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jas 03-05-2004 06:35 AM

Lundmark and a few other thoughts
I, like most other people on this board, like this kid and wannt to see him succeed. And, admittedly, Renney is still doing him no favors by playing him with offensively -challenged wingers. That being said, as Edge and SBOB have already posted, Jamie needs to grab theis opportunity and run with it. Granted, he'll probably get more of an opportunity once the next wave of trades are completed. But, if Jamie does not show his stuff over the next few weeeks, I would have no problem if Lundmark was put in a package on draft day with one of the #1 picks to get a better player. If moving Lundmark and our own means moving up and getting Barker, Malkin or Ovechkin, I'd probably have to make the deal. If moving Lundmark and Toronto's # 1 means moving into the top ten, I'd seriously consider that, too. However, it is all in Lundmark's hands. Renney likes the kid and thinks he can be a 60-70 point producer in this league. And, my understanding is that Renney has fought to keep the kid out of trades. Jamie needs to pay Renney back for that faith.

Anybody else think the Rangers might be better packaging a couple of the remaining tradable players to get a better deal. For example, would a package of Poti/Barnaby be more enticing to a team like the Avs? How about a Rucinsky/DeVries combo to LA or Vancouver? Could that get us a #1 pick or at least a quality prospect like a Jeff Tambellini?

Eric Lindros will never play another game for the Rangers.

It is interesting to read the Oil fans gushing over the acquisition of Nedved and even raving about his play last night. Maybe Nedved will revitalise his game on the slick ice surface of Edmonton.

Bruins' fans don't get what Leaf fans are starting to understand - Sergei Gonchar is a very good player; Brian Leetch is a special player.

BTW, in watching Leetch last night, all I can say to Leaf fans is wait until Leetch gets comfortable. I saw Leaf fans raving about his smart defensive play, and his soft saucer-like passes to McCabe on the PP. (BTW, Leetch and McCabe as a top D pairing, NIIIICE!!!!) Wait until Brian becomes more aggressive and starts picking his spot to lead a rush or jump into the play offensively, or dart to the net on the PP. Leetch play a VERY safe game last night.

Also, best thing about the Leetch trade? Sather finally decided to split up the awful Leetch-Poti pairing, which no Ranger fan will ever have to witness again.

SingnBluesOnBroadway 03-05-2004 07:13 AM

I actually wound up watching more of the Islander game than I did the Rangers last night. Leetch did not join the rush as much as he usually does and seemed to be very cautious about making sure he stayed back.

What is surprising is the Leafs don't gain the zone and then drop the puck back to the point (Leetch). They throw it deep and then go get it.

Breaking up the Leetch/Poti pairing is a good thing but you might see an even more ineffective Tom Poti.

Regarding packaging players for better players, the best player to ever wear a Ranger jersey was dealt. That means that any player can be dealt. I would not hesitate to include any player in a trade if it means getting back an asset.

kazo 03-05-2004 09:27 AM


Originally Posted by SatherExecutioner
I say put Lundmark on a line with Moore and Hereema and give them 16 minutes per game the rest of the way including power play time and let them show us what they can do and whether they belong in NHL or not. We got nothing to lose, Ranger organization got nothing to lose and if they suck then everybody has a clean conscience that we should move on.

Unfortunately for Lundmark, he played like the invisible man last night.

Not a good sign.

rickyrod 03-05-2004 10:46 AM


Originally Posted by kazo
Unfortunately for Lundmark, he played like the invisible man last night.

Not a good sign.

so did the rest of the team. can't single him out. the only reason we even had a goal last night was because jagr just happened to get a rebound right to his stick.

klingsor 03-05-2004 11:11 AM

I still think he oughta be tried as a center for Jagr.

Do we really want Holik centering Jagr when the next season begins? Holik is best employed as a 3rd line center.

With Nedved, Lindros and Messier (hopefully) gone who are and 1st and 2nd line centers? I'm not saying Lundmark is one, but isn't it time we found out?

rickyrod 03-05-2004 03:55 PM


Originally Posted by klingsor
With Nedved, Lindros and Messier (hopefully) gone who are and 1st and 2nd line centers? I'm not saying Lundmark is one, but isn't it time we found out?

holik, lundmark, murray, moore...

holik can stay as first line center, because he makes jagr effective, and we have murray to be the checking line center. (i'd assume more and murray will make the team next season, anyway.)

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