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Tristelune 01-14-2004 05:05 PM

What do we need to stop that streak?
Well againt Montreal, the team play great on every aspect of the game yet we are losing! Make me wondering what we need to get a win.

Anyway too bad XLB didn't get the goal!

btn 01-14-2004 05:58 PM

Someone needs to score some damn goals. The Thrashers made Theodore look great tonight with their lousy shooting, McEachern had at least 3 quality scoring chances that he just plain choked on.

What is the point of having one of the best players in the NHL when you have him on a line with AHL fodder like Blatny. If Don Waddell is going to wait it out until Heatley returns we can kiss the playoffs goodbye right now :cry:

We can rightfully ***** and moan about officiating or poor defensive play, but 6 goals in 5 games won't get you anything in the NHL.

L3DZ3P 01-14-2004 06:18 PM

[QUOTE=btn]Someone needs to score some damn goals. The Thrashers made Theodore look great tonight with their lousy shooting,

QUOTE]Nah Theodore made the trasher look bad tonight.

Hockey Mojo 01-14-2004 06:27 PM

Good game tonight, but no points! Savard back in and now out for two weeks (Sprained MCL). Stars management lowers season tickets prices, well how about the Thrashers? From $70 down to $50 per ticket! Can't put the biscuit in the net, the DEFENSE SUCKS and now we're below .500 for the first time this season. If the playoff were to start today the Thrashers would be clearing out their lockers and heading home. I wonder how the new ownership is taking this losing streak? Mr. Don Waddell I didn't make it to the Chalktalk tonight because all the seats were takin, but you better start burning up the phone lines on making some quality trades soon, rather than this fourth line bull**** you keep making or you can go ahead a list your house FOR SALE in Sugarloaf! DEFENSE SUCKS AND THERE'S NO DEPTH EXCEPT FOR THE THIRD AND FORTH LINES! Thrashers fans patience is running real thin at the moment. :madfire:

Vyacheslav 01-14-2004 07:45 PM

I rarely get to see the Thrashers play, but why is it that the few times Zdenek Blatny gets to play, he gets such quality ice time? It sems like he rarely does anything with it, but that's speaking from seeing him play twice and reading scoresheets the rest of the time. It just seems weird when I watch the stats as the game goes on and he's getting more ice time than guys like Kozlov and Petrovicky.

Peter Sidorkiewicz 01-14-2004 10:16 PM

This would be my suggestions for Bob Hartley/Don Waddell:

1. Ride Dafoe as number 1 from now on. Clearly he has won back the position from Pasi and it should stay that way until he falters badly.
2. Forget trying to juggle lines to create an a scoring threat on all lines (such as playing McEachern 1st line, Kovalchuk 2nd line and Kozlov 3rd line) and just play the best scorers together. Now that Savard's out again I like to see Piros recalled and lines of:
Kovalchuk- Kozlov-McEachern
3. Get a replacement for Sutton. With Tamer and Kloucek also missing a lot of games, chances are two offensive minded d-mans will get paired together and this will result in bad d-zone coverage. Waddell may have to brings forward his trade deadline plans now and make a move to acquire a player such as Jason Smith or Brendan Witt or Jay McKee. Although they might come cheaper at the deadline (due to the fact their teams probably have little hope of making the playoffs), Waddell needs to take a risk and possibly over pay to get one of these players now to steady the ship on the blueline.

WellSeats 01-15-2004 09:17 AM

I agree with every suggestion you made, Peter S. I have been suffering for the past eight games along with everyone else. It is time to move an asset or two to bring in someone who can get us to the next level (meaning playoffs).

BB 01-15-2004 03:03 PM

Hey Thrasher fans. I am wondering if anyone has heard how long, if at all, savard is out for?

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