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Golden AWe 02-06-2009 12:17 PM

Capitals 2009 UFA forwards
We're about to have three UFA forwards next summer. Which one of them should we bring back, or should should we sign all of them?

Sergei Fedorov (cap hit 4 000 000 this season)

Fedorov has been a good addition to the team, but absent for almost 30 games. Whenever he's played, he seems like a true leader and a great mentor for the likes of Semin and Ovechkin, but is he worth it at 4 millions per season?

He'll play whatever position and situation Boudreau tells him to play, and efficiently. 18 points in 26 games is about what I expected, considering the line changes.

However, I feel his situation is mostly depended on what will happen to Nylander. I don't want to see two veteran centers with over 4 mil. price tag in the team next season. No matter how good he plays on special teams, we still have enough skill for the PP and stamina for the PK, even without him.

Donald Brashear (cap hit 1 250 000)

How tough is Brashear? I think he's the toughest enforcer in the league, besides Laraque. Like Kozlov said, fighting against him would be a bloody murder for most of the players in the league.

He plays ok when he's on the ice, but that's not much. Would Erskine be enough in sense of protecting our stars if Brashear quit? I don't think so...still, there are cheaper enforcers for such small roles. None as popular though, I guess.

Maybe one more season is ok.

Viktor Kozlov (cap hit 2 500 000)

I've grown to love this guy. Before, I didn't appreciate the way he can draw opponents to himself when he's at his best, creating space for the likes of Ovechkin and Semin. He's got good hands, some highlight moves and passing every now and then. Now, I've seen a lot of great plays like that this year and last year. Plus, his interview I read (was it Puck Daddy?) was very funny.

However, he's still a big soft russian, and 0+6 in 21 career playoff games. Is it enough? 0+3 last spring against Flyers. That is not enough for a 1st line winger, no matter what his role was.

I'm saying let this season's playoffs decide his destiny. If he plays great, I'd even give him a raise. If he goes to a slump, let's replace him from within the system or something.



Foy 02-06-2009 12:18 PM

I'd keep all of them if the price is right.

NobodyBeatsTheWiz 02-06-2009 12:25 PM


Originally Posted by Foy (Post 17757458)
I'd keep all of them if the price is right.


Kozlov is the one I'd hesitate the most with, but only if a superior option could be had.

El Maestro 02-06-2009 01:04 PM


Originally Posted by Foy (Post 17757458)
I'd keep all of them if the price is right.

Agree with him, they're all valuable to this team.

Marshall 02-06-2009 01:19 PM

None of them.

strungout 02-06-2009 01:21 PM

Depends on Nylander.

Drake1588 02-06-2009 01:23 PM

I do not sign Fedorov to a contract until I have traded Nylander. If July rolls around and Fedorov says he needs to make a decision... then I do not sign Fedorov until I have traded Nylander.

One or the other, but not both, next season.

AllIsFehrNLoveAndWar 02-06-2009 01:47 PM

I have this feeling Fedorov will give the team a bit of a discount...it's too far ahead for me to figure out who should stay or not. I'd like to keep them all but I'll wait to worry about it later, like after the deadline and playoffs.

BrooklynCapsFan 02-06-2009 01:53 PM

I'd keep Fedorov for a lot less then he's currently making IF he has a solid postseason. The other two are replaceable and can walk.

Alex28* 02-06-2009 02:16 PM

Fedorov for 2.5-3.5 million, possibly a 2 year 5.5-6 million contract. He's our best defensive forward by far, definitely a good addition to a powerplay (although not a crucial one), can play defense, has more saves/shotblocks this season than half our D. Positionally excellent, still has hustle, can protect the puck and carry it from point A to point B without circling around. Plays on the first line without seeming lost. Good leader, constantly talks to everyone on the bench. Whoever said the PK doesn't need help, watch more games.

Kozlov - worth the same contract as he got the first time around, possibly a small raise. By far the most able right wing in the system to play with Ovechkin and complete a first line, which tends to go astray without him against determined opponents. Protects the puck, sets up plays, good along the boards, reliable 50-60 point guy. Questionable defensive game but that's not what he's for.

Brashear - has to be kept. Possibly at a lower price, healthy scratch against teams that don't have major enforcers or bad blood with Caps. A team with young talent that doesn't fight needs a guy like him. Not to mention good locker room presence and can actually cycle the puck well for an enforcer, at least this season. If we get someone like Laraque or Boogard to replace him then the 4th line will be considerably less effective at wearing down other teams without much of a fighting upgrade. Erskine is absolutely not a replacement and you cannot have a defenseman getting enforcer minutes without creating problems.

At the end of the day, all of them are replaceable, but there's reason to mess with a good thing if replacements aren't guaranteed to perform (which, given what's out there at these price ranges, they aren't). The locker room is shaken up as well.

sikosmurf 02-06-2009 02:22 PM

I've seen a lot of heart from Brashear lately, and it would be a damn shame to let someone like him go. Federov has been an strong asset to the team and no one can argue against that, however until Nylander is taken care of, it's going to be hard to justify keeping feds at that price.

IMO, Kozlov has been pretty invisible, although maybe it's the things he does when you don't see him that are his strong suit? Dunno, he might be one of those players that help keep other players inflated, and when he's gone there's a general loss of production?

AllIsFehrNLoveAndWar 02-06-2009 02:22 PM

I wish this years UFA forwards were Nylander, Clark, and Bradley instead. Things would be so much easier.

C-A-P-S 02-06-2009 03:09 PM

I think if the price is right all of them should be retained as well.

I think Kozlov has definitely earned another contract. He fits in real well is versatile and that first line seems to sputter when he is out of the lineup. He's got the size to control pucks and the ability to dish that makes him such a great compliment to Ovy on the other wing. Obviously he takes away playing time from guys like Bourque or Fehr, but at this point neither has proven that they deserve to replace him yet.

