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shawnmullin 05-06-2008 10:11 PM

The Evolution of Our Teams
I just thought it would be interesting to take a look at my teams and see how they've evolved since my first draft in ATD #6... where I got swept in the first round. Feel free to do the same. I'll start by posting my old rosters though.

shawnmullin 05-06-2008 10:13 PM

All Time Draft #6
Blackburn Stingers Hockey Club
(Est. 2006)

Attachment 17835

Coach: John Muckler
Captain: Raymond Bourque
Alternates: Hap Day and Craig MacTavish

(1A) Michel Goulet-Peter Stastny-Alexander Mogilny
(1B) Joe Malone-Dale Hawerchuck-Rick Vaive
Alexander Ovechkin-Bernie Nicholls-Hĺkan Loob
Dirk Graham-Craig MacTavish-Scott Mellanby
Duane Sutter

Raymond Bourque-Randy Carlyle
Hap Day-Larry Murphy
Craig Hartsburg-James Patrick
Wade Redden

Vladislav Tretiak
Harry Lumley
Bill Ranford

shawnmullin 05-06-2008 10:16 PM

All Time Draft #7

Las Vegas Thunder

General Managers: shawnmullin and Van Islander
Scotty Bowman
Captain: Ron Francis
Alternate: Butch Goring
Brian Leetch

Valery Kharlamov (LW) - Igor Larionov (C) - Vladimir Vikulov (RW)
Red Berenson (LW) - Ron Francis (C) - Jari Kurri (RW)
Esa Tikkanen (LW) - Butch Goring (C) - Mark Recchi (RW)
Jay Pandolfo (LW) - Terry Crisp (C) - Jerry Toppazzini (RW)
Milan Novy (Extra)

Dallas Smith (D) - Brian Leetch (D)
Serge Savard (D) - Dave Burrows (D)
Gennady Tsygankov (D) - Tomas Jonsson (D)
Ron Stewart (D)

Tiny Thompson (G)
Tom Barrasso (G)
Nikolai Khabibulin (G)

shawnmullin 05-06-2008 10:26 PM

All Time Draft #8
1925 Stanley Cup Champions


GM: Shawn Mullin
Coach: Glen Sather
Captain: Pierre Pilote
Alternate: Toe Blake (Home)
Alternate: Craig MacTavish (Home)
Alternate: Kevin Lowe (Away)
Alternate: Guy Lafleur (Away)

LW Toe Blake-C Cyclone Taylor-RW Guy Lafleur
LW Alexander Yakushev-C Ulf Nilsson-RW Brian Bellows
LW Craig Ramsay-C Craig MacTavish-RW Floyd Curry
LW Vincent Damphousse-C Tod Sloan-RW Terry Crisp

D Pierre Pilote-D Ching Johnson
D Randy Carlyle-D Kevin Lowe
D Dallas Smith-D Tomas Jonsson

G Chuck Gardiner
G Riley Hern

Spares: RW Dave Semenko-D Jason Smith-C/RW Bill Guerin

PP1: Yakushev-Nilsson-Lafleur-Pilote-Taylor
PP2: Blake-Damphousse-Bellows-Carlyle-Jonsson

PK1: MacTavish-Ramsay-Pilote-Johnson
PK2: Crisp-Curry-Smith-Lowe
(Damphousse and Sloan can come on for longer PKs if needed)

shawnmullin 05-06-2008 10:44 PM

All Time Draft #9
1939 and 1961 World Champions


Home Rink: Cominco Arena
GM: Shawn Mullin
Coach: Scotty Bowman
Assistant Coach: Claude Ruel
Captain: Bryan Trottier
Alternate Captain: Art Ross
Alternate Captain: Jim Peplinski

LW Aurele Joliat - C Bryan Trottier - RW Ken Hodge
LW Keith Tkachuk - C Igor Larionov - RW Martin St. Louis
LW Dean Prentice - C Rick MacLeish - RW Shane Doan
LW Dave Balon - C Joel Otto - RW Jim Peplinski

D Jacques Laperriere - D Harry Cameron
D Art Ross - D Leo Reise Jr.
D Dollard St. Laurent - D Joe Simpson

G Bill Durnan
G Charlie Hodge

Extras: LW/C Henrik Zetterberg, D Don Awrey

PP Unit 1: Joliat-Trottier-Hodge-Simpson-Cameron
PP Unit 2: Tkachuk-Larionov-St. Louis-Laperriere-Ross
PP Unit 3: Balon-MacLeish-Doan

PK Unit 1: Prentice-Otto-Laperriere-St. Laurent
PK Unit 2: Balon-Trottier-Ross-Reise Jr.
PK Unit 3: Larionov-Peplinski
PK Unit 4: Joliat-MacLeish

shawnmullin 05-06-2008 11:02 PM

It's interesting to see how my teams have evolved from clearly offence first to what this time is definately more of a two-way and responsible team. I don't think I've neglected goal scoring this time around, but I've put a new emphasis on toughness and two-way ability.

My first third line of Ovechkin/Nicholls/Loob compared to Prentice/MacLeish/Doan I think shows a distinct change in strategy with my forwards.

However, as GBC pointed out, I've never had particularely tough or physical teams. The Cougars had two-way players up front, but very few guys who were really going to grind it out or play with an edge. The Stingers were soft as butter. I think last year's draft showed me that I needed more sandpaper in order to advance in the ATD playoffs.

