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montreal 02-14-2004 03:20 PM

Anyone tape PEI last night?
I did not get to see the game, and I'm wondering if anyone taped last nights Rocket game. If so any chance of a trade? I've got two Kastsitsyn games that are extras (since I don't know how to hook up 2 vcr's) if anyones interested. I also have a extra tape of 2 Korneev games, with one of the Kastsistyn games having the Team Russia Karjala Cup game (against Finland). Korneev plays against Ovchekin, and I think Kastsitsyn plays against Malkin in one of the games. Dont' know who is the other team in the most recent CSKA game since I've only seen it once so far.

I'm interested in setting up a prospect tape tree if there's interest but I don't know if it's even possible since I don't know if anyone else has any games of our recent prospects on tape.

I have

3 Korneev (2 RSL, 1 National Team)
1 Buturlin (1 National Team)
1 Tarasov (1 national Team, doesn't play but all 3 Russians are on the same tape)
2 Kastsitsyn (Zherdev/Mozyakin Mozyakin is worth watching)
3 O'Byrne (all regular season, may have another one next month)
1 Ryan Glenn (I have to find it first, but it's the season opener)
1 Selig (i still haven't checked if he played or injured still)
3 Locke (1 67's, 2 OHL remax)
1 Deveaux (regular season)
2 Lambert (remax games)
2 Urquhart (remax)
2 Korpikari (1 regular season (in finnish) and 1 WJC)
1 Halak (wjc)
2 Linhart (wjc maybe 3 games got to check)

Most of the Bulldogs games from this year I have on tape from the sportsnet/score games, but a few are on loan to friends but I'll have them back in 2 weeks or so.

I've got another Locke and Deveaux game on the way plus the Danny Stewart game that's on tomorrow at 3pm.

I've also got a Komo game at Michigan, but I can't find it. Plus last years draft but the sound is really low. Plus I have the last game ever at the Forum, and the first game ever at le Bell center.

Now I know some people will ask for me to hook them up and tape games for them, but I can't even make copies for trade outside of the 3 games I have extra, but I can't just give those away cause I know of one person that will trade with me for maybe a Puurula game or last year Perezhogin, and Korpikari, but I'm waiting to hear more first. Sorry, but I'm trying to build a prospect collection plus I like junior/ncaa/euro/ahl hockey very much.

I also have the recent ECHL and USHL all star games (although I may have taped over the ECHL game)

Wildbeliefs 02-14-2004 03:35 PM

What's all this "tape" business? No digital? I think it's time you hook up your vcr to your pc and rip all those games onto DVDs. :p

(oh, to answer your question, sorry, I don't have any)

Thomas 02-14-2004 08:44 PM

Was going to tape it but decided not to :(

The game didnt display Urquhart, Lapierre or Lamberts skill though, it was pretty much a one way game.

Necrophile 02-14-2004 09:19 PM

Sorry, I'd like to help but I didn't tape it. I gave a short summary of the first period though, on another thread called "... PEI ... Canal Vox". Didn't watch the rest, fell asleep during intermission...

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