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crossxcheck 02-17-2004 10:16 AM

TV is making me nervous
Anyone have any idea what TV's problem is? He's looked like a sieve since it was announced he was an all-star.

Joe T Choker 02-17-2004 10:17 AM


Originally Posted by crossxcheck
Anyone have any idea what TV's problem is? He's looked like a sieve since it was announced he was an all-star.

He needs to sit down another game to get his shiat together.

Basher 02-17-2004 01:11 PM

Tell him Mason has got the number 1 job and see if he goes psycho...or just let Mase get in 2-3 games in a row, while Koun works and watches tapes and what not.

hipcheck85 02-17-2004 03:33 PM

TV needs a 2-3 game rest. He is burnt right now.

WuRtZLeSs 02-17-2004 08:49 PM

Whether or not Vokoun is burned out, who knows (I'm sure he'll say he isn't) - perhaps he's just going through a funk. But if the Predators will have any shot in the playoffs Vokoun will need to be the Vokoun of old. And whether or not that means sitting Vokoun and seeing what happens or keep giving him games and allow him to battle through it, who knows.

But if Vokoun wants to keep playing, I say play him - you go with your ace and other then that, what more do you have to offer? It's debatable whether or not Vokoun really lost the Pred's the game vs. the Blue Jackets. Vokoun is a standup goaltender, he'll be the first to admit his play has been rather poor in comparsion to what he's capable of, if he's not tired - let him play.

predfan1510 02-18-2004 01:06 AM

Hey everyone! A fellow Nashvillian here and a HUGE Preds fan, new to the board though. I sit in 303 with my lady friend by my side as much as my job will allow.

About TV, I really feel sorry for him right now. He is a great goalie and has shown us that. But i think he is going through some confidence shadows right now. the All-Star game, and the number of games played prior to that has got him tired and perhaps burned out a bit. i would sit him, but the only way to build that confidence back up is by sucking it in and going out there and playing hard and good, and winnig of course. Sitting on the bench will not get that done. Play Mason for a while, but let TV have his time to shine again before the p******'s. He is going to be fine. A young goalie that has a VERY bright future ahead of him. not to mention a hert of gold. Lets not ride him too hard, because he has a hard enough time as it is. Supprot him and make hime feel good when you go to games by cheering for him regardless. That always helped me when I played sports. :)

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