that Turek hasn't 'lost' the job yet, I hope Kiprusoff can eventually take his job though, because I really doubt Turek will be around after his contract comes up.

calder 12-08-2003 07:51 PM

I don't know what exactly Sutter's philosophy about injured players is, but to me if the backup is in the middle of a hot streak you jump on and ride him until he falls. ;) When Turek's ready you give him the "backup" games and let him know what the situation is up front. Turek seems like a pro, and the Flames have a pretty solid dressing room so I would guess that it wouldn't cause too much friction. Roman shouldn't be too bent out of shape to see a guy playing that well get a chance to win more games, especially if he knows he'll have to ease back into his workload and that he'll get his chance to be #1 again *if* he performs.

Of course, if Kipper has one bad game or loses 2 in a row you give Turek the next few starts and see what happens from there.

Hockeycrazed07 12-08-2003 08:51 PM

Sutter's philosophy in goaltending: See Nabokov, who took the starting spot the second Sheilds got hurt. Shakey starter, hot backup, and Sutter's been there before.


SJSharksFan 12-08-2003 09:36 PM

Sutter is all about hot goalies...his philosophy? go with the hot hand until he cools down

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