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FLYLine27 09-07-2008 11:47 PM

Biggest Goal You ever Scored in Hockey...?
What is your biggest/most memorable goal you have ever scored?

Me, well i score a lot of goals..play on a lot of leagues...offense and defense..

But tonight marked the night of the goal i wont forget.

Playing defense on a very good team ( I average about 1 point a game)....the score is 3-3, game 1 of the a best of 3 championship series.

I'm at the point, pressure is down low in the offensive zone...I come in a bit and all of a sudden a rebound lands right on my stick about 8 ft from the goalie....with 3 seconds left in the 3-3 game I shoot a quick wrist shot low/blocker side...and it goes in!

We win 4-3...and the goalie we faced was the best goalie in the league....unless you have a perfect shot...nothing is getting by him (he probably faced 40 shots in the game).

That is my biggest goal ever. I'm still on such a high after that goal lol. Im a great 2 way defenseman, hell i played 9 of the last 10 minutes in the game...but the score that goal...felt awesome. Not trying to pimp myself, but hockey is my life...i play all the time.

So what about you?.

Ether Prodigy 09-08-2008 12:37 AM

Playing in a tournament somewhere near Toronto.

I literally tied it up with less then a second to go, the referees had to go over and debate it. It allowed us another shot at getting into the second round.

It was just a simple point shot, a one timer. I had to do it twice... we were on the powerplay and the first shot went wide, came around the boards to a friend of mine who passed it again for a second one timer and that one went in.

I got tackled right after and was on the bottom of a pile of people.

I was extremely happy because I was having a REALLY bad game and everyone knew it. I was lazy, tired, everything. My coach told me that goal made up for the rest of the game.

MrRuin 09-08-2008 04:16 AM

scoring the very first goal in history of our newly founded club last year as a rookie (first time I every played a game with equipment other than shinpads and gloves) defenseman :) It was a quick wrister that was deflected through the pads of the goalie. I still have the puck at home on my shelf.

Nothing will beat that.

Pensfan86 09-08-2008 01:19 PM

I don't recall any goals from my pre- high school days, but I had a couple of big ones while in high school.

My favorite was my Senior year. I had been screwed over for all star nominations for a second straight season and the hockey board was actually considering firing my coach over it. The reason is a pretty lengthy one, but to sum it up, the player who received nominations over me also happened to be the son of our assistant coach (and frankly was incredibly undeserving of them).

That Friday we played a divisional opponent who we should have easily beaten, but found ourselves down 2-0 going into the third. The game was huge for playoff positioning, so there was a lot on the line. We came out and quickly scored to cut the lead but the tying goal seemed as thought it would elude us. That is, until I received a pass from the boards and one timed a shot home with 12 seconds left to tie it up. To this day I have no clue how the puck went in. I basically fanned on the shot and it took an incredibly fortuitous angle into the net. Sometimes it helps to just be lucky I guess.

In OT, roughly 1:30 into OT to be exact, my buddy tried to make a pass out in front. I played defense and was matched up against a relatively undersized winger. The pass in front was deflected and bounced into the high slot. Though I'm not a physical presence by any means, I easily overpowered the smaller player, picked up the puck, and fired one home for the OT winner.

It was a huge win for the team, and also made my coach look like an idiot, as his "all star" was ejected from the game early in the 2nd period and watched us triumph without him from the stands. The following Monday in school was awesome too - some kids described it as the greatest game they'd ever seen. I realize this is likely because they've only seen high school games and the occasional Penguin game over their life time, but nonetheless, it was pretty cool.

Ti-girl 09-08-2008 01:29 PM

Our team was down to 9 players, mainly due to injury and pregnancies, and we were all just wiped. It was a tie game, 0-0, thanks to our goalie. It's the final game in the A divison playoffs.

Anyway, I was playing D and their winger missed a pass so I poked it out of our zone and noticed that their D was on a change. So I sped in and the goalie came out to challange me and ended up tripping me with an attempted poke check. I had raised it to avoid the poke check and I look, as I'm flying through the air (a la bobby orr) I see the puck going the same way. In absolute desperation I swing my stick and it makes contact with the puck and flutters in.

I go sliding headfirst into the boards and pretty much knock myself out and smash my shoulder. I lie there, kind of flip over and my D partner comes skating over (we really didn't play that much defense. It was more of a 5 forward team when we were on the ice) and goes "It went in!"

I played the rest of the game pretty beat up, but it was a great goal.

