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Phoenix 03-04-2008 07:35 PM

Tackling faster players
So does anyone have any magical tips for hopefully a simple Q - sometimes I scrimmage with players who are waaaay better players than me, so what's the best way too stick-check (non-contact rec league) an opponent who is a much much faster skater than you. My problem is trying to stick-check them but not collide with them or trip them up :D ie. how should I skate towards them. Or is there really no answer apart from trying to skate with them?
(*sigh* sometimes it seems so much easier to push them into the boards, altho perhaps that would work the other way too :D)

revin5* 03-04-2008 08:22 PM

keep between them and the net... or you could let them skate in to you :)

XweekendwarriorX 03-04-2008 09:02 PM

let them come to and dont use the stick to early. the earlier you toss the stick out to poke the more room the guy has to make a move or atleast get the puck past you.

Redden Hogalot* 03-04-2008 09:32 PM

Watch their chest, don't knock them on their ass because this is non-contact. Just angle them to the boards.

The Tikkanen 03-04-2008 10:18 PM

Just prevent them from getting the puck in the 1st place.

deanosaur 03-04-2008 11:06 PM

slash them in the ankle as hard as you can

Gallick 03-05-2008 02:32 AM

Keep your eye on the center of their body (ie their chest) because any movement they make is going to end up moving that part of their body, so it doesn't much matter what they do with their feet or hands. Once you have a good idea of where they're headed, simply get in between them and where they're going. If you're on defense, always stay between your man and the net, and if you're forechecking, simply place yourself in their path and opportunities will start to arise for a stick check once you get the hang of predicting people's movements.

Be sparse but swift with your stick checks--waving your stick about doesn't do you much good and it allows the opposing player more opportunities to get it behind you. A quick, directed poke is the best way to go.

94now 03-05-2008 03:38 PM

First, try to reduce their relative speed. If you skate toward each other the forward's relative speed is at max. So don't do that. You've got to get between the puck and the net and skate backwards. If you backward skating is no good, just forget about pock check and work on your backward skating. All you can do at this time, really, is backcheck. You can get good at this right about now or soon.
How would you know that your backward skating is alright? You must be able not only skate backwards as fast as that guy, but be able to change your backward skating direction at will. Otherwise watching forward's chest, hips or other body parts wont do any good. The key here is to mirror your opponent possible lateral motions. Once you get that the only movement he will get with respect to you is puck dribbling. The rest is as if he was stationary. You should know by now how to pock check stationary dribbler. If not, learn that by having your sparring partner to dribble the puck in front of you. Remember that forwards rely on hands, while defender is all about skates.

K-PAX* 03-05-2008 07:24 PM

Try learning to skate faster.

deanosaur 03-05-2008 08:29 PM


Originally Posted by K-PAX (Post 12935833)
Try learning to skate faster.


Bluelineswinships 03-05-2008 08:57 PM

fake a stick check and wait for his move then poke the puck away
hes not gonna be able to bring it back once he commits

RobertKron 03-05-2008 11:10 PM

Are they coming at you, and you're backing up on them, or are you backchecking and trying to keep up with them?

K-PAX* 03-05-2008 11:37 PM

They'll just skate around him, none of these suggestions will work.

Just keep a keen eye and at least smack it away when they try something stupid like between the legs or a toe drag.

Airborne Troll* 03-06-2008 12:57 AM

Try to destroy the guy with a bone crushing hit

Phoenix 03-06-2008 07:33 AM


Originally Posted by MW (Post 12939852)
Are they coming at you, and you're backing up on them, or are you backchecking and trying to keep up with them?

I usually play a wing, although I'll admit I can't skate backwards fast enough as a D to keep up with the attacking forward so I tend to rely more on forward checking.

But more typically is when the opposing player has built up a lot of momentum, starts flying down the ice, I come in from the side,try to stick check them, but at the same time trying not to trip them or collide with them. Usually I curve away, but that ruins my own momentum, or I do it too early, or something happens that slows me down.
Hmm, maybe I just need to sharpen my blades too.

94now 03-06-2008 12:28 PM

I see... Well, if guy starts flying that means you failed to backcheck timely. Leave it to D-man, just come back to your zone and help out if anything...

