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KING 01-22-2004 07:45 AM

Sather Will 'dual' To End

KING 01-22-2004 07:47 AM

Sather: I'm not the problem

KING 01-22-2004 07:51 AM


True Blue 01-22-2004 08:56 AM

Oh, and by the way: Sather says he is not to blame. Injuries are. Losing Darius Kasparaitis, Tom Poti and Greg de Vries has been painful. Blame that.

"We're two points out of the playoffs," Sather said yesterday. "What's happened has happened. We can't go out and wave a wand over the injuries and fix them. We've got to face the reality that we've got problems as far as the injuries are concerned. If we can replace our defensemen, it's going to help us a lot. It's going to get this corrected."

Once again, the fault lies somewhere else besided with the President/GM/Coach. I know that we've had a good amount of injuries, but how can injuries be blamed for lackadasical play? Are injuries to blame for the ever-present lack of accountability (BTW, is anyone else sick of hearing how players are accountable to each other and not to the coach?)? Are injuries to blame for the general way this team is unprepared to play hard? Are injuries to blame for forwards not backchecking? Are injuries to blame for bizarre line combinations and inconsistent ice time? How about allowing your backup goalie to be rusty?
And, hey, we're only 2 points out of the playoffs. What does it matter that our payroll dictated that we should be competing for first overall in the league and not praying for the 8th spot?

Melrose_Jr. 01-22-2004 09:34 AM

What a gutless, clueless grouping of quotes. Is this guy kidding me? He thinks that injuries are what's keeping the Rangers for being a lock for the playoffs? He thinks the chants are in response to being 2 points out of a playoff spot? This is getting to be re-*********-diculous!

You know, even if you're a Sather apologist, you should be personally offended the he thinks we as fans wouild be giddy over a team that might, MIGHT, eek into the 8th spot and get blown off the ice in 4 straight.

OldBlueshirt 01-22-2004 09:44 AM

I'm surprised he didn't blame the fans booing him as being the cause of his incompetence.

Davisian 01-22-2004 09:51 AM

paging Aaron Burr..

shmekel 01-22-2004 10:05 AM


Originally Posted by Davisian
paging Aaron Burr..

:joker: :lol:

Fletch 01-22-2004 10:18 AM

Sather said injuries are the problem...
not him? If he said that, then he is the problem for not looking in the mirror and recognizing the obvious. He put this team together. There was supposed to be a system in place - the same that's played in New York is supposed to be played in Hartford. He had 3+ years to rebuild Hartford, and thus have the ability to replace injured players in New York with guys in Hartford. He started off good - getting rid of old, dead wood and bringing in guys like Ekman, Sammy, Brown, Grosek, et al. At least he tried to get something for nothing. But of course, he gave up what he got for nothing, brought in other guys, and didn't replenish Hartford with guys who can play in the NHL in the near-term. So yes, Sather is the problem. He failed to create a team, and an organization with depth. When you have depth guys like Purinton and Bouchard, long-term injuries to two defensemen should not be a real problem to your team. Purinton has proven to be able to play in the NHL, and so has Bouchard. The fact that the other four defensemen he has aren't that great means that he needs defensemen better than Bouchard and Purinton to make up for the lack of a top four, which is meaningless especially when you're looking for a third pairing that's not really going to (or really should not) have a game-breaking impact.

In short, Sather is the problem; he's an idiot for not recognizing that; and I'm holding my breath, scared what his next move will be because I have little faith it helps the team in the long-run, and considering we may be talking about a third defensive pairing (unless there are several moves and he brings in a top four guy and moves Poti, Malakhov or Mironov), it won't directly affect them in the short run.

Melrose_Jr. 01-22-2004 10:25 AM


Originally Posted by Fletch
long-term injuries to two defensemen should not be a real problem to your team.

deVries will be back in 2 weeks. Poti is day-to-day. We've bascially got 1 long term injury on defense and yet Sather's in a panic and publically broadcating that he's ready to make a desperation move.

And honestly Fletch, other than the fall, I didn't think Nycholat was any worse than Malakhov on any given night. I'm not saying Hartford is at a stage where guys can jump right in with ease, but as miserable as the Rangers defense is, a guy like Lawrence can easily be on the 2nd pairing when he's up to speed.

Fletch 01-22-2004 10:35 AM

Two weeks..
at this stage of the year is long-term, hence the panic.

As for Nycholat...unfortunately I missed the first 1/2 of the game and actually caught the fall on tape, so I have little to judge him on besides that. Hopefully he gets a chance tonight and plays well.

dedalus 01-22-2004 04:00 PM


Originally Posted by OldBlueshirt
I'm surprised he didn't blame the fans booing him as being the cause of his incompetence.

We're only halfway through the season. There'll be plenty of time to blame the fans.

One thing I like about the injury excuse, Trottier had a series of devastating injuries too. But it wasn't a good enough excuse to keep him aboard.

As always things are different when applied to Glen Sather.

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