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krutch11 12-30-2007 12:28 AM

Hockey Stick Help/Opinions Needed
Hello, I recently just bought a NB XVI with a Malkin curve for $89.99 and have yet to use it because I'm debating whether to return it or not. I've been reading around on the forums and have noticed a lot of people saying to get 2 piece sticks. Now I'm just confused whether to get a 1 or 2 piece. The questions are as follows:

1) I was going to return the stick and get the same stick but with the naslund curve. Should I? Or should I stick with the Malkin PM9? I like to stick handle, dangle, rarely slapshot and like to shoot top corners and I heard this blade is just for that. Although I don't want to sacrifice the backhand altogether either.

2) Or should I return it and get a 2 piece stick? My budget would have to be under $100 can. for the shaft and depending on how much the wood blade would be, maybe even lower. If so what 2-piece stick combos are suitable?

Thanks a million in advance.

Also I'm an intermediate stick just so you know. I highly doubt I can get around with anything higher than 75 flex. So 75 and under.

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