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spjon25 08-06-2008 05:00 PM

Questions About Roller Girdles and Such for a Noob
I was thinking of picking up roller hockey since it is cheaper out here in CA. I already play ice in a beer league, but might make the jump and had a few questions.

1. Does anyone make an XXL girdle. I don't want to look like a ****** in ice gear playing roller. If they do not make an XXL girdle how forgiving in size are the girdles (do they stretch or not)

2. How the hell do you stop? I have heard horror stories about guys busting up their knees trying to do hockey stops?

3. How easy is the transition from roller to ice? I know I will suck, but if I play on a novice league will it be evident?


MikeD 08-06-2008 05:10 PM

The largest I am aware of is a Xl 36-38. Some do stretch a good amount and some dont. Depends on the material its made of. One of the most stretchy would be the Mission Thorax advantage. They run about 70.00 US

Do you mean from ice to roller since you already play ice? I think the transition from roller to ice is easier than the other way around. Your used to a free moving puck and more mobility of the ice. Puck handling will prob be your biggest issue in the transition.

nullterm 08-06-2008 06:23 PM

I'm in the process of going roller to ice, so I can answer two of your questions from my experience. A bit of background, I am taking an ice power skating course, so that's one advantage ice has for me over roller. Though I have done roller longer than ice.

2 - I'm still working on stopping after almost a year playing. More often then not I find myself using turn stops, spin out, slalom, snow plow to stop/slow down.


There are also T-stops to slow down, but I've yet to do it in a game situation. YouTube "inline stop" and you'll see a bunch of videos of people demoing how to stop.


I wouldn't try doing a hockey stop on blades, unless you're feeling crazy (or you gain experience). I find it's more about turning into a stop, where ice is sliding to a stop. It's not the same, and you can't stop as quickly in roller.

I have seen guys in games (alot more agile than me) do power slides to stop.


3 - I find ice is easier to skate. There's alot of common skating skills (crossovers, stride, etc). But the things I can do on ice, like the hockey stop, means it's much easier to stop & go to react to the play.

That said, I still enjoy playing both.

no.95 08-07-2008 02:01 PM

Well hockey stops on inlines are actually a lot easier than it feels and looks.
Myself I only play inline hockey occasionally, a couple of times every summer. I've found that if I'm skating without playing hockey i can't stop to save my life, but as soon as I'm in a game I simply forget about how dangerous and difficult it's supposed to be and just go with my on ice instincts, then it actually works. Of course I tend to fall every now and then, but not that often really and besides I'm wearing shin pads so there's really no harm in it.

Sean Garrity 08-25-2008 04:25 AM

i just kind of jump to do my hockey stop. Works decent, but you don't really come to a complete stop, but it's close enough.

evgeni71 08-25-2008 01:39 PM

I drag my right boot, or spin.

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