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rabi_sultan 01-08-2004 03:32 AM

Comrie Article at NHL.com
just thought I'd mention this article thats been written recently (05/01) by Wigge at NHL.com

To be honest after reading about half way down I feel that this whole issue was about Mike Comrie getting upset over being called on his sub-par performance after injury and the Laraque contract being lucrative and not his.


Originally Posted by Mike Comrie
"I didn't want this to be a war because Edmonton is still my hometown," Comrie told me. "Both sides could have done a better job of communicating in this mess."

No sorry Mike way to late now, your the one who burnt the bridge now your going to have to face the music, especially when you end the interview with this line


Originally Posted by Mike Comrie
"Being 23 and going through a situation like this, you hope you can learn from it," says Comrie. "You hope you can be a better person in the end."

better person? wait while i throw up wot a load of baloney has he been watching movies or something?

Bohologo 01-08-2004 05:44 AM

Sounds like the lament of someone who truly loused up a good thing, and is only now realizing it.

Mr Sakich 01-08-2004 06:08 AM

sounds like a guy who could use a hug from Bobby. Maybe Mikey and Hitchy should go have a nice cup of herbal tea and get in touch with their inner child.

McJadeddog 01-08-2004 08:54 AM

no this sounds like a guy who realizes that he has to say the right things in interviews..... comrie doesnt care about "his hometown" nor does he care about "becoming a better person", the only thing he cares about is himself and "becoming a richer person"..... makes me sick, im ASHAMED to say that im from the same city as he is, and i can garantee that for the rest of my life i will never buy another thing from the brick (as long as the comrie family owns it anyhow)

rabi_sultan 01-08-2004 09:03 AM

i just think that the most tell tale sign is the public exposure of Bill Comrie.

There was none meaning that he didn't want any part of this, due to Mike's secrecy over this matter Bill couldn't condone it otherwise everyone would have known then what he was up to and he is his son to boot. Makes you wonder how Paul was taking all of this.

Oilers1* 01-08-2004 01:51 PM

"I realize coming here that I'm not going to play 18 minutes a night like I did in Edmonton," Comrie says. "I'm going to have to earn the ice time on a team with so many great players and so much depth. I'm going to have to be ready each shift to try to make something happen here."

Oh, so he has no problem NOT playing 18 minutes a game, huh? . . .kind of shows you what a sham that whole, 'Kevin Lowe insulted me by calling me a second-liner, boo hoo' BS was, doesn't it?

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