Feds for what he brings to the table is still a bargain. I can't imagine he would cost more than 4 million to reup possibly a shade less. I honestly would keep him for one more year even if Nylander doesn't get traded. I think allowing Jurcina and Morrisonn fly the coup is more intelligent route. His ability to play any position and his leadership is invaluable. Now in 2010 when Semin and Backstrom are up. Its time to say adeiu.

If had to choose...I'd let Brash bounce. I like him but not at the expense of losing the first two.

Burgh32 02-06-2009 03:12 PM

I'd love to see Feds back - scoring, faceoffs, leadership, two-way play, etc etc etc.

The other two I can live without, especially considering their cap hits (I'm not expecting either to take a discount from current salary to stay in DC).

frasnap 02-06-2009 08:46 PM

All. They all play rather unique roles on this roster, and ones that won't be easily replaced.

Kozlov would be the most replaceable, but he's reliable in a way that the younger guys who would be counted on aren't. I'd love to see him get a one year deal; I'm not sure he'd take one, though.

Fedorov should take a discount, but he belongs here. The only ways I see him retiring are if he shows his age over the rest of the season and playoffs, or if he wins a Cup. Both would surprise me some.

Brashear would be hard to replace, and there's nobody in the system ready to step up. He's a locker room leader, veteran presence, enforcer, and actually serviceable hockey player. That combination isn't very common.

backs4mvp 02-06-2009 09:13 PM

If Fedorov and Brashear took paycuts compared to what they make now. Kozlov I wouldn't mind back, but I wouldn't give him a penny over 2mil, and I don't see that happening. He's got the skill, but he's a loafer with no intensity, not exactly the type of player you want to be paying 2.5mil+ if your a contender.

Fedorov, 3-3.25mil tops.

Brashear, 1mil tops. The cheaper enforcers aren't enforcers, they're goons. Play 4-5 minutes a game, if that, and always a liability. Brashear may have no offense, but he does a great job at keeping the pressure on in the offensive zone.

Kegger 02-06-2009 09:42 PM

Feds and Brash

Golden AWe 02-10-2009 03:48 AM


Originally Posted by Alex28 (Post 17759489)
Whoever said the PK doesn't need help, watch more games.

I watch 80-90% of the games!!! :)

I don't mean it doesn't need help. I'm hopeful for cheaper options. A player like Jeff Halpern who's a 2 million dollar guy.

Refuse 02-10-2009 03:53 AM


Originally Posted by Golden AWe (Post 17757427)
However, he's still a big soft russian, and 0+6 in 21 career playoff

What the hell does it got to do with anything? I resent racist **** like this. On topic, I say resign them all, Feds needs to be kept for a reasonable price though.

Panopticon 02-10-2009 04:22 AM

The one I'd like to keep the most would be Fedorov, but if the Caps are in a situation where they can better for the same amount of money or less, I wouldn't shed too many tears. But who would that be? If they can sign him for less money (let's say around or below 3 mil), I would definitely sign him.

Brash is replacable, but I don't see the need (unless there are certain rule changes in the league). He's not that expensive, and he's one of the best in the league in his role. By replacable, I don't mean you get the same package, but either someone who can play his minutes and not be a liability, or someone who's pretty much on the same level as a fighter, but probably can't play his minutes without becoming a liability. And even if you could get the same package otherwise, you'd be without Brashears veteran presence.

Kozlov I wouldn't miss, but wouldn't mind to see his contract extended by a year or two either.

txpd 02-10-2009 08:02 AM

Marsh, none of them? This is basically the veteran fiber of the team. Even more valuable with Clark's career in jeapardy.

I would keep them all, conditionally, and be prepared to part ways, conditionally.

Fedorov, if he chooses to continue to play, needs would have to take less salary or at minimum less base pay. He has struggled somewhat since returning from the ankle. 11 games, 1 g, -2. What he provides is important, but the less he produces, the lower in the depth chart and budget he has to fit.

Brashear stays, unless he wants silly money. He is a leader on this team and provides a service. He is among the best hockey players in the league in that service area. Since he is speaking russian nowdays, I think it speaks to his value in the room.

Kolzov. This guy is apparantly the invisable glue. The struggle without him in regular season. He is like the guy that sings the 3rd harmony part. Most can't hear him, but if you remove him it sounds all wrong. Unless Kozlov is a horrible playoff bust again, I think he stays.

I they all will be signed after the playoffs, except possibly for Brashear.

txpd 02-10-2009 08:09 AM


Originally Posted by Golden AWe (Post 17832404)
I watch 80-90% of the games!!! :)

I don't mean it doesn't need help. I'm hopeful for cheaper options. A player like Jeff Halpern who's a 2 million dollar guy.

Its in my mind that if Tampa Bay is still rebuilding next season, that Halpern would be a deadline deal I would like to see. Its obvious that his better attributes have survived his knee injury based on his impact in TB. I would like him on the team next playoffs.

Foy 02-10-2009 08:10 AM


Originally Posted by Golden AWe (Post 17832404)
I watch 80-90% of the games!!! :)

I don't mean it doesn't need help. I'm hopeful for cheaper options. A player like Jeff Halpern who's a 2 million dollar guy.

Jeff Halpern wouldn't be a PK upgrade over what we've got really. Not at his reduced mobility these days.

Devil Dancer 02-10-2009 08:18 AM

Sign Kozlov and Brash, offer Feds some type of coaching position.

Foy 02-10-2009 08:23 AM


Originally Posted by Devil Dancer (Post 17833379)
Sign Kozlov and Brash, offer Feds some type of coaching position.

I would have no problem with Feds at a reduced price.

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