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Drury77 02-26-2008 03:20 PM

Looking for something?**** Board Links **** & how to do stuff.
All HFL threads links:


Offical Thread for HF Bruins Board Pickup Game V- Stoneham Arena, March 28th 7pm-9pm

*R.I.P: Terry Tomasi [Backin72]

*OFFICIAL - Training Camp Thread

Threads that were stickied before the trade deadline:

Prospect Update Thread II

Donations for Kirk (Iraq) & Taz#24

*OFFICIAL '08 - '09 Ticket & Garden parking Thread

Who are the Bruins fans at HFboards?

*08-09 Salary Cap Discussion

*Bruins Transactions

All other Links (* means updated/new link)

*Patriots : 2009

* Red Sox : 2009

Revolution & soccer talk:


Coming to Boston tips Q & A :

*Bruins Jersey Customization

*User Made Bruins Wallpapers

HDTV thread

Video game talk:

2009-2010 Yahoo Hockey Fantasy Thread

If I've forgotten anything you can PM one of the mods with the link and so the thread can be updated. Thanks Traci


Updated Patriots and Red Sox. Adding the following:

Official 2009 Free Agents Thread

HF Pickup Game - September 12th

Official 2009-2010 Ticket Thread

HF Bruins Game - October 3rd

HF Bruins Game - December 5th

2009-10 Boston Bruins Salary Cap Thread

WickedBruinsGirl 10-14-2009 02:23 PM

The "How To" Thread
How to Ignore a Thread: http://hfboards.com/images/misc/hide.gif

In the thread column, there is a little box with an 'x' in it (just before the thread starter column) If you see a thread that doesn't interest you (whether it's the topic, the thread creator, or you want to save space), click the 'x' box. A pop-up will ask "Are you sure you want to ignore this thread?" Click ok.

To undo a thread ignore: Click on User CP. In the left column under Settings & Options, click on Ignored Threads. That will bring you to a page that shows which threads you are ignoring. To stop ignoring a thread, click on [Stop Ignoring This Thread]. You'll be directed to another page that says, "You have removed this thread from your ignore list." and then the thread will be removed from your ignored threads list.

How to Ignore a User:

If you want to ignore every post by a user, you can do so a number of ways.

In a thread: Click on the user name of the user you want to ignore, the drop-down will have a number of options. The last option should be "Add to Ignore List." Click on that and you'll be brought to a confirmation page. Click yes to ignore the user.

In User CP: Click on User CP. Under Settings & Options, click on "Edit Ignore List" (directly under "Ignored Threads"). You can add a member to your ignore list by copying/pasting the user name or typing in the user name. You can also remove users from the ignore list here.

Note: You will still see the ignored user's quoted posts when somebody quotes one of their posts.

How to Multi-Quote in a Thread: http://hfboards.com/images/buttons/multiquote_off.gif http://hfboards.com/images/buttons/multiquote_on.gif

When you want to quote multiple posts in a thread, click on the "multi" button on the post. It won't take you anywhere so you are free to browse the thread and quote additional posts using the "multi" button. When the "multi" is clicked on, it will get the same red mark the "quote" and "quick" buttons already have.

When you have all the posts you want to quote, click on the "reply" button at the bottom left of the thread. This will bring you to the "Reply to Thread" screen and you can respond to multiple posts all at once.

How to Report a Post: http://hfboards.com/images/buttons/report.gif

The report post button is on every post on HF. If you see a post that breaks any of the site rules, you can report it to the moderators by clicking on it. The report post button can be found under the user name in a post.

If you have any questions about this thread, or additional suggestions to put in this thread, PM me.

WickedBruinsGirl 11-05-2009 12:31 PM

How to Post an Article or Blog Post:

Copying/pasting entire articles/blog posts is considered copyright abuse in the site rules.


7. Copyrighted Material: Generally you can assume that anything you find online is copyrighted. We prefer you post a synopsis in your own words and the link to the article. It's permissible to quote up to 20 lines of text and you must provide commentary. DO NOT POST ENTIRE ARTICLES.
Far too often posters are seen copying/pasting entire articles/blog posts on the boards without the links.

If you want to post an article or blog post, copy the link (url) and a paragraph or two of the text that gives the synopsis. It may take a little extra time, but it's helpful in the long run.

See exhibit A: http://hfboards.com/showpost.php?p=21952042&postcount=1

It's not up to mods or other posters to hunt down the links to the articles you're posting.

Future posting of entire articles/blog posts will be subject to warnings/infractions.

WickedBruinsGirl 09-21-2010 12:37 PM

How to Embed YouTube Videos

Click on the YouTube http://hfboards.com/images/smilies/youtube.gif icon in the tool bar.

A [ YT ] [ /YT ] (without spaces) will be inserted into the post. Between the [ YT ] and [ /YT ] tags, paste the ID of the video you want to embed.

Example: If the YouTube link is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=itdtx8lrRBM you would simply put whatever is after the "=" sign between the tags, and in this case it's itdtx8lrRBM.

So it would look like [ YT ]itdtx8lrRBM[ /YT ] (without spaces)

And it will look like this in your post:

WickedBruinsGirl 03-11-2011 02:48 AM

Link Updates
2011 Playoff Avatar Thread

2011 Red Sox Thread

Boston Celtics Thread

2010 Patriots Thread

Stickied Threads

2011 Draft Watch Thread

2010-2011 Providence Bruins Thread

2010-2011 Bruins Prospect Thread

2010-2011 Ticket Thread

Who are the Bruins fans at HF Boards? Part II

Official Bruins Transactions Thread

(if anybody has any links suggestions, PM me)

WickedBruinsGirl 08-30-2011 12:12 PM

2011-2012 Updated Links
Boston Bruins (Stanley Cup Champion Edition) Threads

Official 2011-2012 Ticket Thread (*)

Official 2011-2012 Providence Bruins Thread (*)

2011-2012 Bruins Prospect Thread (*)

Official Cup Update Thread

We Are Champions!!! (+)

Stanley Cup Gear

Stanley Cup Images I (+)
Stanley Cup Images II

Official Boston Bruins Transactions Thread (*)

User Made Bruins Wallpapers

Who are the Bruins fans at HFboards (Part II) (*)

Marc Savard updates and discussion (*)

R.I.P: Terry Tomasi [Backin72] (*)

Other Sports/Miscellaneous Threads

The Visitor's Guide to Boston (*)

2011-2012 Fantasy Hockey League Thread

2011 New England Patriots/NFL Thread

2011 Boston Red Sox/MLB Thread (part 5)

Official Sports Talk Radio Thread (part 4)

EA Sports NHL '12 Discussion!!

Coming to Boston tips Q & A (+)

Fitness Goals and Overall Health III

(*) thread is/was stickied
(+) thread is closed

If you have a suggestion or thread to be added to the list, PM me.

Homeland Security 04-09-2012 06:42 PM


Boston Bruins Transaction Thread.

TP 09-22-2012 08:44 AM

Per request. The unofficial Twitter Thread.


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