I also notice my strategy on the blue line has been pretty consistent. I like to have a puck moving type paired with a defensive type on almost every pairing. However, one thing my teams have been lacking is that elite #1 guy ever since I had Bourque in the first draft. I think the Cougars may have been better served drafting Bourque last time instead of Lafleur.

It's fun to look back. I like how I've had different types of teams and I think my method is evolving towards more of a winning formula. I've certainly learned a lot more about historic players. There was a much more modern feel to my early teams while this time I think I have a better balance of hockey history. That's just a matter of trying harder to find the more appropriate players.

Another interesting thing about this team is that I didn't pick a single player I've had in a previous draft. That wasn't something I did conciously, but it certainly gives me a different look this time around. Hopefully a more successful one, but regardless it's fun to have a whole new team and to learn a lot about a boat load of new players.

I did draft the same coach Van and I had in ATD #7. It's been said Bowman goes too early, but I think this team is perfect for him.


Craig MacTavish (6, 7, 8)
Dallas Smith (7, 8)
Tomas Jonsson (7, 8)
Terry Crisp (7, 8)
Scotty Bowman (7, 9)
Randy Carlyle (6, 8)
Kevin Lowe (8)


ATD 6: Hap Day or Harry Lumley
ATD 7: Dave Burrows (a late pick that made a great shut down pairing with Savard that I believe got us past the first round... and he was Van's pick all the way)
ATD 8: Alexander Yakushev (gave me an extra dimension that was key to a lot of votes)
ATD 9: Aurel Joliat (so far consistently mentioned as a great pairing with Trottier and helping to create the dynamic of this team)


ATD 6: Alexander Ovechkin (picked very early for a guy who at the time was a rookie)
ATD 7: Dallas Smith (...lets not get into it, that turned out to be a mess, but he's a terrific third pairing guy)
ATD 8: Brian Bellows (a team that was in need of a physical edge from their all ready top 6 forwards picked a guy with almost no edge)
ATD 9: Seems like so far the guys getting the most criticism are Tkachuk and Ross. I like them both where I got them in the draft and for what they're doing on my team. I guess we'll see how it plays out.


Blackburn Stingers lost in a first round sweep
Las Vegas Thunder lost in the second round
Victoria Cougars lost in the division finals
Trail Smoke Eaters ????

pitseleh 05-06-2008 11:37 PM

This is a fun idea mullin.


Nanaimo Clippers

Head Coach:
Glen Sather
Captain: Phil Esposito
Alternate Captains: Dit Clapper, Dick Duff

Sweeney Schriner-Phil Esposito-Punch Broadbent
Markus Naslund-Bill Cowley-Charlie Conacher
Dick Duff-Norm Ullman-Claude Lemieux
Nick Metz-Derek Sanderson-Bob Nystrom
Ken Mosdell

Dit Clapper-Marcel Pronovost
Bill Gadsby-Ken Reardon
Buck Boucher-Joe Hall
Carol Vadnais

Ken Dryden
Eddie Giacomin
Normie Smith


Nanaimo Clippers

Hap Day
Captain: Sylvio Mantha
Alternate Captains: Earl Seibert, Newsy Lalonde

Doug Bentley - Newsy Lalonde - Cyclone Taylor
Roy Conacher - Adam Oates - Odie Cleghorn
Paul Thompson - Phil Goyette - Bobby Rousseau
Don Marcotte - Doug Risebrough - Terry O'Reilly
Marian Hossa

Allan Stanley - Earl Seibert
Babe Siebert - Sylvio Mantha
Didier Pitre - Bill Hajt
Ted Harris

Glenn Hall
Normie Smith
Charlie Hodge


Nanaimo Clippers

Coach: Hap Day
Captain: Hap Day
Alternate Captains: Bobby Orr and Lionel Hitchman

Sweeney Schriner - Joe Primeau - Charlie Conacher
Kevin Stevens - Frank Nighbor - Ed Litzenberger
Dean Prentice - Cooney Weiland - Bobby Rousseau
Hec Kilrea - Glen Skov - Eric Nesterenko
Camille Henry

Bobby Orr - Brad McCrimmon
Lionel Conacher - Hap Day
Viktor Kuzkin - Lionel Hitchman
Gilles Marotte

Clint Benedict
Tom Barrasso
Viktor Konovalenko


Nanaimo Clippers

Head Coach: Jack Adams
Captain: Bobby Clarke
Alternate Captains: Viacheslav Fetisov, Lionel Hitchman, Ivan Hlinka

Reg Noble - Frank Boucher - Sergei Makarov
Woody Dumart - Bobby Clarke - Alexander Maltsev
Jiri Holik - Ivan Hlinka - Johnny Peirson
Ab McDonald - Vyacheslav Starshinov - Leo Labine
Tom Dunderdale, Helmut Balderis

Viacheslav Fetisov - Red Horner
Lionel Hitchman - Ott Heller
Lars-Erik Sjoberg - Red Dutton
Rod Seiling

Clint Benedict
Vladimir Dzurilla

Common themes with my teams are strong goaltending (Benedict is the worst goalie I've selected and I have him 8-10 all time), good coaching (Adams is the worst coach I've selected and he's arguably top-10 all time), and defensive depth though not always top-end strength.

Players/personnel with multiple selections on the Clippers:
Sweeney Schriner (6, 8)
Charlie Conacher (6, 8)
Hap Day - Coach (7, 8)
Bobby Rousseau (7, 8)
Normie Smith (6, 7)
Clint Benedict (8, 9)
Lionel Hitchman (8, 9)

This also represents the first draft where I haven't had a Conacher on my team.