Nikita Filatov* 09-08-2008 05:10 PM

The one goal I will NEVER for get was perhaps my least "pretty" goal. Last season I was just a machine...60+ goals...Always dangled around players, deaked goalies....But in my championship game this past season we were on the PP in the second OT. I was screening the goalie...The point man was taking shot after shot. With 2 second left he nails one, off my gloveless hand and it deflects into the net.

Probably best i've ever scored was this past season as well. I got a pass around the red line and took it down to center ice...One guy tried to trip me up...or just fall...Something like that, I jumped over him and dragged the puck around his head. It was pretty much a 1-1 with me and a defender. I keep moving over towards the boards and he follows, I slip it through his legs and go around him. Now on a shrtr Break-away...The defender lifts my leg with his stick...I stayed up on one leg, barely. I spin around onto the backhand and hit the top crossbar and in.

CaptBrannigan 09-08-2008 06:17 PM

I had two goals in the third period of the high school championship. Turned a 2-1 defecit into a 3-2 win. What's even better is those 2 were only my third and fourth goals of the season.

Leo W 09-08-2008 06:20 PM

Losing 2-0 going into the 3rd against a team from Boston, I scored 3 goals in about 5-6 minutes to win the game. Not only that, but on my birthday, natural hat-trick.

Leafidelity 09-08-2008 06:25 PM

Game winner of the Championship game in overtime of the bantam AAA Silver Stick tournament. Got me the MVP of the game aswell :)

Was a decade ago now, but it felt great

Pothier 09-08-2008 07:14 PM

Scoing the winning goal in the finals of the largest hockey tournament in the world. The division we were playing in also had the most teams participating in one division (32 teams).

The goal was late in the 2nd, so it wasn't like a last-second goal or overtime goal. Nothing that epic. But it was on a breakaway where I stole the puck from the defenceman and went forward to backhand. The game was at the Corel Centre, so that was cool too.

I remember it was my first goal of the tournament too, and this was our 7th game I believe. I just couldn't find the net. I racked up a nice number of assists in the tournament however. And I did win the defensive player of the game award as well. Probably because I made a heroic dive with about 5 seconds left to trip the other teams best player when he was coming down full speed through the middle. It probably should have been a penalty, but the refs weren't going to call anything with 5 seconds left.

Duke Silver 09-08-2008 07:26 PM

Overtime goal in the gold medal game of our midget houseleague championship, about 5 years ago.

Took the puck in the slot, circled around the back of the net, came out of the corner and shot low blocker. I got dogpiled immediately afterwards. What a rush.

Ogopogo* 09-08-2008 07:27 PM

Regular season game in Bantams. We were down 5-3 after two periods and tied it up late in the 3rd. I got the puck in the slot with a minute to go and picked the top corner over the goalie's shoulder to give our team the 6-5 victory.

I also scored another last minute game winner in another season, against the same goalie oddly enough.

Marc Bergevins Suit 09-08-2008 07:39 PM

Finals in a Tournament. I came on as the extra attacker and scored the GTG with less then 20 seconds on the clock. The score was now 1-1 and my coach stuck my line out and within 25 seconds of overtime i scored the winner, splitting the d and roofing one top cheese. Won the tournament and MVP. By far the most clutch game i've played.

Red Dragon 09-08-2008 07:58 PM

3 years ago in Bantam playoffs, game 1 of the finals we were down 2-1 being out played in the 3rd and with 5 minutes left I came out of the penalty box was hit with a pass for the breakaway did a simple deke and slipped it past the goalie. We controlled the rest of the game, it ended in a tie. We carried the momentum into game 2 in a winner takes all at there barn. It was no contest a 4-0 victory and the league championship.

Backstrom #19 09-08-2008 08:03 PM

We were down 5-4 in the Championship game with 25 seconds left. I was in the slot and my center passed it to me and I one-timed it and the goalie made a great glove save and I just looked straight up in the air. Then the Ref signals a goal. When I shot the puck the goalie made the save but his glove was passed the line. We got award the goal. So there's still 25 seconds left and off the face-off my center chips the puck down into their zone and I'm the first one to get the puck. I passed it back to my D-man and I skated in front of the net, the D-man throws a quick wrister on goal and the puck hits my *** and goes in the net. 7 seconds left, and I scored a goal off my but. It was awesome.

