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#1 Habitant 02-12-2004 08:32 AM

Response For Zednik's Trade Value
I posted a question for Zednik's trade value on the Trade/Rumors thread and received the following response which I found to be of interest. Most agreed that Montreal's need is for goal scorers and that a trade would not likely happen if it involved only d-men. It was also pretty much agreed that, if a trade were to develop, that the Habs would be dealing from a position of strength not having to move him. Here are some of the proposals:
Zednik for a scoring power forward ??
Zednik to Cal for Gauthier and Nystrom
Zednik for a top-4 d-man or elite 3rd liner or 1/2 quality prospects
Zednik/Garon/Hainsey to Edm for Smyth/Smith
Zednik to Van for Allen and possibly more
Zednik to Van for King/2 1st rounders
Zednik/Perreault/Garon to Edm for Smith/Pouilot/Laraque
The only one that I would find attractive would be the King/2 1st rounders from Vancouver. What do you guys think of it? What other deals might be possible? Let's face it, I don't think BG will be too interested in moving our top prospects or Garon unless we get young prospects in return. Thoughts?

GilleZ 02-12-2004 08:51 AM

None of them makes sens for us. We cant trade our only 30goal scorer for 2 1st. Plus he is not 38years old. We all know that Zednick works in streak and he his due. If we give up on Zednick, we are no better that when Houle was our GM. Are we gonna take a chance on Smyth for Zed. Zednick doesnt cost alot, Smyth 3.5 and he will beome a free agent soonner than later.

And the most important point, you cant trade your core player and expect to keep a team together. Its like trading Rebeiro or Koivu. They are what define the CH. Plus i want to see Zednick an other time in the playoffs, what a show he put up last time.

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