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slightlystoopid 03-08-2009 08:49 PM

Stick Trouble
So I just bought a One95 stick about a week ago. I've always used a Malkin curve since I began using the Bauer line, but I decided to go with a bigger curve to see what it's like. I've used the stick about four times and I just can't adjust to it properly. Well, on my fourth try my stick snapped in half. I have to say, I don't like the tactile grip that's on the non-grip version of it.
Before I had the One95, I was using a Semin One90 I got from getting Caps season tickets. The curve is huge, and it seems to have a stick'um grip to it on the non-grip version of it. I used it once and I loved the feel and I could control my shots a lot better than with the Lindros. It was ultra stiff, probably about 112 flex which I liked as well (I've always used 87, but after going back to it all my one-timers were terrible). With the non-grip One95, my hand would recoil on snap/slap shots which would completely diminish the shot's form/power. I really want to get the one95 similar to the Semin one I used before.
If I use my warranty, is there a way to get the One95 in grip form and maybe in a new curve? Maybe if I pay an extra $10 or something? I've read that Semin's pro stock curve is similar to a naslund, is that the right choice? I'm not sure if his pro stock curve is the same as the one I had.

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