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fourofakindfowl 10-05-2007 12:24 AM

Just Got New Skates
I just got a pair of Bauer Vapor Shift skates, and I tried them out for the first time in a game, and during the warm up I was slipping and falling all over the place. They were very stiff, but the blades seemed to slide all over the ice and not edge into the ice like skates are supposed to. So during the warm up I went and changed to my old skates and I did fine in the game (if I had not of changed skates I wouldve played like a newb). Does anyone own these skates? Do they get better over time? My plan is to break them in over winter when I can get some skating in during a non-game situation, but when I wore them they felt terrible and I feel really worried because I just blew about 400 bucks on them.

cstu 10-05-2007 12:52 AM

Sounds like you might've just gotten a bad sharpening.

windflare 10-05-2007 01:03 AM

Wait, DID you sharpen them? We all forget stuff sometimes.

If not, then it's bad sharpening.

fourofakindfowl 10-05-2007 08:20 AM


Originally Posted by windflare (Post 10650753)
Wait, DID you sharpen them? We all forget stuff sometimes.

If not, then it's bad sharpening.

The guy at the store (Just Hockey) I got them from sharpened them.

FiveThreeEmptyNet 10-05-2007 09:41 AM

Just Hockey
Are you in Florida? The guy that owns Just Hockey played backup goaltender for much of his career and the joke is that he spent most of his time sharpening skates! I don't think he would have whiffed on a sharpening.

I'm actually trying to get my skates in to him before my next game.

Jarick 10-05-2007 09:46 AM

Were they laced up tight? If I don't have my skates laced properly I lose edges. Did you feel the blades to make sure they were sharpened properly?

ShowmeHawks 10-05-2007 11:59 AM

I got a pair of vapors too. I had the same problem with you the first one or two times that I skated. They will get better the more you break them in.

I can't explain why the blade slips at first, but I know it stopped happening after skating with them a few times.

sc37 10-05-2007 11:10 PM

Well make sure they fit you properly cause if the boot isn't for you, it'll contribute to your problems. Also compare holders, as they might be different than your old skates and will have a different feel/lean, etc. And also check your sharpening as some suggested....the guy might have sharpened them BUT new skates require an extra long sharpening to get a good grind in.

BaconStrips 10-07-2007 10:44 AM

I skated last night for the first time in awhile. However, I was on new goalie skates. It was the first time I had skated in a couple years (I do play inline goal regularly) and the first time I had skated on goalie skates in 6 or 7 years. I slipped out of my edge a couple times. They were new skates and I am almost positive the sharpening job was not the greatest. The fact that they were goalie skates didn't help matters. I felt odd for about 15 minutes then got back into it. Summary: It is probably because they are new skates and the sharpening didn't take, skate on them again then get them resharpened.

DANCIN'WITHJANSSEN 10-07-2007 11:46 AM

With new skates you just have to be patient. Every new pair I have ever had has caused discomfort in some way for the first bunch of times I skated. Give it time, they will break in and/or you will get used to them...
Don't get discouraged....my pair of Nike/Bauer inlines felt terrible for almost 10 skates, but now they feel great.

fourofakindfowl 10-07-2007 01:07 PM

Thanks guys.

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