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Matthew 04-08-2009 03:44 PM

The Coaches Show 7pm Eastern, Wednesdays on 1460 The Fan & 97.1 The Fan Act III

Stream the show here: http://971thefan.com/live/content/index.html

Thanks to Brassard Calder for all the show write ups so far this season.

Wonder how much Hitch we will see on the show during the playoffs? 5-10 minutes?

Write up and some discussion on the April 8th, 2009 episode can be found here: http://hfboards.com/showthread.php?t=500064&page=40

Brassard Calder 04-08-2009 10:56 PM

Thanks Matthew for covering the show today.

JACKETfan 04-09-2009 06:59 AM


Originally Posted by Brassard Calder (Post 18948971)
Thanks Matthew for covering the show today.

I happen to know that he FAKED some of the dialog. For real.
You can't believe nuthin that boy types.

Brassard Calder 04-15-2009 10:00 AM

bump...not sure if theres a show today or not but it's wednesday...i won't be around for it unfortunately, stupid meetings. But it was either today or tomorrow during the Jackets game, so I had to go with today.

Matthew 04-15-2009 11:33 AM

I would expect a show, even if Hitch is only there via a 10 minute taped segment.

Casework 04-15-2009 12:20 PM


Originally Posted by Matthew (Post 19067202)
I would expect a show, even if Hitch is only there via a 10 minute taped segment.

Will you lift the flag and carry on?

hashmarks 04-15-2009 12:21 PM

He will be on at the 3:40 segment and that is all.

Matthew 04-15-2009 12:22 PM


Originally Posted by Casework (Post 19068000)
Will you lift the flag and carry on?

I will.

Brassard Calder 04-15-2009 12:36 PM


Originally Posted by Matthew (Post 19068057)
I will.

Thanks Matthew. :yo:

JACKETfan 04-15-2009 01:28 PM


Originally Posted by Brassard Calder (Post 19068319)
Thanks Matthew. :yo:

Mr Zero Credibility is transcribing today's show? :shakehead

(There's a reason they kicked him off his own blog.)

Questions I would ask:

What do you do differently to prep for the playoffs?

Do you let the guys enjoy being IN the playoffs (like with the special bathrobes we heard about) or do you ride them pretty hard?

How do you beat Osgood?

Matthew 04-15-2009 01:33 PM


Originally Posted by JACKETfan (Post 19069400)
Mr Zero Credibility is transcribing today's show? :shakehead

(There's a reason they kicked him off his own blog.)

Questions I would ask:

What do you do differently to prep for the playoffs?

Do you let the guys enjoy being IN the playoffs (like with the special bathrobes we heard about) or do you ride them pretty hard?

How do you beat Osgood?

Don't you mean "questions I am sending to Rimer's Blackberry"?

Matthew 04-15-2009 02:16 PM

First segment with Jeff Rimer and Scott Torgerson

Torg: Ken Daniels and Aaron Portzline to be special guests for the show. Jeff Rimer is now joining us. How has practice been, Rimer?

Rimer: Very upbeat. Just finished first practice in the Joe. Babcock praising the Jackets, saying it won't be a walk in the park. Babcock says Osgood has been better than Mason last 10 games, and has a winning history.

T: Line combos for CBJ?

R: 20-27-61
18 - 50 - 93
25 - 19 - 33
14 - 29- 40/15

Looks like Boll will be in the line up on the 4th line over Dorsett. Freddy Modin looks like he will be back and is practicing well with the team.

T: Ken Daniels, Red Wings announcer joining us now. Cleary to play?

Daniels: Yes, will be on line with Franzen. This series could come down to the better bottom 6's for each team. Looking at both teams, both bottom 6's match up nicely.

Rimer: Lots of talk about Osgood's off year. Sensitivity from Babcock on this subject. Babcock says he's been great lately. How do you see the goalie match up?

