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Nostradanglus 07-05-2008 09:56 AM

Buying Hockey gear in Australia
So I am trying to round up some equipment to keep me for a long time playing hockey down under.

I've looked around online and have found one site called HockeyMonkey, which seems to be reasonably priced and has a large catalogue. Although it is based in California, the prices they have seem to beat out any stores based in Australia. But before I throw down 500 bucks on 3 composite sticks, some jerseys, socks and hockey tape, I was wondering if anyone knew of some alternatives I should look into.

Also, has anyone experienced any import tax that must be paid on sporting equipment sent to Aus? My guess is that there will be a small number of puckheads on these boards that could help me with this questions, but all help is greatly appreciated.

As a side note, Hockey down in Australia is much better than I thought it would be. I've been playing at a rink on the Gold Coast that is only insulated in a massive tin shed. So in the summer the ice is really mushy, but in winter it keeps nice and smooth for quite some time.

There are alot of old canucks and euros that have moved here for retirement and it really adds some spice to the locker room, lots of old war stories. Theres this old guy named Barry, who runs the pickup there, that played for Team Australia in the World Championship in Denver back in the 50's when he was 21. Another guy, who's first name is Milan, used to back up Dominik Hasek in the Czech National Hockey program for some time; and I've been told that there is an ex Lightning player that lives on the Gold Coast now, who just undresses people when he plays and also teaches kids to skate regularly.

Theres also a national league set up for the best players in the major cities of Australia. Its pretty crazy, the distances that teams have to fly to be able to play each other; But it seems to work, for now.

So there are a fair few of us puckheads living in Australia. Getting equipment at a good price is a challenge, and the travel involved to play in leagues can be quite taxing. But all in all, theres lots of enthusiasm in a small communities around the country.

If anyone is actually living in Sydney and playing hockey here, let me know where if you need another for some pickup.

Phoenix 07-06-2008 12:40 PM

Hi there and welcome to my home country, and state :) Although I'm actually not at home atm. :D

Anyhow, friends of mine have ordered off hockeygiant too I think, and this forum has a sticky link of online stores perhaps you should check out.

I have no idea what sort of tax you have to pay, but I think if you order in small amounts you should be ok. I've bought a couple hundred $ worth of books/dvds of amazon and never got charged.

Depending on what you want though, you may find some stuff is only about $50 AUD more expensive in-store; which you may prefer to the hassle of online ordering and taxes/postage etc.

Glad you like the gold coast rink; i don't :D The other 2 rinks at acacia and boondall are far better.

Tbone54 07-06-2008 05:26 PM

Yeah, I play in Oz aswell, I find its just cheaper to order stuff from overseas and it arrives pretty darn quick to.. about a week in most cases.

Normally you wont get slugged with the import tax, if the order is less than about 1000, thats the magic number i seem to have found. But im not 100% and cant guarantee, that.

Ive ordered stuff around the 500-600 dollar range without getting taxed. But one order where i ordered about 1200 bucks worth of stuff, me and a couple of mates we ended up getting slugged with the import tax.

Its normally better to consider sticks and other gear as separate. Sticks will normally be sent in a separate package and will pay a hefty shipping fee. So the best bet is to get a few when you do order.. so it makes sense with the shipping percentage.

I normally get all the guys I play with and we do a team order... makes sense shipping wise and is at times about 50% - 60% cheaper than buying anything in Australia.

That should get you started anyways.

Nostradanglus 07-11-2008 07:40 PM

Thanks alot for your replies. I decided to import some gear from the states. Its so much cheaper than any of the online stores based in Aus

Cheers :)

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