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shibuya109 04-16-2008 11:21 AM

WHB Line...and what I see
I know whe WHB line (Sunrise Express, Three Amigos, etc whatever) is a very young line, but I somehow see a future for those guys.

Weiss, well I know that sometimes players take time to develop, but Weiss is really showing his colors now. I see him being a top center in the NHL once he breaks out.

Horton....Horton's got immense talent. I love how physical he is, and he can put the puck in the net. However, I do see a lack of passion on his part. What will he become when someone finally lights a fire under his rear end? Will we see the making of a electric, brutal power forward?

Booth, first I love it that he's American, we need more Americans in the NHL, and he's a Spartan...NCAA guys tend to play a cleaner game. He's popular with the fans, and handles the puck like a fiend.

What do you guys see?

dhasek3910 04-16-2008 11:33 AM

Don't know if Weiss is going to be a top center at his peak...he does play a very strong defensive game and has skill in the offensive zone, but nothing too spectacular. I would much rather see him playing behind Olli as a very solid #2. (Sort of like Stoll in Edmonton before his concussion).

Horton will be great. I'm hoping for him to take a big leap next year, hopefully JM helps this team out on offense, everyone was hot until the Zednik incident, hopefully next season they get right back at that pace with two solid lines rolling.

Booth is amazing, definitely a heart and soul guy who gets by on hard work and hustle. I hope this year isn't an aberration, granted he benefits from his linemates, but it goes both ways: they benefit from his hard work, the rest of the team sees his energy and feeds off of it, and he does have the capacity to bury goals as well.

Acadmus 04-16-2008 11:35 AM

I think you've just expressed what's been said many times in many ways in various game day threads and other threads on this board. Well, except for Weiss being a top center - consensus is he's got 2nd line upside (which is where he is now).

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