I'll add more to this later, but some summaries:

Best Pick:

ATD#6 - Either Norm Ullman at 210 or Buck Boucher at 309.

ATD#7 - A tie between Sylvio Mantha and Babe Siebert at picks 252 and 253 consecutively.

ATD#8 - There isn't one pick that stands out as a steal to me, though I think I got good value on several players. I guess I'd go with Nighbor at pick 150.

ATD#9 - I think getting Maltsev outside of the top-200 is a coup, personally. He's a top-125 talent, IMO, and I don't know why he's fallen in consecutive drafts.

Worst Pick:

ATD#6 - Markus Naslund. What can I say, I went for a favourite rather than the BPA. Not only were there better left wingers available (Olmstead, Martin, Conacher) but there was arguably a better winger who was a similar player (Kariya) available. Honorable mention to giving up the right to pick Bobby Hull at pick 12 for moving up like 15 spots a bit later in the draft.

ATD#7 - Terry O'Reilly. He was great in the role he played, but I can't help but think that team would have been just a little bit better with some of the second line RWs available that could have been used in Cleghorn's role (Recchi, Leach) or with an extra shutdown player available (Pavelich, Backstrom).

ATD#8 - Kevin Stevens. I remember the pick distinctly because I spent at least an hour convincing myself that Stevens would be a better pick than Yakushev for my team. I remember thinking that the biggest question mark on my team from ATD#7 was toughness in my top-6 and I didn't want it to be an issue again, which in hindsight was a wrong decision.

ATD#9 - To be seen. I think I did a better job at getting value picks and being more strategic with which players I selected when. Maybe taking Dumart over a more offensively capable (though less complete) LW will end up being a gaff, but that remains to be seen.

God Bless Canada 05-06-2008 11:46 PM

Fun idea, mullin.

Before I go any further...Smith wasn't a bad pick for where you selected him. 20th round? That's terrific. But as a No. 3 or 4 defenceman, he was out of place. Your worst pick was probably Tom Barrasso in the 12th round, with your last pick before the 20th. When you have as many goalies as defencemen after 19 rounds, you know you're hooped.

Just a brief (at least as brief as it gets for me) synopsis of my teams...

ATD 5: Even before a playoff format was introduced, we were picking a team loaded with character and grit. Went heavy on defencemen early. In fact, all seven of my defencemen were picked (I believe) in the first eight rounds of ATD 9. Sylvio Mantha was my No. 7. A tough, gritty team. A good learning experience, especially for defensive forwards. Only real mistake was the fourth line - K. Stevens-B. Smith-K. Nilsson. No direction. But every player on the team won a Stanley Cup.

ATD 6: My favourite team of the three I assembled on my own. How good was my team? A fourth line of Tikkanen-Muller-Linden. Once again, loaded with grit and character, but much more skill than the previous entry. Game-breakers like Lafleur, Blake and Mahovlich. Definitely my most skilled team offensively. Strong defence anchored by Tim Horton. Beat LL in the second round, and pit in 7 in the division final, lost to eventual ATD champion HO in the conference final.

ATD 7: A step back. Put too much emphasis on smarts and defensive play. Not enough offence or toughness. Great start with Geoffrion and Kelly. Rest of the draft, not so good. Didn't adjust well to the explosion in popularity of the draft, going from 20 to 28 teams. Beat VCL in the first round, lost to long-time rival Murphy in the next.

ATD 8: My favourite team of all. Formed the ATD's Evil Empire with raleh. We didn't won, but we had the most fun, and we talked a lot. Got a lot of guys I've always wanted: Bourque, Neely, Armstrong, Max and Doug Bentley, George Armstrong, Johnny Bower and Tommy Ivan. Beat 70s in Round 1 and double-tough VanI team in Round 2. Lost in OT in Game 7 to eventual champion HO. Not enough secondary scoring. We've learned our lesson.

Hard to go through all the multiple selections. Especially when you factor in the MLD. I've had Tikkanen three times. He'd be the leading guy. Had King Clancy my first two drafts. Had Harry Cameron my first two drafts. Had Grant Fuhr a couple times. Had Gus Mortson a couple times. Had Neely and Hughie Lehman the last two drafts. Honestly, I don't like picking the same guy over and over. I think it's boring. So many guys to pick, and we're going to keep picking the same guy over and over? No thanks.

Players from this draft who have been on my team before are Neely, Larmer, McPhee (including MLD 5), Morrow (including MLD 7), Getliffe (including MLD 8), Day, Barilko, Watson (including MLD 7) and Lehman. So only five guys who have actually been on one of my ATD teams.

Biggest steals:

ATD 5: Based on the way the draft is now, getting Brewer, Flaman and Mantha as my No. 5, 6 and 7 d-men. But the best was Busher Jackson. I think I got him at 120-something.

ATD 6: Toe Blake in Round 7 was a steal. I got Joe Primeau in the 11th round, two slots after pit took Ullman. And I've always wanted Ullman. I got Backstrom in the 16th and Damphousse in the 18th round.

ATD 7: As mentioned before, not my shining moment. I think Kelly at 20 and Geoffrion at 45 were steals. I also liked getting Gus Mortson in the 11th, Duke Keats in the 15th, and Garry Unger for my 13th forward.

ATD 8: Max Bentley midway through the third round and Doug Bentley in the fifth were coups. The other picks that really makes me smile is Wally Stanowski in 17 and Hughie Lehman in 18. I think those are both great picks. Especially Stanowski.