RandV 03-06-2008 12:38 PM

Physically there's only two ways to 'tackle' a fast player, either skate to their speed or angle them with positioning. Being non contact, and I'm sure no clutch & grabbing, there really isn't any other way. At the very worst, if you can't handle them don't even bother trying to stick check, just maintain position between them and the net.

Or perhaps another alternative, I don't know if it would work in ice hockey but I was able to put it to good use in college floor hockey, is to forget the man and the puck, and attack the stick. Being great positionally but horrible at stick checking in college, I figured this out near the end and was actually able to play decent defense. Go for the shaft a safe distance below the other players hands, I would just lay my stick on top and press down, holding them in place until a teammate could jump in. It's illegal to take the body, and difficult to hit the puck away, so I found this to be a good way to tie the other guy up in a legal clutch & grab fashion. Really pissed some guys off too :). But, like I said that was floor hockey, not sure how well it would work on ice.

WhipNash27 03-06-2008 12:53 PM

On the forecheck it's always a great idea to look at the player's chest and eyes. It gives you an idea of where he's going to go with the puck. People tend to look where they're going to pass the puck before they pass it, so that gives you the first hint of where they are going, then when they are about to pass the puck you can always see their body begin to move in that direction as their weight transfers.

In terms of getting beat by someone faster than you, I guess you just have to be good at backskating. Otherwise just try to your best to keep them to the outside. When they start to go to the outside on you, you have to just turn before they they beat you otherwise you're done. If they go inside on you and try to beat you with a move, well then IDK because I'm not that good at stopping those guys ;).

FiveHole23 03-06-2008 01:56 PM

Take your skate off and try to stab him with it.

Reckless Abandon* 03-06-2008 03:50 PM

Lay him out as hard as you can. Take the penalty and his dignity.

PIMking 03-06-2008 04:07 PM

You can hit in a not checking league just not a flat out check. Got to play the puck. Dont watch his chest watch his hips just like soccer they cant go anywere with out moving the hips. Now just try to keep him from the outside and you goalie should cover the angle from the shot. I dont Always try to poke the puck away I Make them go way outside so they dont have a good shot. Plus take the blue line away from them dont just fall back right in front of the goalie give yourself enough room for them to go to the outside if they are going to beat you on the blue line because they will more than likely skate to the middle for a shot and you could cover the angle down and lift there stick or poke the puck away. all else fails take the two mins by taking him down or hitting him into next week.

xdcx 03-06-2008 06:04 PM

I'm a very new player and I'm finding all of this very usefull, thanks. I also play non contact.

I play wing too, mostly, so if I am back checking a guy racing up beside the boards, what I do is try and stick close by him but stay on the inside, I try and force him to go into and as close to the boards as possible, I'll try poke the puck away but I like to give his stick a nudge from underneath, knock it up and make him lose control of the puck, this most times will slow him down and I can either get the puck outa there or atleast allow the D to get into better positioning if I slow him down enough. Ovcourse you can get away with some contact, aslong as you aint throwing him into the boards and laying the guy out, giving a little push and using the body to an extent won't be called by the officials.

Phoenix 03-07-2008 05:39 AM

If I'm chasing someone from behind I'll attempt to lift their stick up - I have most success with this; absolutely love it when I steal it off good players :D :D :D
I thought though that it was illegal to hold someone's stick down????

Now what is annoying is when I'm skating side-by-side, and the other player simply stickhandles one-handed, and uses their other hand to push my stick away. :shakehead:amazed: *sigh* One day I'll be able to do that :)

marmarsab 03-07-2008 10:37 AM


Originally Posted by RandV (Post 12946275)
Physically there's only two ways to 'tackle' a fast player, either skate to their speed or angle them with positioning. Being non contact, and I'm sure no clutch & grabbing, there really isn't any other way. At the very worst, if you can't handle them don't even bother trying to stick check, just maintain position between them and the net.

we have a winner

Analyzer* 03-08-2008 09:01 PM

If you're a defenseman, then pull a dave Andreychuk and skate as fast as you can forward, then pivot and glide backwards.

Always try to stay not as close as you normally would stay to a player, that way, if you do, and they try to speed up, you can react and get in their way, if they try to take a shot, it's ether going to be a weak one, or you can get in their way and block it, deflect it, or even steal it away.

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