HerrAlex 09-08-2008 08:38 PM

game tying in my championship game, but we lost anyways

Sportacus 09-09-2008 10:27 PM

I scored in a AAA tournament while on an (pretty bad) A level team to make it 13-1 (we had the 1) and the goal was one of the prettiest I've ever scored. :)

SSM12 09-09-2008 10:40 PM

I backflipped between 2 defenders, stopped, reversed, put it in park, off my skate, off the goalies head, around my back, between my legs, hand stand and dangled with my tongue(ladies), cartwheel to picking the puck up with my hand and throwing it in the net all from my end of the rink, in the championship game with .0001 seconds remaining. Now there is a statue outside of the rink commemorating that goal. I got many lucrative offers such as free soap for a year because that goal was "dirty" as well as a collage of pictures in Lorenzo Carcatterras next novel.

colton23 09-09-2008 11:43 PM

Championship game tied till 3:06 left in the third we get scored on during a fastbreak.
My coach calls a time out and tells us we have a few mins before he pulls the goalie. Right off the face off i get the puck and cut to the right side, i see no options circle the net. I then cut sharply back and proceed to scoop the puck michigAN style and put it in the top corner. my team mobbed me but it wasnt over yet there was still 2:15 left on the clock and a tied game. Right off the next faceoff i win it again, I pushed the puck forward and was tackled by the defender. Said defender looks towards the ref for some odd reason. i was confused but acted on this pause and got on a semi break away.I sold the shot and dodged the pokecheck but my legs were takin out by the goalie, but falling to my knees i hit the puck in on the backhand. This was the greatest moment i have experienced in hockey. We fought off the other teams onslaught to finish the last 45sec. The final score was 4-3:yo:

noobman 09-09-2008 11:53 PM

I was breaking in on the left wing... I put the puck between the defenders skates, pulled it back out w/ a toe drag and went around him... he tripped me on the way down so I fell on my stomach but quickly sprung back to my knees.

Sliding forward on my knees, I lifted the 2nd d-man's stick, pulled the puck back to my forehand and popped a knucklepuck to the top shelf.

My "biggest" goal was probably a momentum shifting goal. Down 5-1 late in the 2nd period of a game, I managed to score one of the ugliest goals of my career. I was screening the goalie and managed to deflect a puck which hit the post and fell a few inches from the goal line. The D-man knocked me flat on my stomach and pretty much sat ontop of me. With nowhere to go and my head turned away from the "play" I just started jabbing my stick at what felt like the goalie's pads. On the fourth or fifth jab, I saw the referee point to the goal line to indicate the goal.

I notched another assist as we went on to win the game 6-5. I like to think that my goal opened up the flood gates to start the comeback.

IdiotsPickedMyName* 09-09-2008 11:59 PM

Not really one goal, but the most memorable ones I scored.

In PeeWee we were playing a tournament in Kingston and right before the final we went for McDonalds Breakfast I had 5 hashbrowns and the coach laughed that I wouldn't be able to move.

Well I showed him wrong. Scored a Hat Trick, the first and second goals and then the clincher with about 3min left that put us up 5-3. I won MVP of the game and the tournament. 7 games 8g and 8a and a nickname I carry to this day "Hashbrown" ;)

In my university screw around league I scored the game winner of our final, wasn't anything nice just a tip in, but it got us the championship which was cool.

bohlmeister 09-10-2008 03:38 PM

I've scored a few pretty goals and a few memorable goals.

I am a right handed shot and one game i was coming down the off wing. I toe dragged the defenseman (I use a really long stick so the toe drag was like 10 ft diameter) went around him outside, then went in on the goalie and roofed it over the glove side. It went in off the post and sounded incredible. Can't begin to imagine how gorgeous it looked.

Another game we were tied with about 4 minutes left. I took the puck out of our zone and came in on a 2 on 1 on my off wing again. I waited till about the hash marks and put a wrist shot over the glove, off the post to crossbar connector. Goalie didn't stand a chance. The best part was i broke my Warrior Dolemite composite(Garbage stick, IMO) that game and i scored it with my Sakic woody!

In my younger years i scored a couple of big OT goals. One a 2 foot tap in, which i naturally "flicked" into the top shelf, making my coach extremely nervous. That was when i was about 11 years old.

Terror91 09-10-2008 04:04 PM

The most memorable goal I scored. Penalty shot which sent us into the playoffs. It looked something like this....

Please 09-10-2008 04:08 PM

Down 1-0 in the TVRAA highschool finals and i got a hat trick in the last five minutes of the game and got named Tournament mvp

Terror91 09-10-2008 04:10 PM

Ohh forgot to say that the goal was behind both legs, not in between my legs.

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