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sparkle twin 11-01-2007 02:29 AM

GDT: Nashville Predators @ Vancouver Canucks : 11-1-07 : 10pm CDT
:nashville @ :nucks

TV: FSN - - - - Radio: 104.5

Predators take on the Canucks at 10pm CDT. Yes that's the correct time.


GM Place - Vancouver

Nashville is 0-5 on the road. Vancouver is 1-5 at home.

Tonight is Luongo's 100th game as a Canuck http://canucks.nhl.com/team/app/?ser...ticleid=341734

Luongo has posted a record of 56-36-6 (if you wonder why that adds up to 98, you may recall he made one relief appearance and did not figure in the decision in a 6-0 loss in Nashville last season). With Luongo in goal, the Canucks have played .596 hockey.

Team Comparison
8 Points: 10
4 Wins: 5
2 ShutOuts: 0
24 Power Play Rank: 8
25 Penalty Kill Rank: 23
1.000 Win % When Leading After 1: .800
1.000 Win % When Leading After 2: 1.000
.167 Win % When Trailing After 1: .200
.000 Win % When Trailing After 2: .000

Team Leaders
GOALS: 4 R. Bonk 5 D. Sedin
ASSISTS: 6 M. Erat 7 H. Sedin
POINTS: 8 J. Arnott 11 D. Sedin
+/-: 1 A. Radulov 4 R. Kesler
OT GOALS: 0 D. Legwand 1 D. Sedin

First day of November. New month, new results.

GO PREDS!!!!! :yo::handclap:

Peter Angelo 11-01-2007 02:38 AM


Originally Posted by spank303 (Post 11013187)
First day of November. New month, new results.

Yep agreed. preds get first road win in the shootout.

Roger Explosion 11-01-2007 05:17 AM

Let's win this baby! :handclap:

lstcyr 11-01-2007 06:58 AM

Preds want production
Dumont wants to play despite finger injury

PredDave 11-01-2007 07:10 AM

we gotta win one on the road eventually, right? why not tonight? :handclap:

Seth Lake 11-01-2007 09:23 AM

Vancouver is seriously 1-5 at home this season??? Heck, we might stand a chance in this one afterall! :sarcasm:

RollingPredFan 11-01-2007 10:34 AM

I am too old to stay up this late hehe

I'm going to DVR it and hope for the best. I don't expect to win, I don't care if they are 1-5 at home we have gotten spanked by every team on the road lol

Sorry to be a downer, I hope Im wrong for sure :p:

Jarnberg 11-01-2007 11:39 AM

Maybe we'll score more then one goal tonight.


crossxcheck 11-01-2007 12:26 PM


Originally Posted by Stranger (Post 11015879)
Maybe we'll score more then one goal tonight.


I dunno...I kinda like scoring that one goal in the 3rd when it's already 3-0. :sarcasm: :shakehead

Steveorama 11-01-2007 03:09 PM

Canucks lineup tonight looks like:



Luongo (S)

Mitchell is hobbled after taking a shot off the ankle in practise. He will take the pregame skate and will give way to Mike Weaver if he can't play.

Basher 11-01-2007 04:13 PM

not a bad gdt spank...go preds. thats all i can give, at this point.

jstreet 11-01-2007 08:06 PM


Originally Posted by lstcyr (Post 11013627)

how about "fans want Dumont to play despite not seeing any passion for the past 5 games"

jstreet 11-01-2007 08:07 PM

so seriously, I agree that it is a new month, time to put October out of mind with a win tonight

golfmade 11-01-2007 09:10 PM

New month and hopefully a new result, let's go Preds!

braindead 11-01-2007 10:42 PM

Leggy and Erat and we have a 2 goal lead! Not a great 6-8 minutes at the end of the period but what can you expect from a group that doesn't know what to do with a 2 goal lead in the first. Baby steps. Baby steps.

Steveorama 11-01-2007 10:51 PM

Wow...shots are 13-3 Canucks, 2-0 Preds is the score.
I heard Ellis was playing well, but I wasn't expecting the goaltending matchup to favour your guys!!

braindead 11-01-2007 11:37 PM

Another period of penalties, scrambles and no goals allowed. Ellis doesn't believe in touching the puck with his glove but the body is working ok.

braindead 11-02-2007 12:28 AM

Arnott!!!!! Normally you wouldn't care at the end of the game but good to see Arnott get a goal.

This may be the sound of one hand clapping.... but it's clapping. :handclap:

Solid goaltending and good effort in the 3rd to play smart, structured hockey.

A WIN ON THE ROAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Spank303, you have the next GDT.

Jarnberg 11-02-2007 12:30 AM

Pretty bad display by us and yet we still come away with the win.

Unfortunately, with our situation and play of late, we'll take anything we can get.

Good performance by Ellis to keep the team in the game.

triggrman 11-02-2007 01:05 AM

Here's something funny
This is the official 3 stars

3 STARS Picked By: canucks ppv
Team Pos Player

Seth Lake 11-02-2007 01:18 AM

Bieksa and Salo are both reported to be out long-term after their injuries tonight.

Bieksa had a deep laceration of the back of his leg after getting sliced by Fiddler's skate in the corner and they are concerned about a sliced tendon.

Salo was hit in the face by Edler's clearing attempt late in the third and was sent to the hospital on a stretcher with a severe injury to his nose/orbital bone region.

Honestly, it was great to win, but you never want to see two of your opponents get injured in such fluky ways. You hope neither injury is career threatening.

Seth Lake 11-02-2007 01:21 AM

Well...looks like Mason is getting the shaft again thanks to his counterpart. Chris would be playing in front of a lot of his family and friends up in Edmonton later tonight, but...Ellis with his second shutout should get the start again tonight.

First, Mase misses an opportunity to play against Vokoun last week...this week Mase will still get the honor of buying a ton of tickets for tomorrow night's contest, but will view the game from the bench again.

You know this has got to be killing him, but the team simply isn't playing with confidence in front of him...like they are with Ellis.

Seth Lake 11-02-2007 01:37 AM

Vancouver radio is reporting tonight that Bieksa has severed his Achilles tendon approximately 60% of the way through. Most likely out for the season. 6-8 months minimum has been thrown out there.

As was pointed out on the Vancouver board...you have to wonder if the thin new socks had any role in the severity of this injury? The new socks are paper thin as opposed to the thick knit socks of the past.

mrmyheadhurts 11-02-2007 02:28 AM


Originally Posted by triggrman (Post 11028844)
Here's something funny
This is the official 3 stars

3 STARS Picked By: canucks ppv
Team Pos Player

That's a mistake. Reverse the order. They posted it wrong somehow.

Didn't think the Canucks deserved any stars but being a home game they just threw a name in there.

sparkle twin 11-02-2007 03:19 AM

Great, a road win!!

Hope the Vancouver guys are able to fully recover. Terrible injuries.

Can't believe we couldn't shoot anything on goal.

Great job by Ellis!

Much better effort by the D. They cleared a lot away from in front of Ellis. The whole team was really good defensively, blocking shots and clearing rebounds and making the smart play to clear the pucks from the zone.

Nice to see Erat get his first of the year and to finally see Arnott, Dumont, Legwand return to the score sheet.

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