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DaveG 07-31-2009 03:59 PM

Canes Top Prospects: #1
Yeah, we're bored. And with the exception of this Malhotra talk there is nothing going on in Canes land. So it's time again for a set of top 20 prospects polls. I mean hell, every other team seems to be doing it to kill time.

I'll close each round after 3 days or if there seems to be a landslide one way or another.

Suggest who to add for the next round if you want.

Cardiac_Canes 07-31-2009 04:10 PM

I remember doing this last summer and I think I just forgot after we got done a few :laugh:

This is a tough one because I feel Sutter, Boychuk and Bowman are all fairly close. Personally, I think Sutter is the safest but his upside is also not as high as the other two. Therefore, I'm going with Bowman as I think he's the most talented of the trio and has the highest upside.

DaveG 07-31-2009 04:21 PM

I went with Boychuk since he's a combination of which player has the highest upside and which is most likely to hit it. Bowman I think probably has the highest upside of the group, but whether or not he gets there is the question. Sutter is the safest by far, he's already proven (relatively) at the NHL level. Boychuk is a combination of the two, just with a potential right around Bowman's and without being as proven other then at the WJC level where he was arguably one of Canada's 2 or 3 best players until he was injured.

clementnorman 07-31-2009 04:54 PM

i went bowman because hes a little bigger and scores more, nut i like boychuk at no. 2

Citizen Cane 07-31-2009 05:09 PM

Bowman and Boychuk are the logical choices, but I have a gut feeling about this kid Paradis we drafted and so I went on a limb and picked him. I've got a feeling he may turn out to have been under-rated...I won't go so far to predict future stardom, but I have a good feeling about his future capability and being a very strong contributor for us.

imayagainknowanson 07-31-2009 05:16 PM


The kid must works extremelly hard with his body and size... and the others will come. He has absolutely perfect hockey sense, very good good two-way play for his age, not bad offensive potential and can hit/ drop the gloves.

But it's too close. Boychuk, Bowman, Sutter, McBain. Eventually Paradis - he will suprise us, i think. I like this pick right now, to be honest. Terry is not bad prospects. Maybe don't translate his game to NHL but he can be good 3nd liner at worst and very good leader for team. Dalpe is nice kid too.

I like our future on LW with Zach, Bowman and Terry but i'm not sure for everyone of them will make regular roster ever. For this season we have Ruutu, Jokinen, Sammy and The Wizard. For 10-11 we have Jokinen, Ruutu, Sammy with contracts. It will be hard for these kids but i want to see them to make team. Maybe one of two of them will be play on RW or C.

Cardiac_Canes 07-31-2009 06:03 PM


Originally Posted by caniacho (Post 20624267)

The kid must works extremelly hard with his body and size... and the others will come. He has absolutely perfect hockey sense, very good good two-way play for his age, not bad offensive potential and can hit/ drop the gloves.

He's not really a big hitter, even at the junior level, and he certainly isn't much of a fighter. He'd be best off leaving the gloves on.

DaveG 07-31-2009 07:21 PM


Originally Posted by Cardiac_Canes (Post 20624681)
He's not really a big hitter, even at the junior level, and he certainly isn't much of a fighter. He'd be best off leaving the gloves on.

You forgot the qualifier to that one:
Unless he is slew-footed by someone in a rather meaningless game in which the opposing team is taking excessive liberties with cheapshots.

GIN ANTONIC 07-31-2009 07:23 PM

Top 3-4 is tough to call for me. Bowman, Sutter, Boychuk and McBain all have their strengths. And Dalpe could be a real good player in the future too. I see Bowman becoming a really good or possibly elite sniper, I think he has the highest potential but I think Boychuk will be the best overall player. I'm also loving what McBain has done so far. But based on potential, I'm going with Bowman.

Cardiac_Canes 07-31-2009 07:24 PM

A couple of the Russians were huge *****es in that game, running around cheapshotting people while hiding behind their cages. Two of them tried to start fights in the third and started throwing with their cages on.

Scorvo 07-31-2009 10:17 PM

I voted Boychuk. I just love that kid, good swagger about him. I would add Lindstrom.

Cardiac_Canes 07-31-2009 10:21 PM

There's no way Lindstrom should be getting consideration any time soon unless you know something everyone else doesn't.