ATD 9: Never thought Larry Robinson would be available at 28. Not with the man-crush many GMs have developed for defencemen. He should go in the top 20. Beyond that? Trading up to get Doug Mohns was well worth it. Getting Mohns - a tough, puck-moving, multi-dimensional force - was our best move of the draft. I really liked getting Tommy Gorman in the 13th, Hughie Lehman in the 18th, and Dubie Bowie for a multi-purpose extra.

Too soon?

ATD 5: Went too heavy on defencemen early on. Picked a lot of guys too soon, in hindsight. Kent Nilsson for example. But it's the learning experience of the draft.

ATD 6: Went with Rick Tocchet in the 9th round. Should have gone with Steve Larmer instead. Outside of that, nobody who really stood out as a mistake.

ATD 7: Went with a lot of role players early, and that left my team lacking in physical play and toughness. Love Otto and Hunter. Hindsight says oops to both.

ATD 8: I don't know if we picked anyone too soon. Tik and Armstrong are good enough to be in the 7th and 8th rounds, respectively. Our mistake was we didn't have enough offence from our second line. Cost us the draft.

vancityluongo 05-07-2008 12:07 AM

Good idea.



Head Coach: Harry Sinden
Assistant Coach:
Assistant Coach:
Captain: Steve Yzerman
Alternate Captain: Joe Sakic
Alternate Captain: Paul Henderson

Syd Howe-Steve Yzerman-Rod Gilbert
Ace Bailey-Joe Sakic-Tomas Sundstrom
J-P Parise-Vincent Lecavalier-Jason Arnott
Dick Duff-Frank McGee-Paul Henderson
Steve Thomas

Art Ross-Red Horner
Mattias Ohlund-Dale Tallon
Ed Jovonovski-Andrei Markov
Dion Phaneuf


Tony Esposito
Roberto Luongo
Kirk McLean

-My god, was my defense really that bad? Poor Art Ross and Red Horner. Poor Tony Esposito.
-I really, really, really like my forward group here. This might have been the best forwards I've had in my three drafts. Probably beacuse I had Joe Sakic as a second line center.
-Lack of any sort of system is shocking. Looking at this team has made me realize that I've improved a "lot" over the past three drafts. And I'm not complimenting myself, it's just that I'm a little shocked at how weak that defense is.
-Frank McGee was my worst pick. I took him at like 100 something I believe. Yeah, no.
-Best pick was probably J-P Parise where I got him.



Head Coach: Lester Patrick
Assistant Coach:

Team Leaders:
Captain: Pat LaFontaine
Alternate Captain 1: Rod Gilbert
Alternate Captain 2: Serge Savard
Alternate Captain 3: Terry Harper*
Alternate Captain 4: Aurel Joliat*


#4 Aurel Joliat (A) - #16 Pat LaFontaine (C) - #68 Jaromir Jagr
#20 Luc Robitaille - #15 Bobby Smith - #7 Rod Gilbert (A)
#17 Don McKenney - #37 Mike Peca - #11 Ryan Walter
#22 Jay Pandolfo - #21 John Madden - #12 Duane Sutter
#96 Thomas Holmstrom

#18 Serge Savard (A) - #6 Phil Housley
#3 Ken Daneyko - #19 Terry Harper (A)
#44 Graham Drinkwater - #8 Barclay Plager
#23 Mathieu Schneider

#30 Martin Brodeur
#27 Ron Hextall
#1 Kirk McLean

-I like this forward group. Joliat/Robitaille down the left side is powerful. Jagr/Gilbert down the right side is powerful. But to go from Yzerman/Sakic to LaFontaine/Smith is pretty bad.
-I lacked a true shutdown line. I had like 2/3 of two different ones, but no one complete unit. Maybe the fourth line actually...meh.
-I really thought my defense was majorly underrated. Savard being paired with Housley may have been a bad move. And drafting three shutdown defensemen with very limited offensive ability may have been a bad move as well. Still, I think the worry about lack of puck movement from that defense was overrated.
-Captain Kirk was a useless draft pick. I should've used that to get another defensemen. My worst pick of that draft. (No, I haven't forgotten about Jagr/Brodeur :p:)
-Best...eh...I'll say Joliat.



Coach: Glen Sather
Captain: #5 Denis Potvin
Assistant Captain #1 (Home): #19 Joe Sakic
Assistant Captain #2 (Home): #25 Doug Jarvis
Assistant Captain #3 (Away): #9 Roy Conacher
Assistant Captain #4 (Away): #3 Marcel Pronovost

#9 Roy Conacher (A) - #19 Joe Sakic (A) - #21 Tim Kerr
#8 Alexander Ovechkin - #22 Buddy O'Connor - #10 Owen Nolan
#11 Jean-Paul Parise - #25 Doug Jarvis (A) - #14 Claude Provost
#12 Paul Henderson - #39 Doug Weight - #88 Ken Randall
Scratches: C, #32 Tom Lysiak, RW, #25 Willi Plett

#3 Marcel Pronovost (A) - #5 Denis Potvin (C)
#4 William "Flash" Hollett - #34 Jamie Macoun
#6 Calle Johansson - #8 Clarence "Taffy" Abel
Scratches: D, #7 Gennady Tsygankov

#2 Jiri Holecek
#35 Andy Moog

-I'm not going to comment much until after the draft, but oh boy oh boy, is this defense even comparable to my ATD#7 entry. Also, this is *easily* my best team.

