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Rickety Cricket 06-10-2009 05:02 PM

Vaughn Velocity VPG 7400
I was looking at pads online this appeared to be a decent deal.

I currently have TPS Summit leg pads (http://image8.usedvancouver.com/YVR7977269.1.jpg) but am considering getting new ones. I used to have Velocity II's back in the day and traded them in for my summits. My old Velocity's were 12" and the Summits are 11" which I liked a lot better. For the goalies out there, what can you tell me about these pads? If I preferred the Summits to the older Velocities am I probably going to feel the same way with these pads or did the make some changes since then (aside from making them from 12" to 11")? Thanks

Hamilton35 06-11-2009 08:24 AM

Are they pro summits? if so youll notice a difference in going to these pads. These are the mid range pad for Vaughn, however its better than any mid range reebok pad. The big difference is when Vaughn went from the 12 to the 11 the pads are more square now and less round. Plus they put a +1 on all of their new velocitys.

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