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DRWR 03-16-2007 01:54 PM

Betteman Interview on AM 1270
I was listening to a rebroadcasted Betteman interview on AM 1270. He was asked about the Wings being in the West. Betteman said that fans wouldn't want the Wings to move East because of the Avalanche rivalry.

Maybe he's only speaking for the casual Wings fan who doesn't care whether they are in the East or West, as long as they are in the same conference as Colorado? :dunno: If so, why is he ignoring what the hardcore fans want? Is it because he knows they are a sure source of revenue, while the casual fan needs to be won over in order to get their money?

jacK 03-16-2007 02:19 PM

you're right, the West needs the Wings because they're a big draw any/every time they're on the road.
there is no Wings/Avs rivalry anymore, but Bettman is going to say whatever he has to say to get people to buy into his b.s. logic for keeping the Wings in the West. attendence figures and revenues for many teams get inflated by having the Wings in the Western Conference because they're a big draw; Bettman will do whatever he can to keep things that way. if he'd fix the ******** schedule so we play everybody at least once a year home & away then whatever is left of the rivalry wouldn't necessarily have to die.

i'm by no means a Bettman-hater or apologist, i'm apathetic as to his reign; but the Wings lost a ton of money during the lockout, pay out quite a bit of money through revenue sharing, and [comparitively] lose a lot of money and energy over a Western Conference schedule vs. an Eastern Conference schedule. it's time he stop insulting our intelligence by feeding us these weak excuses.
we've more than paid our dues to the rest of the league, and i think we've got every right to put our foot down if/when realignment comes up and the league tries giving us the shaft.

Boomhower 03-16-2007 04:10 PM

Yeah right, you can't believe anything that comes from Bettman's mouth. There are reasons the Wings remain in the West and seemingly will always remain in the west and a dead rivalry that only existed for 7 or 8 years has nothing to do with it.

That is a small time period considering this team's history, remember the great rivalry with the Leafs? Red Wing fans would never anticipate that rivalry being renewed if they moved to the east.:shakehead

Colorado (a team not even in the same sivision) are now permanently engrained as our bitter rivals and the sole reason a team with seniority in the league has to have one of the worst travel schedules.

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