D: It's always a key in the playoffs. They're different goalies. Osgood says Mason is great, and is happy for Mason. He admires Mason, but he never worries about the opposition. He just worries about his own game. Lately, he's been terrific. Numbers are terrific, despite having the worst numbers of his career for the start of the season.

Torg: Ken, everybody knows about the Wings PP. Know about the skill. But, what do they do differently than other teams for success?

Daniels: Starts on the back end. Lidstrom, Kronwall, Rafalski, etc. are all solid back there. Guys getting to the front of the net. Franzen, Holmstrom, Cleary, all crashing the net, with great passes from Hossa, Datsyuk, etc. All distracting to Mason.

R: It bothers me to read stories about Wings defense getting criticism.

D: Well, people are just used to seeing players like Lidstrom play flawlessly. Maybe more noticeably because they are usually so good. Have had a bit of a rotating door on the D. Lilja may miss all of playoffs. Whether it's Stanley Cup hangover, or whatever this team is looking to turn on the switch. They have the experience, and now they just have to execute.

T: Chelios or Ericcson to play?

D: Ericcson will play, I don't think Chelios will play. Erriccson possibly a top 4 d-man next season. He plays into the Wings future in a big way.

R: Ken Holland's accomplishments. Thoughts on big deals? Can they keep Hossa?

D: They can keep Hossa if he would take a similar deal. Holland not scared to give quality guys who work night after night big contracts. To keep Hossa, they'd have to move some players out. Guy like Hudler for example. This group will not be the same next season. This is used as motivation for this current group, knowing this is some guys best shot at winning a Cup. If Hossa wants 8-10 year deal, I think they can make it fit.

T: Everybody knows Wings' star players. Give me an under the radar guy who can make a splash here.

D: Fipulla is my pick. Scored 19 goals last season, only 11 this year. Just couldn't find back of net, but he's skilled. Didn't take step up, and maybe the playoffs are the time for him. Helm is another guy. Had solid playoffs last season as a rookie. Only not with the team all season due to salary cap issues.

R: Draper - still a possibility that he can miss all series?

D: wouldn't surprise me. Probably further than closer to returning from all I've heard.

end segment one

Matthew 04-15-2009 02:36 PM

Segment Two with Scott Torgerson, Jeff Rimer, and Aaron Portzline

T: Portzline to join us later this segment. Hitch is claiming there will be plenty of surprises for the Wings. 19 Red Wings have won the Stanley Cup VS 3 Jackets. Brassard has not been cleared as of today. Ken Hitchcock to join us in the final segment. Still tickets available for games 1 and 2 in Detroit, so Jackets fans should give the Wings fan a taste of their own medicine and pack the Joe. If we can get 30 percent CBJ fans in there, that would be a beautiful thing. We at the FAN also encourage all fans, men or women, to grow their playoff beards. Maybe if you send in your pictures of your playoff beards, we'll throw them on the website.

Porty joining us now. Thoughts on practice?

Portzline: A lighter practice than the ones in Columbus. Today was more of a final walkthrough. Seemed to have a ligher mood than last few days. Hitch trying to get teams attention last few practices.

T: Rimer went over lines. Hitch said he doesn't know what he's gonna do with lines. What do you say?

P: Lines have been same as last few days. I tend to believe what I see, but part of me thinks there could be a wrinkle tomorrow. Modin is going to play. Hitch intrigued by a Chimera, Peca, and Modin checking line. I think he's going to go with guys he trusts the most. Not going to get too crazy and throw all the youngsters in there or anything.

T: Latest on Brassard? New check up next week?

P: We won't know until Howson talks with Brassard's doctor. I get a sense he's really close. This is a check up where they need to see if he can take a pounding. Needs to be able to take a Kronwall check, for example. This check up isn't saying his shoulder is still sore, they just want to make sure he can handle all the punishment possible.

T: Rimer joining us again.

Rimer: Porty, is this going to come down to goaltending?

