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braindead 09-20-2007 02:54 PM

Outside the box PP thinking
This thread falls into the "too much time before a game" thread category so take it with a grain of salt. I know Peterson is in charge of the PP this year. Given that our PP didn't work last year and given our personnel changes, I started thinking about whether there is some outside the box thinking that might take place on our PP.

My latest outside the box thinking is based on the Detroit park a guy in front to tip the puck model as reprented hast year for us by Hartnell. To me the biggest PP loss isn't Kimmo or Kariya but Hartnell. It seems to me that we need a big or big-ish body in front of the net with some hand to eye coordination to tip pucks/ screen/ create havoc. I'm guessing that Rads might actually wind up filling this role, soley because I think he actually will stand in front of the net and most of our PP players won't. Maybe Arnott will do it again like part of last year but he seemed distinctly unenthused with that role, preferring to set up in the low slot. After consideration, I'd nominate one of the following (in order)

Ryan Suter. This would lead to a decision of whether to have 2 D-men at the point or one and I'd lean toward two- Zids and Weber- to be way outside the box. I think he has the athleticism and will to do it but don't know about his tip-in skills.

Ortmeyer. I see this as a Scott Walker like approach to putting a heart and soul 4th line guy close to the net with a chance to prove something. I don't think he has the skill but, then again, Walker sat in the press box in Vancouver before getting his shot here.

Legwand. I blew this off originally b/c I think of him as non-physical but I think he may be more stoic than passive. He might actually stand there and get the **** beat out of him without complaint. He certainly has the hands for it.

Hordy. I assume this is a stretch since I can't imagine that he has great tip-in skills but he certainly could screen, push, etc. and perhaps surprise with tips. It also feeds him some minutes to relieve other players.

Tootoo. This is really outside the box but he is fast to get to rebounds, showed some in-close skill in juniors, wouldn't be afraid and, most importantly, the other team would be more focused on killing him than killing the PP. Sure he dies part way through the season-- probably at the hands of Bertuzzi-- but that's why Phillstrom is here.

Kevin Klien. The box now no longer can be seen. We could dress him as a PP specialist (ie dress 7 d-men) and have Fiddler/Smithson/Nichol take turns a healthy scratch. He might do it if the alternative is to be claimed on waivers by the Coyotes.

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