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Necrophile 02-16-2004 03:24 PM

Atlanta @ Montréal, Tuesday Feb. 17th
Hello Thrashers fans. I was hoping you could help me out and indicate which of these players will be in the line-up for tomorrow's (Tuesday's) game:

Daniel Tjarnqvist
Ivan Majesky
Zdenek Blatny
Frantisek Kaberle
Yannick Tremblay
Chris Tamer
Dany Heatley
Benjamin Simon
Andy Sutton
Jean-Luc Grand-Pierre
Tommi Santala
Francis Lessard
Garnet Exelby
Brian Swanson
Karl Stewart
Kurtis Foster
Daniel Corso
Shawn Heins
Tomas Kloucek
Kamil Piros

Thanks in advance! It's for a betting contest we have over on the Habs board. Feel free to come over and make your predictions for Tuesday's game!

Voynich 02-16-2004 04:04 PM

Daniel Tjarnqvist - Yes
Ivan Majesky - Yes
Zdenek Blatny - No
Frantisek Kaberle - Yes
Yannick Tremblay - No
Chris Tamer - No
Dany Heatley - Yes
Ben Simon - Yes
Andy Sutton - Yes
Jean-Luc Grand-Pierre - Yes
Tommi Santala - No
Francis Lessard - Yes
Garnet Exelby - Yes
Brian Swanson - No
Karl Stewart - No
Kurtis Foster - No
Daniel Corso - No
Shawn Heins - No
Tomas Kloucek - 50/50
Kamil Piros - No

The D-corps is a little hard to predict since we've had a lot of guys recently come back from injuries ,but I think the 6 indicated above will probably play unless I have forgotten an injury and in that case Kloucek would probably fill in for them.

Necrophile 02-16-2004 07:05 PM


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