P: if it does, I think Columbus has an advantage. That's the only match up Columbus can be said to have an advantage, so that's what Hitch is going to try to do. Checking, checking, checking. Gotta withstand those 3-4 minute flurries from the Wings. Took Penguins too long to realize they need to be comfortable playing without the puck. I don't think Columbus is going to panic in that style, as they are more familiar with it than the Pens were.

T: I see Vermette and Malhotra being leaned on more and more as season goes. Faceoffs can keep puck from Detroit.

P: exactly. And the Draper injury is bigger than some people think, in my opinion. He's their best faceoff man by far.

T: Jackets working on PK, as Wings PP is deadly. What about the Jackets PP? Sometimes not even able to set it up. Hows it looked in practice?

P: Hard to say, as you're playing against your own. Have floated out Klesla and Peca as pointment. I don't think that's the 2nd unit just yet, but if either unit struggles, I won't be shocked to see them out there. Detroit is bottom five PK team, and Columbus could use all the help they could get. Jackets need a great kill, that's the most important. Anything on the PP is just a bonus at this point.

R: Getting back to the PP. Modin: can he help on the PP?

P: I think he helps a lot. He's one of those guys that can posses the puck along the wall and has skill to do something with it. On a personal level, I just hope he can stay healthy. Only 1 shift in last 30- or so games. Gives team an offensive player. Maybe he's the guy who scores goals that nobody expects. Seems like every team has one of them in the playoffs.

T: Time to get the Jacket fans to pack up the Joe this year. What do you think we're going to see in the Joe? 30 percent?

P: We've been on Ticketmaster today. One of us was able to get 8 tickets together in the lower bowl. Now, there's the economy and winning tradition to consider. have to cut Detroit fans some slack. Bottom line is, there's plenty of tickets in the air for Jackets fans. Probably a lot of fans you saw at the 8-2 game coming back and more. I can see 20 percent Jackets fans at the Joe, or more.

T: Other than Mason, what's the number one key for Jackets win?

P: I think they have to hit these guys. Have to check to win. Have to play wreckless. Have to keep PK up. Have to call up Konopka. Have to call up Mirasty. The Jackets know they're not as good as this team, and have to outwork them. Have to turn it into a goaltending series. Osgood hasn't put together a good season, and they have to put the pressure on him.

T: Good segment, and next one is going to be even better with Ken Hitchcock joining us.

blahblah 04-15-2009 02:53 PM

Thanks for the updates Matthew.

The buring question. Are we going to listen to Rimer gush about how great the Red Wings are the entire series? Or is he going to pretend he's a Jacket announcer and, perhaps, even a fan?

Matthew 04-15-2009 02:55 PM

Segment 3 with The Torg, Rimer, and Hitchcock

T: Ken Hitchcock to join us shortly. Wings games still NOT sold out. Call ticketmaster and pack the Joe, Columbus fans. Lets make it as unpleasant as we can for the Detroit fans.

Hitch now joining us. How ready is the team, Hitch?

Hitch: I think we're ready. 2 great practices in Columbus. Today the ice wasn't great at the Joe. Only went 40 minutes. We're ready.

Rimer: Big buzz in the city. What are the 3 keys for Columbus, Hitch?

H: In Detroit it's surviving the first 10 minutes. Expect a big push early from this team. Need to stay out of the box. Need to play with some risk. Need offensive risk to beat this team. Not going to sit back and play with caution in Detroit. Detroit will pick you apart if you try that. We feel like we can put some heat on them.

T: Scott Bowman said he wouldn't change much in your shoes. What have you changed going into the playoffs?

H: not much change, maybe little tweaks. We're not gonna change who we are. We've been helping ourselves here and there. Got some new wrinkles that everybody in the org thinks can help us out.

T: Detroit such a good puck possesion team. Other than Faceoffs, how do you combat that?

H: They have such skill. It's not having the puck, it's where the have the puck. Need to keep them on the outside. Need to prevent 2nd and 3rd scoring chances. Need to keep them away from the net. That's how we've played all year. Not going to change any of that.

