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WillardJFredricks 07-07-2008 11:25 AM

Need a Heavyweight?
Does anyone else think the Flames need to, and hopefully will, sign a real heavyweight? With Godard gone and now McGrattan in the west, along with Boogaard, Hordichuk, Parker, et al., the Flames might need someone to handle these guys. Jim Vandermeer can scrap, but he's more of a second option and shouldn't be trying to go with a guy like Boogaard or McGrattan. There's not many guys out there now, but it would be nice if they'd get someone, even if they are only used when needed.

DBU 07-07-2008 11:29 AM


AndersEriksson* 07-07-2008 11:34 AM

No. If we don't dress a Godard, the other teams won't waste a roster spot on a Boogaard.

Ticonderoga 07-07-2008 11:39 AM


Originally Posted by GiganticSnake (Post 14774573)
No. If we don't dress a Godard, the other teams won't waste a roster spot on a Boogaard.

I agree we have enough people who will fight if need be no sense wasting a roster spot on a enforcer.

Badger Bob 07-07-2008 12:08 PM


Originally Posted by danebgfx (Post 14774504)

The thread title does specify the term, "heavyweight."

cc 07-07-2008 01:10 PM

Detroit showed that you don't really need one.

flamesfan12 07-07-2008 01:11 PM

No I don't think we need a heavyweight. We have team toughness and Minnesota can waste a roster spot on Boogaard all they want. Godard and the role of the heavyweight just isn't what it used to be. They just aren't effective anymore.

Badger Bob 07-07-2008 02:52 PM

Team toughness is fine. Obviously, that's an area which has been upgraded by removing the softies and replacing them with size. The wrinkle is having to face the members of the group, listed by the tread starter. This is a very legitimate issue. We discussed this last week at CP.


* You don't want liberties being taken against your skilled players.
* You don't want your star players getting 5 for fighting, because chances are that the other player won't be a good tradeoff with Iginla or Phaneuf.

Cactus Jack 07-07-2008 03:59 PM

Sutter said they wouldn't be going with a goon this year because they can't afford to keep that spot open for a guy to solely play that role.

WillardJFredricks 07-07-2008 04:36 PM

Maybe they'll sign Asham, another guy who would fit well on the third or fourth line and can handle himself against pretty much anyone.

EDIT: scratch that, I see he just signed with the Flyers.

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