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Eagle20 10-05-2007 09:22 AM

Christian Curtis Curve
Whats up guys? Got a question for some goalies out there. I just picked up a Curtis Curve by Christian...and it is the most comfortable stick I have ever used. It has great feel and allows for the entire paddle to be flush on the surface for better blocking ability. The design on the top allows for much better leverage when moving the puck.

Now why do you never see any goaltender NHL or not using that stick?

MikeD 10-05-2007 06:49 PM

It just not a stick that most like or can adjust to. Shooting/stickwork is a bit different and mastery of switching grips is required to have full benefit. With hte grip design there is a need to swtich back and forth between the strong index extended and the full wrap grip. Many who try to use it find its curved top a bit funky and can get entagled in the net. Some just cant resist the urge to put a knob on the top. I left mine bare and had no problems.

At the c,b and some A levels its a solid stick but at the highest levels, the stick has a weaker shaft and is prone to snapping. They also dry out fast so when in storage make sure its not in a dry location or it will get brittle very fast. The slapsock design helped reduce the drying out but the shaft is still same same(unprotected) Do not slap the stick on the ice, curved face down. It causes the laminate shaft to seperate and weaken.

Some Leagues have banned the stick. IIHF and CHA (I think) have deemed it an illegal stick along with the Eagle trigger grip. NHL and USA it remains legal.

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