R: Faceoffs very important. Vermette has helped a lot. Malhotra is great. Peca very good as well. Comment on them.

H: Vermette is great. Great on the right side of the ice. Do a lot better in puck battles on the right side of the ice with Vermette. Detroit is 60 percent or better in the playoffs. If we keep them in the 50's, I think it's a victory for us.

T: Goalies always get blame. Need to get somebody in front of Osgood. Who are some guys who HAVE to get in front of net?

H: It's everybody's job. I just think it's not getting to the goalie, it's the 2nd and 3rd shot. Detroit is the best at preventing these shots. That's the challenge for us. Praciticing for 3 days on finding the 2nd and 3rd shot. It's not the screening of the goalie, or where to shoot the puck. It's finding those second and third chances.

R: Possible advantage for playoff newbies starting on the road?

H: I don't know about that. The advantage for us is knowing the opponent. Anticipation on the ice will be better than if any other opponent.

T: Home team gets last switch. How important is this in the playoffs?

H: Very important. Problem is, if you're not a match up team it can be very confusing. We are a match up team. Detroit is not. They don't care. It's just power against power, they don't care who they are up against. It's my job to get the match up, and I don't think Mike Babcock is very worried about that.

R: Babcock knows you will be ready to play. Thought on team was kind of not engaged lately especially after not winning Prez Trophy.

H: Players know more than anybody. They know the pain you have to go through. Not natural to not do those extra things when nothing is at stake. We're the team that has to pick up those experiences. I'm the guy who has to tell the guys what the price is, and get them to pay it to win in the playoffs.

T: Nobody is picking the Jackets. Does that add motivation for team?

H: That lasts for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, all those emotions are gone. You just have to execute, and play together. Our whole focus is playing as a team, and playing with that edge. Regardless of what others think of us, it doesn't matter. Only what we think of ourselves matter. We have confidence. We've beaten this team before.

R: Too much hype on the goalies?

H: We'll see. You are what you are. Osgood hasn't had a good season, but he's won before. He knows what you have to do to win in the playoffs. We're hoping Mason can just play like regular season. We really feel confident that Steve is going to play like he has. If Osgood is inconsistent, Detroit is vulnerable. In my experience, what you are in the regular season is what you are in the playoffs.

T: Jeff Rimer to be on The Big Show next.


winJACKETSwin 04-15-2009 02:55 PM

That was a great show!

He's been studying them like a maniac and sounded poised and confident.

Rimer: Too much hype on the goalies?

Hitch: We'll see. You are what you are.

Popeye: I is what I is.

Robert 04-15-2009 03:02 PM

Matthew, your recap is like a teletype. Nice job.

megashock5 04-15-2009 03:04 PM

Thanks for transcribing, Mattew!

Halfboard 04-15-2009 03:10 PM

Matthew........you truly are the man!!! Thanks!!!

GoodVybes 04-15-2009 03:17 PM

Thanks Matthew. If Hitch says they are ready, then that must be a good sign.

Dirtydownshift 04-15-2009 04:13 PM


Originally Posted by Matthew (Post 19070743)
T: Time to get the Jacket fans to pack up the Joe this year. What do you think we're going to see in the Joe? 30 percent?

30%? That's like 4500-5000 CBJ fans. That'd be awesome, but a bit optimistic. I'd consider it a success if we draw 1500-1800.

LaCosta Nostra 04-22-2009 12:04 PM

Not a bump, but a slam.

Matthew 04-22-2009 02:00 PM

No Brasard Calder today?

I guess I'll do dah show today.

Matthew 04-22-2009 02:16 PM

First Segment with Jeff Rimer and Head Coach Ken Hitchcock

Rimer: Coach Hitchcock to join us later. Mickey Redmond, long time voice of the Red Wings to also join the show later. Looking at the Red Wings, you are looking at likely the next Stanley Cup Champions again this season. They're on a mission.

