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gretzky99 02-22-2004 03:59 PM

Jaques Lemaire Conspiracy
Jaques Lemaire Conspiracy
Through hours of thought and mentally stressful equations I have came to realise that Jaquese Lemaire is under the pay roll of a large amount of Matress companies and pillow manafactures. Why you may ask? It has been proven that a normal human is unable to watch a full Minnesota game without falling a sleep. Thats just how boring they are. I would rather watch ants move around, or a turtle walk around then a wild game. With such stars as........hmmmm, well, i guess maybe Gaborik,oh wait, hes only got 10 goals. Anyway, I would have to say that the Wild are just a bunch of Fun-Nazis, ruining this once great game of hockey. Now I'm sure that i will get a lot of responses from wild fans telling me that it is exciting and what not. However if you wild fans are the hockey knowledgable people you say you are, then there is no way you could possibly say that the wild play an exciting type of game, or even justify that. In fact, the Wild play a god-aweful game that makes me re-evaluate my life. I contemplate suicide while watching the wild, if the Wild were to go to "funland" they would suck the fun right out of it, so it would become "boring land". You Wild fans may think the canucks are a great rivalry, well truth be known, as a Canuck fan I don't even want to watch the Canucks play the Wild, simply because it is boring. I dread when the canucks play the Wild, not because were 500. against them, but because its boring. I love watching the Canucks play Colorado, St.louis and Detroit, because its exciting, we don't neccesarily win each time when we play them, but it is always a hell of a game. I find it a chore to watch minnesota games and pitty the ignorant wild fans that think there watching "hockey". Its more of a trapping contest or icing contest then anything. I remember once the wild were up 1-0 going into the third against the canucks and they managed to ice it around 10-25 times in the third. I mean who the hell wants to see icing all game, sure, the canucks have the best icing-beater guy in brad may (this guy may be intirely useless, however he always manages to beat out icings). As for Minnesota not been the hockey state, i disagree, sure you guys are the hockey state. However that doesn't say much when the best two players out of minnesota playing right now are Blake and Parrish. Its actually laughable that the "hockey state"(which i am not arguing that your not) has only produced Blake and Parrish (I could be wrong, just read posts from an earlier threaed). I think New Found Land and Nova Scotia have produced better players then that, however once again I am not sure. Hockey may be huge in Minnesota, however it can not be at a higher level then in Canada. In Conclusion, Minnesota plays a boring style of hockey that is ruining the game of hockey. Aside from Gaborik minnesota has a bunch of no-body's. Wow, I bet all you minnesota fans wish they had the Atlanta Thrashers, I know i would. I do not blame the Wild fans, they simply got dealt a bad hand and have to support it. Would I support the Wild if I lived in Minnesota? As a die hard hockey fan yes; however, the difference between me and some of you guys is that I would be able to admit the terrible style of hockey the Wild play. The funny thing is the Wild have no excuse for this style, its not like they are a poor organization, they sell out every game. There is no reason why the wild have to play this game. I laugh at the fact that the Wild are losing playing a boring style game this year. If your going to lose, you might as well play an excitig syle of game like Atlanta. I pitty the Wild fan and there boring team. Housley??? Hahaha, that guy had his leg broken blocking a rist shot a couple years back and was one of the worst deadline acquisations made by a team last year. I never knew he was born in Minnesota, but I can honesly say I have hated him the most out of any NHL player ever, even before I knew he was american. Too bad the best American born player was not from Minnesota (lafontaine). I guess you wild fans can continue to watch this "style", which can only be described as boring, for as long as you want. When ever you start to get bored during a Wild game, just remembered that I'm watching the canucks in a shoot-out match between another team, It doesnt even matter if my team loses, because i know your team well.

theo6060 02-22-2004 05:01 PM

This is so incredibly pointless and flamefilled, the only reason I'm not deleting it is so we can have a history of this should you decide to do this again. Next time, keep your long drawn out opinions to yourself and stop trying to aggrevate other teams fans.

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