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Cams 06-16-2009 10:24 AM

OPS vs. 2 pc set up
I think this will tie in a couple different threads on here, plus hopefully help me out....:)

Is there much performace difference between the 2? I have always used the one pc set up, and for the most part liked it alot. As much as I would love to use the high-end OPS, they are way out of my price range. I would suggest too, as I never played jr., or any high-level hockey (I am 36 now), but have played for many years in rec leagues, pick up, tournys, etc.... I still have an old silver Synergy (Drury-85 I think, not marked-pro stock) that is still alive, but not kicking (dead stick - is that possible?). I also have a CCM V110 (J. Allison -regular flex) that is not too bad, it's all I've got to use, but there is something just not right about it. I got an Inno MegaLyte (Kovalev curve, 87 flex - marked pro stock) early this spring for $79CDN (apparently a decent deal), and liked it a lot, but frustration got the best of me, and I snapped it on the crossbar a couple weeks back. Loved the stick, almost too whippy, but perfect curve. I consider myself a good player skill wise. I am more of a defensive forward or setup, playmaker type - not a big shooter, plus I play in a summer rec league with no slapshots anyways, but concentrate on my wrister as my #1 weapon.

I would like to get into a One95 or XXXX type stick (even would consider SE16, 10K, etc.), however the costs are extremely out of my range, and all those little technicalilites - would it benefit me that much to make that much of a difference....not likely. I am also not one to go out and "get the latest and greatest". On the other hand - I have picked up the cheap OPS in the $50-$70 price range, and they are generally too heavy for my liking.

So, that begs to ask: What should I be looking at in the OPS area that isn't $150 and up? Should I consider a 2pc (shaft/blade) set-up? If so, any suggestions???

Also, has anyone used Ballistik OPS? I am intrigued by their product, but there seems to be limited distribution (at least in Windsor), and think the 50 cal, or 45 would be something to consider. What is their pricing like? They are a Canadian company too!

Jarick 06-16-2009 10:37 AM

Typically the benefit of OPS over 2 piece is lighter weight and better balance because the fuse point between the shaft and blade is very low on the blade, rather than up in the shaft. If you can live with that little heavier weight, the 2 piece would allow you to save cash by swapping blades or shafts when they break.

It seems you like lower kickpoint sticks, so you could go for a Dolomite 2-piece rig or something similar. There should be a lot of good deals on clearance shafts over at Hockey Monkey and other places ($80 for an 85 flex shaft + $48 for a blade = $128 plus shipping). Or they have MacDaddy's on clearance for $115, same thing but lower fuse point for lighter weight.

But there's almost always clearance sales going on, so you can get last year's model OPS for $120 or so at lots of places.

Hockeyfan68 06-16-2009 11:25 PM

I use a 2 piece and like them ... I am using a nontapered and should switch to a tapered. I went with the 2 piece nontapered shaft because the stores here stock tapered blades poorly. I have a better chance of getting the curve I like in a standard blade.

I want to buy a Harrow tapered shaft, my friend owns a shop here and told mhe would make sure I got the blades I needed when he ordered stuff. The Harrow is tapered.

I also want the Bauer Supreme One95 shaft because all the reviews I have read state clearly they are durable and the people who sold them stated they seldom get customer complaints about them.

I am for certain getting the One95 shaft and a Harrow tapered shaft. I should also mention that I am 41 next month and fit in your age group. Composite sticks really did help bring back a youthful shot for me after using wood and aluminum shafts until this past December when I switched to composites.

There is a website I joined that reviews equipment and posts videos of their reviews which for sticks always include a scale weight measurement of each product to make sure the company's product lives up to the specs given the dealer.

Here is the link for the bauer Supreme One95 shaft and the One95 one piece stick as well.

The one piece ... http://www.hockeyus.com/nike-bauer/n...ck-review.html

And the 2 piece shaft and seperate blade review.



If it matters any I myself would like to try out a one piece One95 which is the newer one that has extra stick length and a pro flex. They make them for tall big guys like me and are the longest sticks in the rack at one of my local dealers.

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