Hitch joining us now. Last night was best game for CBJ in my opinion, but unfortunalty not rewarded.

Hitchcock: They're beatble. They're a really good team, but they're not invincible. Sure, they're on a mission and all of that, but they're beatable. We're the team that hasn't been able to sustain our presence all game like Detroit has. We've been, for whatever reason, that gets discouraged. As soon as we do that, they've jumped all over us. I think they can be beaten. I don't know if we're the team that's gonna do it 4 games in a row, but i know they can be beaten.

R: How do you deal with that disappointment going into game 4?

H: Need to grow up quick. It's a maturity factor. You can't get discouraged. You can't have lulls in your game because the moment you do, the puck's in the back of your net. In the regular season you can get away with that. Now, if a team gets a little bit of momentum, that's all it takes. That's what happened last night in the last 5 minutes of the 2nd period. Need to grow up fast. We're getting closer.

R: Think the Red Wings looked back on 8-2 drubbing in Detroit and said "we've gotta guard against this team?" Was it a focus?

H: I think the focus was losing 8-2 at home. They're a proud franchise, and they were embarrassed. They wanted to make up for it. They've beaten us 4 times in a row after that game. They didn't like what they saw, they were angry, and really came and answered the bell. They taught us some lessons. They weren't going to take that drubbing lying down.

R: Lets talk about goaltending on both sides. Lots of questions about Osgood. Now we're seeing a different Osgood. Even different from last year.

H: It's a big difference. He didn't have a good season. This is typical Chris Osgood. He dials it up for the playoffs. His team was hoping he'd do it, and he's done it. Has made big saves, played great. Can't get a lead because he's stood tall. Anybody that saw him play knew there was times when he's struggled this season. Steve's been OK, but Osgood's been great. He's done a terrific job especially early in the hockey games.

R: Mason nominated for Calder. Thoughts? and on series overall?

H: He's excelled at a difficult position at a very young age. He didn't come here from training camp or anything. He came at an emergency basis. We all thought he'd go down, but he stayed. He only has 3 AHL games under his belt. He gives us a chance to win every night, what more can you ask?

R: Speaking of young players, fans have been wondering about entering some of your young players in the line up for next game. Filatov? Brassard?

H: No. Brassard is not cleared to play, so it's pretty simple. Been out 3 and a half months. Needs couple weeks at least to play. Would need second round to probably be ready to play. I just don't think it's fair to play Filatov in a game of this magnitude without really experiencing everything with us before just because we think he can score a goal or whatever. It's not fair to put him in right now. We're not going to play Brass without any risk of re-injuring him.

R: Going to the phones now.

CallerPat: In football, they talk about Bowl Games being a great way to give players some more playing time or whatever. Similar to hockey?

H: No. In the playoffs, you're here to win. For us, that's the whole mindset. We're in a suddon death atmosphere. Putting a player in just to get experience isn't a good idea. We've had a group or 22 or so guys that put in the work to get us here. They deserve to play now and get evaluated as so.

CallerRick: Talked about lulls earlier. What's up with Rick Nash?

H: He's playing against 5 world class players, and that's always a challenge. I don't think the team has finished on the quality chances they've gotten. He probably hasn't had the support he had all year that he did from his linemates. There were times in the regular season he could do it by himself, but now he needs better help. I think it's really evident now, he needs other people helping. An example is Marrian Hossa. He's a really good player, but on a great team, he looks like an elite player. We need better play from his teammates so Rick is part of solution, and not just the whole thing.

Moo 04-22-2009 02:22 PM


CallerPat: In football, they talk about Bowl Games being a great way to give players some more playing time or whatever. Similar to hockey?

H: No. In the playoffs, you're here to win. For us, that's the whole mindset. We're in a suddon death atmosphere. Putting a player in just to get experience isn't a good idea. We've had a group or 22 or so guys that put in the work to get us here. They deserve to play now and get evaluated as so.
CallerPat, please don't ever call into the show again. :shakehead

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