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Alain Racette 04-29-2007 09:08 PM

Just Spent An Hour Defending The Proud Fans Of Nashville...

Originally Posted by Big Phil

When I said the talent level is low in the original post I meant spread over 30 teams. Of course its higher than any other time in History. But a lot of guys are in the NHL that shouldnt be already as it is. Heck in 1997 there was 26 teams and even then you could see it. Nothing has changed. Nashville is about as stable as Britney Spears, New Jersey cant even sell out their rink in the 2nd round of the playoffs but we want to add new teams? Stick to North America. Americans wont watch Hockey any more if the games were in Stockholm.

I agree that there are some players who should not be in the NHL, but I do not agree with the bolded statement. I HEAVILY disagree.

Nashville is not unstable due to fan support if that is what you are implying. It has grown very favourably. It is unstable because of two factors: 1) In a state dominated by pro and college football, you can guess which sport local businesses support more. And 2) Some of Nashville's problems in attracting sponsors is not their own fault as one of their PR people singlehandedly burnt bridges with some major companies and sponsors. Therefore, it is not the fault of the team's managment or the fans who support their Preds. It is a combination of one man's stupidity, geography and competition for the sports dollar in a football-dominated section of the States. Nashville's fans are as diehard as any team's in the league. And don't forget the many afternoon games they play, which does not help for a sellout. If Nashville leaves, it won't be because of bluecollar fan support.

As for New Jersey, their attendance problems can be explained, again, with geography. There is a good reason why they play their games in what they call "the Swamplands" - the arena is in THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE, far from downtown, in a remote location, with a lacking public transportation system and services. That WILL be corrected next year when they play in Newark in their building.

Funny how you haven't mentioned Detroit yet for not selling out, since you seem to be burning Nashville and New Jersey at the stake... Is it because Detroit is an Original Six team with a long, storied history and considered sacrosanct? And what about Chicago and its 10,000 average?

Well, Nashville and New Jersey have their own histories too. Nashville fans throw catfish on the ice in the same manner as Detroit fans toss octopi. And they have also blended their own traditions with the game from up north. As a Canadian I find it interesting when two seemingly opposite cultures merge into one. Like I said, Nashville fans throw catfish, Carolina fans (and many other Southern teams) brought a football tradition to the pre-game festivities - tailgate parties. Such a thing brings a smile to my face that the game is being embraced in other areas not considered traditional hockey hotbeds.

Like Nashville and New Jersey, Detroit and Chicago have their own legitimate problems as well. But you conveniently don't mention them. Why? Detroit's economy is in the toilet and the owner Mike Illitch is charging ridiculous ticket prices. Chicago has Harold Ballard-incarnate running the show who pinches pennies and deliberately spends less on the team and does not pay for TV rights for home games. In this case, you have the American-based equivalents of Larry Tanenbaum and Ebenezer Scrooge.

They all have legitimate problems, but it is fashionable to condemn the expansion cities like Nashville, New Jersey, Columbus, Atlanta and so on of the past 20-odd years and brush the problems of the Original Six cities aside.

Detroit not selling out = "Just sweep it under the carpet. It hinders our anti-expansion argument. We can't give anyone the impression that THE PREDS of all teams sell out the Wings and its almost 100-year old legacy, history, and tradition."

Nashville not selling out = "This is a disgrace to hockey. Our sport does not belong in some hicktown! Contract, contract, contract! Oh my God, call Chicken Little, the sky is falling! Ready the catapults and launch an attack on NHL headquarters for such a dumb move! Nock the flaming arrows and loose at the ready!"

There are legitimate reasons for the teams I mentioned not selling out and you call them out for it. Yet the some of the Original Six teams suffer(ed) the same or similar problems and you either omit or ignore them from your argument.

I have no beef with you, Big Phil. None at all, so don't take anything personally. I'm just a Canadian Maple Leafs fan who needs something to do in between playoff games and work. Just offering a post in the lively nature of debate.


Keep hockey alive in Nashville Preds fans, and support your team no matter how much it is lambasted (moreso than others, I find). Sorry for your early exit, because I wanted the Preds to go far. Go Preds! :yo:

DontCallPlayersStuds 04-30-2007 03:12 AM

great post :handclap:

Though that guy probably discredited himself when he suggested that the talent level is "too thin" for 30 teams. Most have given up on that argument, since it's been shot down time and time again.

Enoch 04-30-2007 08:24 AM

Terrific post!

Rev2k 04-30-2007 08:47 AM

:handclap: Go Senapreds! :handclap:

Nice post. Teach people to make snap judgements on a team without knowing anything about em! :)

lions67* 05-14-2007 09:08 PM

remember this. the ottawa senators play in a building that is 45 min. OUTSIDE OF THE CITY. but they sell out. i have no sympathy for the devils. (lol....damn i didnt mean for that last line to sound so much like the stones!.lol.)

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