But you probably just meant add him to the list for later.

Scorvo 07-31-2009 10:25 PM

Yeah I just meant add to the list. All those other guys are clearly ahead of him.

Vagrant 07-31-2009 10:46 PM

Boychuk. I think he's most likely to succeed out of all of our prospects for the reason that he's not just a flashy scorer, but he's a heady player. He can adapt to any given role and perform well there and that bodes for his quick accession up the ladder.

Every other forward prospect in the Top 5 has the distinction, in a negative context or otherwise, of being one dimensional. Sutter has questions regarding his offensive game. Bowman has questions surrounding his defensive game. Paradis, if you want to include him this early, has questions surrounding both but has a tremendous motor and projectability.

Boychuk has been an elite scorer for his CHL squad, a grinder/pest/skill hybrid for Team Canada, and a vaunted defensive player for the duration of his time with Lethbridge.

Whenever I hear about somebody questioning Boychuk, it's because of his size limitations and how that will allow him to transition his game to the NHL style. Nobody questions his work ethic, head for the game, or his style. Nothing but glowing marks in terms of his character as well.

At very worst, I see him being a more talented version of Chad Larose. That is still a pretty darn good hockey player. We have heard the Daniel Briere upside, but I think he's meaner and better defensively than Briere. That comparison never really sat well with me.

The winning history of two Gold medals at the WJC compared with being right there for the Memorial Cup for a few years with Lethbridge.... this guy knows how to win.

I consider Brandon Sutter as having been "exposed" a bit last year as not being physically or, more surprisingly, mentally ready for the NHL. It was underscored by the hit by Doug Weight, but it was there constantly in terms of his offensive zone decision making. I think from a pure puck skill standpoint he is better than he looked for Carolina last year, but his decision making was horrendous. Defensively he was as advertised.... especially on the penalty kill..... but his lack of elite draw skills, which haven't come along but will, prevented him from really dominating in that regard as well. Where I liked him the most was the 5 on 3. His reach made it very hard for the offense to shorten up the passes. Offensively on the 5 on 3, you want to be like a boa constrictor. You want to keep making the passes shorter and shorter as you close in on the opposing net as opposed to passing the puck around the perimeter. Sutter's ungodly wingspan and stick length made him ideal there because his defensive mindset was so strong that he always put his stick into the lane that could shorten the passes. But at this point, i'm not sure I see 3rd line center there for Sutter.

Guerzy 07-31-2009 11:40 PM

Mark me up for Boychuk.

I like everything about the kid to date. He's noted to have the hands, vision, skating ability, offensive and defensive awareness and for his size, is a chippy hockey player who will go into the dirty areas. The one and only fault he carries is his size, however i'm not so much worried about that strictly based on his other intangibles and attributes being full of potential. You see plenty of smaller guys in the league today who have the talent to get by and excel in different aspects making them successful - St. Louis, Kane, Parise, Briere, Roy, Cogliano, Gagner, the list goes on. I'm not worried about Boychuk in the least.

My closest comparison to Boychuk is Derek Roy, it's been mentioned here before by a few. Personally, I love the comparison and it strikes me as a good match when trying to eye up a prospect to an NHL forward. Almost identicle in size, they both carry a chippy game for their size which is impressive, offensively & defensively aware which in return allows them to play both the PP & PK with success, great speed and skating ability along with good, solid hands which result in above average playmaking ability and a shot that can bury a puck quickly. I remember watching Roy come to town during his 4 years in Kitchener, and given everything talked about in Boychuk attribute and skill wise... the similarities seem evident, the comparisons are there.

I see Boychuk as a future center and hope he can be developed there. Personally I think he is a tad small for a winger and he may not be big enough nor strong enough to be a asset along the boards on a nightly basis. Seeing a 5'9 188 pound Derek Roy develop as a real good centerman gives me hope Boychuk can do the same and be successful there. It would be ideal as finding a good centerman is often much harder than filling out the wings. Having Staal in the #1 slot with Boychuk in the #2 slot would be real good. Add in Sutter as the future #3 centerman (as I think he'll either pan out there or #4, but I doubt he goes top 6).. and we're a strong team down the middle for years to come.

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