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skoivu 04-08-2004 12:27 PM

Question about Kovalev
Not that i would do it but i can see Julians resoning behind kovalev on a line wiht perault and dowd. It gives us a threat on 3 lines rather then 1. Plus this i a way tog et peralut in the line up to take draws. Perault cant play wiht wiht checking players so putting him on a line wiht kovalev he will have someone to wrok with and someone to feed him the puck. This is a good way to get him into the line up. But thats not my Question. Why wasn't Kovalev on any power plays? Or if i missed him on one he wasnt regularly on it. He is a top end talent and is a goal scorer. When we needed a goal he wasnt on the ice. Im not criticizing Julian becasue he obviously is alot smarter then i am im just wondering if there was any kind of resoning for it

romain_jaime 04-08-2004 12:34 PM

Problem, both Perreault and Kovalev are snipers... How does that give Kovalev someone to feed him the puck?

JJ 04-08-2004 12:39 PM

Kovalev was being used on the PP, until he started taking stupid penalties and basically scrapped 2 or 3 PP's in a row going down the stretch. To answer to those who wonder why Kovalev wasn't on the first line with Koivu and Zednik, well, they tried him there but unfortunately, for us, he just couldn't keep up with the fast pace for 18-20 minutes a game so they had to demote him. He is out of shape, you can thank the Rangers for that one, they haven't had a hard practice in 7 years or so. Pittsburgh wasn't much better in that department either.

Marchy79 04-08-2004 12:47 PM


Originally Posted by romain_jaime
Problem, both Perreault and Kovalev are snipers... How does that give Kovalev someone to feed him the puck?

Kovy has some sniping ability, but he creates plays as well... Dowd also has shown some good playmaking ability... Perrault is a sniper, and he'd have more success if he'd just get in the slot area to grab rebounds (those hand of his are very sharp, at this time of season, he can grab the garbage, and stuff it... cause we certainly needed that last night). This line was tried, and it simply was not very effective. I can see what the potential may have been... Kovy has to go back to the top with Koivu and Zed. IMO the B's would have a very hard time containing the 3 rather than take it in little bunches...

Game 2's lines should go as such...

Zednik - Koivu - Kovalev
Dagenais - Ribeiro - Ryder
Begin - Perrault - Sundstrom
Dowd - Juneau - Ward

If sunny is not ready, throw Dackell out there :D

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