EagleBelfour 05-07-2008 12:24 AM

Great idea:



The Detroit Falcons

Coach: Jacques Demers

Alex Delvecchio (A) - Jean Béliveau (C) - Bryan Hextall Sr.
Rick Middleton - Mike Modano - Gordie Drillon
Tommy Phillips - Doug Jarvis - Jack Darragh
Marcel Bonin - Dan Bain - Larry Aurie
Lynn Patrick

Marcel Pronovost (A) - Larry Murphy
Ching Johnson - Hod Stuart
Flash Hollett - Edward Ivanov
Goldie Prodgers

Jacques Plante
John Vanbiesbrouck
Paddy Moran


Detroit Falcons

Coach: Pat Burns

Michel Goulet - Stan Mikita (A) - Gordie Drillon
Woody Dumart - Milt Schmidt (C) - Bobby Bauer
Gilles Tremblay - Ralph Backstrom - Claude Provost
John Ferguson - Kenny Mosdell - Mario Tremblay
Lynn Patrick

Jacques Laperriere - Tom Johnson
Art Ross (A) - Jean-Guy Talbot
Ed Van Impe (A) - Glen Harmon
Larry Hillman

Frank Brimsek
Roy Worters
Glenn Resch


Detroit Falcons

Coach:Roger Neilson

Doug Bentley (A) - Max Bentley - Bryan Hextall Sr.
Bert Olmstead - Bill Cowley - Gordie Drillon
Jack Walker - Guy Carbonneau (A) - Ed Westfall
Lynn Patrick - Frank McGee - Bill Goldsworthy
Bernie Morris

Leonard Kelly (A) - Émile Bouchard (C)
George Boucher - Si Griffis
Vitaly Davydov - Mike Grant

Frank Brimsek

My team concept is pretty simple: Great goaltending and responsible two-way forwards with a great checking line. I always paired defenseman so that an offensive one play with a defensive one, to be sure my defenseman are not a liability on the ice. From ATD7 to ATD9, you can really see my evolution as a GM, I am better now to put a team together than I was in ATD7. I'm still very proud of my first three draft and I think very few have my resume in their first three drafts.

Multiple selections:

Lynn Patrick (7, 8, 9)
Gordie Drillon (7, 8, 9)
Frank Brimsek (8, 9)
Bryan Hextall Sr. (7, 9)

Best picks:

ATD7 - Has a rookie, I think I digged up quite a few names that became fixture in the draft. Hod Stuart at 372, Tommy Phillips at 428, Larry Aurie at 465 and Jack Darragh at 525 are all guys that goes hundreds of picks before now.

ATD8 - A very solid team IMO, but no real steal on this one. Talbot at 268 and Worters at 563 are great picks where they went, but nothing heart shattering like in the ATD7

ATD9 - The Bentley's (84 and 127) were I took them are great picks IMO. Frank McGee at 480 his still my biggest steal though.

Worst pick:

ATD7 - I'm still making nightmares taking Larry Murphy as my first defenseman at pick #104. I could of made the finals if I would of took a Vasiliev or Bouchard at that spot. Modano at 160 was not my greatest pick either.

ATD8 - Again, no steal but no bad picks IMO.

ATD9 - I don't have any problems with Carbonneau at 157, but knowing that a guy like Jarvis would still be available at pick #290, never I would of took Carbo (Actually Jarvis is one of the best steal in the draft)

shawnmullin 05-07-2008 12:25 AM


Originally Posted by God Bless Canada (Post 14027872)
Fun idea, mullin.

Before I go any further...Smith wasn't a bad pick for where you selected him. 20th round? That's terrific. But as a No. 3 or 4 defenceman, he was out of place. Your worst pick was probably Tom Barrasso in the 12th round, with your last pick before the 20th. When you have as many goalies as defencemen after 19 rounds, you know you're hooped.

I agree. I just know the position we put Smith in (though in reality he would play the fourth most minutes not second) certainly cost us big time with people. In theory you're right, Barasso was the reason it got to that. I think trading up and leaving our D as thing as it was is the obvious mistake, it's hard to put that into one pick.

I do think you're too hard on your ATD 7 team. I wouldn't want to face them in the playoffs. They may not quite score enough, but I think Murphy just did a great trash talk job on you that year.

Evil Sather 05-07-2008 01:53 PM

This would be nuts for me to attempt... I have what, 7 teams? Yipes.

FissionFire 05-07-2008 03:09 PM


Originally Posted by Evil Sather (Post 14032743)
This would be nuts for me to attempt... I have what, 7 teams? Yipes.

Slacker. :sarcasm:

raleh 05-07-2008 03:24 PM

From the start of the playoff format, so excluding my ATD 5 team:

ATD #6 Montreal Maroons
Coach: Anatoli Tarasov
Captain: Doug Harvey
Alternates: Elmer Lach, Wayne Cashman

Dickie Moore - Elmer Lach - Jaromir Jagr
Steve Shutt - Jean Ratelle - Ace Bailey
Wayne Cashman - Buddy O'connor - Ken Hodge
Troy Murray-Keith Primeau- Dave Andreychuk
John Ferguson

Doug Harvey - Tom Johnson
Ebbie Goodfellow - Red Horner
Steve Duschene - Ed Van Impe
Ed Jovanovski

Billy Smith
Roy Worters
Hugh Lehman

ATD #7 Montreal Maroons
Coach: Ted Nolan

Toe Blake (C) - Elmer Lach - Maurice Richard (A)
Paul Kariya - Pierre Turgeon - Reggie Leach
Herbie Lewis - Kirk Muller (A) - Blair Russel
Eddie Shack - Derek Sanderson - Mario Tremblay
Cliff Ronning

