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playbedar 01-28-2009 07:01 PM

CCM V08 Helmet
I'm shopping for a new helmet and the CCM V08 price is very interesting. The thing is, I can't try it since my local shop is out of stock for the rest of the year. However I tried the RBK 4K (or 6K I'm not sure) and it was extremely confortable. Is the CCM V08 in the same quality range than the RBK 4K or 6K? The price is really a factor and CCM is a brand I always liked.

If someone has one and can give me some review I would really appreciate it.

xstartxtodayx 01-29-2009 06:21 PM

The V08 is probably closest to the 4k as far as fit/comfort since they share the same dual density VN style padding (which I personally prefer and love, I find it a lot more comfortable and better fitting since it can almost mold to your head). I've never tried the RBK helmets on myself so I ca't comment on their fit but everything I've read about them mentions that they fit somewhat wider than the CCM; this would make sense b/c I have the V08 and a narrow head and it fit great.

As far as the quality goes I'd compare the V08 to the 6k at least... the V08 is the same helmet as the V10 just with dual density VN padding instead of the harder EPP liner, there are many pro's wearing the V08, it's a great helmet and you really can't bat the $50 price tag.

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