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Georgia Panther 06-21-2008 07:35 AM

The Day After
The title of this Thread is doubly appropiate as it's the day after the Jokinen trade and I feel like I'm in Lawrence, Kansas after The BOMB dropped in the ABC Movie "The Day After".


So how can the Panthers dig out of this rubble? There are no answers in free agency to fill in the huge hole that Jokinen has left in the center of our scoring lines. The only possible answer is likely to be available only a short time, until his No-Trade Clause kicks in July 1st. That possible answer is Patrick Marleau. He could also be the answer to the who will be the Captain now question. Sure he had a bad year but previous to that he was a top level scoring line center. And he's still relatively young. He's expensive contract wise but that contract, $6.3 mil, is only two years in length and the second year would be easily affordable Cap-Wise with so many Panther contracts expiring after next season. Now what the Panthers could offer San Jose for him that would be acceptable to them I have no idea. You don't want to offer next years First as that could very well be Tavares if this coming season goes to pot. I'm guessing it would have to be one of the golden three forward prospects or Olesz or Booth and the second rounders tied to Stumpel to make Marleau's contract palpable to Florida that first year.

Clint 06-21-2008 09:50 AM

I doubt we sign any forwards in free agency. We have 13 contracts for sure up front, and Matthias and Frolik will be itching to make the squad. No GM is going to be willing to take Stumpel's contract off our hands, so unfortunately he's ours for now.

We also have one or two defensemen too many. I wouldn't be surprised to see start the season in the AHL, Van Ryn traded for a mid-range pick, or Murphy waived.

So... this is the day after. Feels kind of empty.

Egblad 06-21-2008 09:59 AM

So I wonder if Olli goes back to Miami to complete an awesome road trip in his black aston martin DB9, out to Phx?

would be a nice way to spend a couple summer days.

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