Sprague Cleghorn - J.C. Tremblay
Leo Boivin - Terry Harper
Ed Van Impe - George Owen
Brad Maxwell

Gerry Cheevers
Hugh Lehman
Jim Henry

ATD #8 Halifax RCAF (co-gm with GBC)

Coach: Tommy Ivan
Captain: George Armstrong
Alternates: Ray Bourque, Max Bentley

Doug Bentley - Max Bentley - Cam Neely
Dennis Hull - Buddy O'Connor - Dave Taylor
Esa Tikkanen - Keith Primeau - George Armstrong
Kirk Maltby - Doug Risebrough - Bobby Schmautz
Craig Simpson

Ray Bourque - Allan Stanley
Ted Green - Gus Mortson
Wally Stanowski - Jamie Macoun
Bob Dailey
Normand Rochefort

Johnny Bower
Hugh Lehman

ATD #9 Ottawa RCAF Flyers (co-gm with GBC)

Coach: Tommy Gorman
Captain: Milt Schmidt
Alternate captain: Larry Robinson
Alternate captain:

Johnny Bucyk - Milt Schmidt - Cam Neely
Shayne Corson - Jacques Lemaire - Steve Larmer
Mike McPhee - Wayne Merrick - Bobby Rousseau
Brenden Morrow - Glen Skov - Blair Russell

Larry Robinson - Clarence "Hap" Day
Doug "Diesel" Mohns - Bill Barilko
Ted Harris - Brad Maxwell

Gerry Cheevers
Hugh Lehman

Russell "Dubbie" Bowie
Joe Watson
Ray Getliffe

pitseleh 05-07-2008 03:25 PM

Hugh Lehman seems to be a bit of a common theme. ;)

raleh 05-07-2008 03:55 PM


Originally Posted by pitseleh (Post 14034058)
Hugh Lehman seems to be a bit of a common theme. ;)

Yeah, I really like him. I think in ATD 6 GBC selected someone (maybe Sean Burke) instead of him knowing how excited I was to get him in ATD 5. Then in 7 I traded Ott Heller for him straight up to Nalyd which made some gms (Sather I believe) pretty upset.

I'm actually going to Toronto for the weekend and am trying to book some time in the resource centre at the HOF to do a bit more research on him. I'd love to write a biography too one day, unfortunately I don't think it would be very widely read haha.

Analysis on my teams coming, but the first thing I notice is that my partnership with GBC has taught me that getting a quality coach is very, very important.

nik jr 05-07-2008 04:48 PM

how many teams were in ATD 6? the teams have great rosters.

pitseleh 05-07-2008 04:50 PM


Originally Posted by nik jr (Post 14035129)
how many teams were in ATD 6? the teams have great rosters.

There were 20 teams in ATD6.

Leaf Lander 05-07-2008 05:06 PM


9, 11, 17 Busher Jackson-- #93Doug Gilmour--#9 Maurice Richard
#17 Wendel Clark--#10 Ron Francis ---#88 Eric Lindros
#25 Dave Andreychuk#13 Mats Sundin--#22 Rick Vaive
#13 Ken Linesman---#29 Joel Otto ---#25 Joe Nieuwendyk

#2 Al MacInnis--#4 Scott Stevens
#24 Doug Wilson--#2 Carl Brewer
#8 Randy Carlysle--#2 Derian Hatcher

#25 Terry Sawchuck
#31 Grant Fhur

================================================== ======

Al Arbour, Coach

Mark Messier -Steve Yzerman -Brett Hull
Dave Andreychuk - Doug Gilmour --Alexander Mogilny
Steve Thomas -Mats Sundin --Owen Nolan
Gary Roberts --Ron Francis --Joe Nieuwendyk

Al MacInnis --Gary Suter
Allan Stanley--Sergei Zubov
Randy Carlysle --Derian Hatcher
Sandis Ozolinsh, D

Johnny Bower
Ed Belfour
Grant Fuhr
================================================== =======
Punch Imlach - Coach

John LeClair LW-Joe Thorton- C -Brett Hull- RW
Roy Conacher -LW -Darryl Sittler- C-Rod Gilbert -RW
Ace Bailey -LW -Doug Gilmour- C -Todd Bertuzzi -RW
Paul KARIYA -LW -JOE NIEUWENDYK- C Eddie Litzenberger -RW
Vincent Damphouse -LW

Bill Barilko -D -Bobby Orr- D
Derian Hatcher -D - Doug Wilson- D
Ed Jovanovski D-- Zdeno Chara - D
Sandis Ozonlish -D -

Glenn Hall - G
Grant Fuhr - G
Chris Osgood -G
================================================== ========

Punch Imlach

Paul Kariya Joe Sakic Gordie howe
Johnny Bucyk Billy Cowley Jerome Iginla
Sweeney Schriner Michael Peca Jere Lehtinen
Dirk Graham Tumba Johansson Cy Denneny
Alexander Ovechkin

Red Horner Scott Niedermayer
Black Jack Stewart J. C. Tremblay
Lionel Conacher Barclay Plager
Tomas Kaberle

Ken Dryden
Harry Lumley
Alex Connell

Leaf Lander 05-07-2008 05:09 PM



Head Coach -Pat Quinn

Roy Conacher - Jason Spezza - Owen Nolan
Reg Noble -Marty Barry- Lorne Carr
Bob Davidson- Peter Zezel- Mike Ricci
Donald Brashear- Ivan Boldirev -Pavol Demitra
Sidney Crosby

