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OilTownHero 06-14-2009 11:59 PM

Best Off season Exercises
to improve cardio, upper body, leg strength, skills off ice, best foods to eat.....etc.
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CuteHockeyBunny 06-15-2009 01:44 AM

Jesus, you're asking a question that can be covered in a 300 page book.

Buy Twists' hockey conditioning book.


LTNINGFan 06-15-2009 03:51 AM

I have this one that I will be hitting beginning today when I get off work


BadHammy* 06-15-2009 03:59 AM

I have to say, books and plans are great, but it's best to develop your own through trial and error. Be objective about your strengths and weaknesses and use that honest assessment to buttress your biggest weak spots.

LTNINGFan 06-15-2009 05:27 AM


Originally Posted by MistaWrista (Post 19923112)
I have to say, books and plans are great, but it's best to develop your own through trial and error. Be objective about your strengths and weaknesses and use that honest assessment to buttress your biggest weak spots.

I've actually owned that book for a good three years now, but I haven't really dug deep enough into it. I have used some things here and there as reference, but I know where you're coming from Mista. I have seen some things in there that may not be the best for me, plus I have some other things in mind I'll want to do that will keep me a little more motivated, and may be more beneficial for me in the long-run.

AIREAYE 06-15-2009 03:06 PM

rollerblade around your neighborhood wearing gloves and carrying your stick every morning

milkshow 06-15-2009 05:09 PM

For cardio search up HIIT(High Intensity Interval Training). You can use it for any cardio activity. It consists of short sprints and breaks. I've just started it and it has improved my cardio so much.

Ragss 06-15-2009 05:42 PM

If you really want to devote some time to training without putting too much thought in to it, I'd recommend p90x. Its a full body workout plus a diet plan, but most importantly for hockey it includes great core workouts as well as plyometrics which go a long way to helping you get more explosive skating.

Jarick 06-16-2009 09:55 AM

I just started P90X last week, check out the thread in the general section about it. Basically it takes all the guess work out of exercise, gives you a workout that hits every part of your body, strength training, plyo for explosive speed, cardio, yoga for balance, etc. It also has a nutrition program that's pretty basic but seems to work for a lot of people (at least it's a good jumping off point).

FelixPotvin 06-16-2009 07:21 PM

"52 week hockey training" is a fantastic book. I also recommend "Hockey Speed and Power" by Kevin Mihem.

Both are fantastic resources.

Also, P90X is an amazing program, but you really need to stick to it. If you do stick to it though, it's almost impossible not to get great results.

That being said, P90X is a sort of general workout, and if you're looking for something specially designed towards hockey you may want to look elsewhere.

OilTownHero 07-02-2009 08:34 PM

HIIT?? What do I do for it, start my own plan by making it or what?

Little Nilan 07-04-2009 10:31 AM

I guess I posted it in the wrong thread:


Originally Posted by Kareem
If you really want to be explosive on the ice and have a significant edge on everyone. Two things are essential:

1) Olympic lifts: Get a coach and learn the snatch and clean and jerk properly. Around where I live, it costs about 100$ for a year to join an Olympic lifting club.

2) Plyometrics: Combine this with olympic lifting and you'll see phenomenal speed gains.

I also agree with the Tabatas, you can improve both your anaerobic and aerobic capacity by 15% and more by doing as little as a 4min HIIT session at the end of your workouts.

Personally, I do squat jumps, plyo pushups, ball throws, 45lbs barbell snatch, 100 pound powercleans, 45lbs bar push presses, squats and pull. Honestly, the possibilities are endless. Just make sure you feel like you want to die at the end . Kill two birds with one stone and do your plyometrics as a HIIT routine.


Originally Posted by gc

FYI, Tabata is HIIT, just the rounds, work time, and rest time are set by someone else.

From what I remember:

1 - 5 reps = Strength

8 - 12 reps = Hypertrophy (size)

+12 reps = Endurance

3 sets should be fine.

So pick an exercise from each of the following categories:

Upperbody Horizontal pushing (e.g.: bench press, pushup, dips)
Upperbody Horizontal pulling (e.g.: rows, bodyweight or with weight)
Upperbody Vertical pushing (e.g.: handstand pushups, pike pushups, divebomber pushups)
Upperbody Vertical pulling (e.g.: pullups, chinups)
Lowerbody (e.g.: squats, lunges, stepups)

Yes, Tabata is HIIT, but I'll push the categories a bit further:

Instead of doing lowerbody, seperate into two categories:

1. Knee dominant exercises: back squat, front squat[king of lower body exercises], one leg squat[king of unilateral exercises], lunges, overhead squats, deadlift.

2. Hip Dominant exercises: Romanian deadlifts, back extensions, good mornings.

Knee dominants would be combined with a push workout. Hip dominants with a pull workout. Do one or the other every workout. Both if you're on a 3 day split.

Make sure you practice both unilaterally and bilaterally, espiaclly usefull for hockey. That means doing things like forward lunges, one leg deadlifts, one leg good mornings, one leg squats.

Same for the horizontal and vertical push/pulling.

For core work:

A superset of rotational exercises (corkscrew, russian twists) and stabilisation exercises (bridge, 2-3 point plank, dynanmic bridging).

This is also essential, I do them everyworkout and my abs are becoming hard as steel.

You can also combine your exercises with others.

For example, say you do a set of 10 reps of front squats(obviously 10 reps to failure everytime, if you're not lowering the weight at your 4th set, you're doing it wrong), you can combine that with 10 ice skater jumps.

You can also combine a bench press with a ball throw or plyometric push up. Don't go overboard though or you'll overtrain.

Do this routine in less than 55 mins 4 days a week and you'll be by far the fittest athlete on your team.

To elaborate, you could be doing this:

Warmup: use a 45lbs barbell: deadlift, then clean, then push press, then front squat, 10-20 reps of each until you feel good.
Explosive exercise: powerclean
Knee Dominant(bilateral): Front squats
Horizontal push(unilateral): Dumbell bench press
Vertical push(bilateral): Push press
Core: russian twists+plank
Tabata: squat jumps

do this under 1 hour if you can. Superset if you have to.

Basically you'd do this workout day 1, day 3 you'd change the unilaterals for bilaterals. Day 2 and day 4 you'd do hip dominants and pulling instead, making the same bilateral and unilateral switches.

For skills, why not get the Kovalev DVD? :)

For food:

-Keep starches(pasta, potato, bread) for breakfast and post-workout. If you eat starches, try to eat whole grains like oats, barley, whole wheat/grain pasta/bread.
-Eat protein everymeal.
-Eat fruits and vegetables throughout the day.
-Eat good fat: flax, salmon, tuna, peanut butter, olive oil(extra virgin)
-Eat 6 to 8 meals a day.
-Have a post-workout shake of carbs+protein, 2:1 ratio can be okay, or just drink chocolate milk.
-Biggest meals are breakfast and post-workout.
-Avoir eating a fat+carb meal. Try to keep it as a carb+protein or fat+protein meal.
-Avoir alcohol, coffee and all that crap.

PRNuck 07-08-2009 10:47 AM

Awesome post Kareem, one question though: what exactly is an ice skater jump? Is that like lateral bounding?

Little Nilan 07-09-2009 09:38 PM


Originally Posted by PRNuck (Post 20342410)
Awesome post Kareem, one question though: what exactly is an ice skater jump? Is that like lateral bounding?

Pretty much.

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