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Saprykin Fan 12-15-2003 10:37 PM

Poor CC Tigers
it is a shame if this divison I thing doesnt allow my brother's teams tradition move on, look at what great players came from there last year.

Mike Stuart, St. Luois Blues
Peter Sejna, St. Louis Blues
Tom Preissing, San Jose Sharks
Noah Clarke, Los Angeles Kings

4 players in last 2 years making their nhl debuts, and they want to get rid of this great program, come on!!!!!!!!!!!

future nhler's, withing next 3 or 4 years
Richard Petiot, Los Angeles Kings
Curtis Mchellhinney, Calgary Flames
Mark Stuart, Boston Bruins

this is one of the best schools in divison I and they want to get rid of it cause there scared they will get beat!!!!

good luck noah buddy on ur first nhl game tommorow night against the oilers!!!!!

TMHUNH 12-16-2003 07:57 AM

Forgive me if I missed some news along the way. But since when does CC want to get rid of their program. The way my eyes see it, they may be forced to get rid of their program, but how in the world would they want to get rid of it??

Fact is...Colorado College is not a D1 school....yet they field a D1 hockey team. By "getting rid" of the team, I assume you mean them being forced to move down to D3. Doing so would make the school unable to issue hockey scholarships, and would no longer be a nationally recognized program. Now assuming since hockey is their only big sport and their only D1 sport it is safe to assume that a VERY large chunk of their revenue is brought in by the hockey program. If I am the AD of CC the last thing I am thinking about is getting rid of my hockey program. I would assume they are scratching,clawing,begging,pleading and doing all they can to stay just how they are.

and BTW....Mike Stuart didn't come out of CC last year, but the year before

Also...I echo your "good luck Noah"...I have had the pleasure of watching him in every game with Manch this year. And he is a great player and a great guy. He deserves it, being from Cali and all...

Saprykin Fan 12-16-2003 07:35 PM

well, noah is a great guy, gives me sticks whenever i see him, but i hardly see him cause im in canada. but ya hes doing great so far tonight with teh kings, might have to call him after the game, keep it up noah!!!!

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