Mathieu Schneider -Glenn Wesley
Rick Green-Ian Turnbull
Bill Barilko - Jim Thomson
Robert Svehla

Sean Burke
Mike Palmateer
Reggie M. Lemelin
================================================== ==========
ATD #5

Coach: Hap Day
Captain -Wayne Gretzky
Assistant -Gary Roberts
Assistant -Chris Chelios
Assistant -"Hap" Day

# 9 Paul Kariya LW -- # 99 Wayne Gretzky,C- --# 10 Pave Bure,RW
#7 Bill Barber LW --#16 Henri Richard,C --#12 Jerome Inginla,RW
#10 Gary Roberts LW--#21 Guy Carbonneau,C--#17 Mike Foligno, RW
#44 Todd Bertuzzi,LW--#5 Tumba Johansson,C -- #6 Hooley Smith, RW
#11 Charlie Simmer,LW

#2 Nikolai Sologubov, D--# 5 Nik Lidstrom, D
# 24 Chris Chelios,D --#21 Bobby Baun, D
# 4 "Hap" Day,D -- #55 Ed Jovanovski, D
#7 Frantisek Pospisil,D

# 19 Turk Broada. G
# 35 Tom Barrasso, G
# 1 Alex Connell,G
Toronto Marlies Roster

Coach:Marc Crawford
Captain: Dan Bain
Assistant: Bob Davidson
Assistant: Marty Barry
Assistant: Glen Wesley

#61 Cory Stillman, LW--#9! Dan Bain, C --#8 Marty Barry, RW
#94 Ryan Smyth, LW --#39 Jason Spezza,C-- #10 Tony Amonte, RW
#18 Bob Davidson, LW -- #25 Peter Zezel ,C --#16 Mike Ricci, C/RW
#8! Dr Gordon Roberts,LW--#7 Cooney Weiland, C -- #7 Jack Darragh,RW
#16 Darcy Tucker LW/RW

#24 Bryan McCabe,D -- #15 Tomas Kaberle,D
#2 Glen Wesley,D -- #20 Lennart Svedberg,D
#5 Rick Green,D-- #4 Dave Ellett,D
#6! Graham Drinkwater,D

#29 Felix Potvin,G
#30 Chris Osgood,G
#31! Harry Westwick,G
================================================== =============

Coach:Hap Day
Captain:Scott Stevens
Alternates:Dave Keon
Alternates:Mario Lemieux
Alternates:George Armstrong

#10 Pavel Bure #66 Mario Lemieux #8 Mark Recchi
#7 Bill Barber #13 Mats Sundin #10 George Armstrong
# 8 Joe Klukay #14 Dave Keon #6 Ron Ellis
#61 Cory Stillman- #9 Dan Bain #44 Todd Bertuzzi
#12 Eric Staal,C

#4 Scott Stevens #5 Nik Lidstrom
#20 Lennart Svedberg #20 Gary Suter
#21 Bobby Baun #2 Bob Goldham
#24 Robert Svehla

#20 Ed Belfour
# 35 Tom Barrasso
#1 Roberto Luongo
================================================== =======

GM - Leaf Lander
Coach -Paul Maurice
Captain Doug Gilmour
Alternative -Tim Horton
Alternative -Mats Sundin
Alternative -Guy Carbonneau

#14 Dave Andreychuk-#93 Doug Gilmour-#20 Mike Bossy
#8 Alexander Ovechkin -#13 Mats Sundin-#11 Daniel Alfredsson
#8 Joe Klukay-#21 Guy Carbonneau - -#25 Darren McCarty
#94 Ryan Smyth -#11 Bill Hay -#9! Billy Gilmour
#16 Darcy Tucker

#7 Tim Horton -#27 Scott Niedermayer
#21 Bobby Baun-#3 Zdeno Chara
#33 Al Iafrate- # 4 CG Drinkwater
#15 Tomas Kaberle

# 30 Mike Vernon
# 1 Alec Connell
#1 Frank McCool

Leaf Lander 05-07-2008 05:09 PM


Coachunch Imlach
Captain: Darryl Sittler
Alternate Captain:Al MacInnis
Alternate Captain:Mats Sundin
Alternate Captain:Gary Roberts

#7 Keith Tkachuk #27 Darryl Sittler-#22 Mike Bossy
#10 Gary Roberts-#13 Mats Sundin-#22 Rick Vaive
#17 Ilya Kovalchuk -#11 Bill Hay -#18 Jim Pappin
#14 Geoff Courtnall-#16 Murray Oliver-#16 Leo Labine
#25 Peter Zezel

#2 Al MacInnis - #20 Gary Suter
#20 Jimmy Thomson--#21 Borge Salming
#3 Zdeno Chara -#15 Tomas Kaberle
#26 Mike Milbury

#20 Ed Belfour
#35 Mike Richter
#30 Mike Vernon


Coach: Punch Imlach
Captain:Tedder Kennedy
Assistant:Scott Stevens
Assistant:Gary Roberts
Assistant:Mats Sundin
Assistant:George Armstrong

#7 Gary Roberts---#13 Mats Sundin------#22 Rick Vaive
#14 Stu Barnes ----- #11-Murray Oliver---#12 Peter Bondra
#25 Patrik Elias----#9 Teeder Kennedy ---- #10 George Armstrong
#18 Bob Davidson---#25 PeterZezel------#11 Bob Nevin
#71 Evgeni Malkin

#4 Scott Stevens---#4 Rob Blake
#21 Bobby Baun---#33 Al Iafrate
#18 Garth Boesch --#15 Tomas Kaberle
#2 Ian Turnbull

#30 Martin Brodeur
#31 Curtis Joseph
#1 Frank McCool

pappyline 05-07-2008 06:45 PM

Here are my teams since I joined. Interesting to look back. It sure was easier when there were less teams.


