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GoldenForum 02-15-2004 08:01 PM

Something Missing From Trade Talks
I've been reading your posts for the better part of two years and except for a few ridiculous ones from time to time, you guys do a nice job of keeping me in touch with the Habs now that I am living outside of La Belle. Thanks.

There is something that has not been discussed regarding possible Gainey trades (particularly by those impatient among us, no doubt made worse by the post-All Star slide): the looming strike next year. While we all want an O'Neill, a Gonchar, a Zhamnov, ect (that is, quality players available), we have to keep in mind that no GM wants to be saddled with heavy contracts heading into the new CBA (of course, someone like Zhamnov will be a UFA). No doubt in my mind that is weighing heavily on Gainey as he seeks to improve the team without sacrificing our future. Think about it like this: say the new CBA places a dramatic salary cap, if we take on an extra 5-10 mil this season and beyond, that could also hurt our ability to resign core guys like Theo (whose contract will expire after a strike year), Markov, Saku (whether or not you like him or not, as Saku goes so goes our offense), Souray, Ribeiro, and even Bulis. GMs are going to have to be even more creative going forward, which will not only make teams like the rangers worse, but also potentially have a big impact on teams like the wings, avs, and other big spenders who may no longer have the flexibility to house sakic, forsberg, and tanguay together (what a team they have). Who knows, but all this to say that having players with a positive salary-quality ratio is ever more important and something that every GM wants.

Finally, if these last three games have not shown how much Souray is our MVP, I don't know what has. What concerns me most is not that we lost our three games, but how we lost. I guarantee you that Lecavelier would not have been alone in front of Theo to deflect that shot with Souray on the ice.

Team_Spirit 02-15-2004 08:11 PM

Well ... welcome to the board GoldenForum ! First off we don't need Zhamnov and i hopes everybody agree with me .

As for the CBA i know it's something we should be very aware but i don't think we should see it from the bad side . The values of youngs player will pop-up while the value player in the merge of being free 27-30 years old like Smyth will go down for 2 reason 1- He could be UFA after the new agreement 2 - The tight financial situation around the league , most teams won't add salary before the new CBA is signed . The Habs should be very aware of what's going on around , a nice player near his prime could become availaible for a resonable price ( Iginla , Smyth...)

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