St Catherines Teepees

Head Coach: Tommy Ivan
Anders Hedberg – Ulf Nilsson – Bobby Hull
Bill Mosienko – Max Bentley – Doug Bentley
Eddie Litzenberger – Milt Schmidt – Paul Thompson
Andy Bathgate – Alex Delvecchio – Dean Prentice
Todd Sloan

Dit Clapper – Gus Mortson
Lionel Conacher –Lars Erik Sjoberg
Elmer Vasko-Babe Pratt
Bob Goldham

Chuck Gardiner
Al Rollins
Roger Crozier


Hamilton tiger Cubs

Head Coach: Tom Gorman

Murray Balfour(8)– Bill Hay (28)– Bobby Hull(9)
Rod Gilbert (77)– Gilbert Perrault (11)– Rick Martin (27)
Kenny Wharram(17) – Max Bentley(18) – Doug Bentley(14)
Ed Litzenberger(25) –Frank Boucher(7)– Roy Conacher (19)
Don Marshall(22)

Lionel conacher(3)– Mark howe (5)
Elmar Vasko(4)–Pat Stapleton(12)
Gus Mortson (19)- Carl Brewer(2)
Neil Colville(6)

Chuck Gardiner(1)
Roger Crozier(31)
Jim Henry (41)

Atd 7

Coach: Badger Bob Johnson

Busher Jackson-Max Bentley-Dit Clapper
Charlie Simmer-Ulf Nilsson-Anders Hedberg
Doug Mohns-Tod Sloan-Ed Litzenberger
Johnny Wilson-Fleming Mackell-Eric Nesterenko
Cal Gardner

Doug Harvey-Fern Flaman
Moose Vasko-Neil Colville
Lars Erik Sjoberg-Jim Nielson
Jack Evans

Gump Worseley
Mike Karakus
Eddie Johnston



Coach: Badger Bob Johnson

Bobby Hull(A)-Frank Boucher-Vaclav Nedomansky
Sid Smith-Ted Kennedy (C)-Bill Mosienko
Don Marshall-Orland Kurtenbach-Fleming Mackell
Gaye Stewart-Fred Stanfield-Jerry Toppazzini
Frank McGee

Carl Brewer-Earl Seibert(A)
Doug Mohns-Art Coulter
Lars-Erik Sjoberg-Nel Colville
Tom Anderson

Chuck Rayner
Al Rollins
Charlie Hodge


Buffalo Bisons

Coach: Dick Irvin
Asst coach & Trainer:Lloyd Percival

Busher Jackson-Stan Mikita(A)-Vaclav Nedomansky
Alex Delvecchio-Tod Sloan-Eddie Litzenberger(C)
Don Marshall-Fleming Mackell-Jerry Toppazzini
Johnny Wilson-Orland Kurtenbach-Murray Balfour
Bill Red Hay

Bill White-Pierre Pilote (A)
Carl Brewer-Neil Colville
Frank Patrick-Doug Barkley
Pat Egan

Chuck Rayner
Gerry McNeil

ATD !0

Buffalo Bisons

Coach: Bob Johnson

Doug Bentley - Stan Mikita (C) - Bryan Hextall Sr.
Roy Conacher - Ulf Nilsson - Anders Hedberg
Don Marshall - Fleming Mackell - Murray Balfour
Johnny Wilson - Orland Kurtenbach - Rene Robert
extras: Ab McDonald, Ron Stewart

Black Jack Stewart - Tim Horton (A)
Carl Brewer (A)-Neil Colville
Lars-Erik Sjoberg-Doug Barkley
extra: Pat Egan

Harry Lumley
Roy Worters

ATD 12

Toronto Toros

Coach: Tommy Gorman
Assistant Coach/Trainer:Lloyd Percival

Bert Olmstead - Jean Beliveau(C) - Andy Bathgate
Marc Tardiff - Ulf Nilsson -Bill Mosienko
Donnie Marshall - Walt Tkaczuk - Murray Balfour
Ab McDonald - Fred Stanfield - Vic Stasiuk
Bronco Horvath

Allan Stanley - Al Macinnis(A)
Elmer "Moose" Vasko - Fern Flaman(A)
Lars-Erik Sjoberg - Doug Barkley
Paul Shmyr

Harry Lumley
Al Rollins

pitseleh 05-07-2008 07:52 PM

It's a shame your ATD6 team didn't do better pappy. You had three lines that would make decent to good 1st lines in the draft now plus Bobby Hull on another.

EagleBelfour 05-07-2008 07:54 PM

Andy Bathgate and Alex Delvecchio on a fourth line? IMAO

MXD 05-07-2008 08:10 PM

Atd 7

BEST PICK : Wally Stanowski, 575th. Status obviously dramatically improved since then.

WORST PIC : Tom Anderson, 398th. Well, I picked a backup at 398th. Roy 7th was the best idea either, but picking a guy who would wind up being a spare when I only had 3 D-Mens at that time wasn't very bright.

SPECIAL : No spare forward, no spare D. Only polyvalent spares, depending on who gets hurt.

In retrospect : I really like that first line, and I would always try to get a great first line (and I think it always worked as well). My defense was definitely underrated, but guys like Jack Crawford and Wally Stanowski became fixtures since this draft. But.... what was I thinking when building that 1st pair?

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