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Old Hickory 04-10-2004 06:03 PM

The new and improved what would you do if you were GM thread
Let's leave trade proposals out of this one to avoid arguments that throw the thread way off track.

I would start by letting the whole coaching staff go. They lost the players, our special teams have been horrible since Tippet moved on. Thanks to the free center ice preview this weekend I was watching the Tampa game and something caught my ear. One of the reason Tampa has so few injuries is their traning camp is essentially boot camp, players are in incredible shape, they stay healthy and the results are apparent. I know we have had a lot of weird freakish injuries, but 2 years in a row is still too many

I would let the new coaching staff know, this is the year we go as far as we can, we fail, we rebuild

It would also be worth it in the long to run to see we let Murray go, maybe we can retain Allison at least ling enough for him to have some trade value.

I would pull a New York Rangers this offseason and stock of for one last run.

1- Resign Ziggy
2- Qualify Carter. he is a better player in years past than he was for us.(I know it's hard to get any worse than he was) Carter is a second line support player, like Straka and neither were used correctly. We aren't going to get much value in a trade for either after their play in the end of the yera losing streak.
3- Have a hear to heart with Allison, find out what we can do to have him play again, it may be a waste of time but after he shkates 20+ games , he'll have trade value.
4- Load up and have legitimate scorers on the top lines. Give Cechmanek one more season to prove himself. There aren't many very good UFA goalies this year. We
have him signed....what the hell

I would run 3 scoring lines with a checking line


Frolov Allison Palffy (If Allison wants out, sign another UfA center)
Carter UFA Center Straka
Robitaille Army Klatt
Cowan Avery Lappy (if he leaves retain Ebell)

Norstrom Corvo
Miller Dempsey
Visnovsky Gleason

Give the kids one more year in Manchester and if this team can't get it done. Unload at the deadline and start bulding around the kids.

Flame away :bonk:

Frolov 04-10-2004 07:30 PM

1) Resign Palffy, Dempsey, Carter, Luc and all of our RFAs

2) Qualify Allison with a two way contract type of deal jsut like Lindros. I really think Allison can come back.

3) Make a real hard pitch for Alex Kovalev

4) Use Belanger and other replaceable assets to move up in the draft to select Montoya.

The lineup...

Frolov - Straka - Palffy
Klatt - Allison - Luc
Lappy - Avery - Cowan
Brown - Armstrong - Carter

Norstrom - Corvo
Miller - Gleason
Visnovksy - Dempsey


two out of three* 04-10-2004 07:34 PM

Ok as for free agents I would let walk Modry, Allison, Belanger, Carter, and Deadmarsh. #1 Priority is to sign Ziggy Palffy.

I will keep Martin Straka, to play with Palffy. I would sign Jozef Stumpel, and then deal him w/ a 2nd Round Draft Pick 05' to acquire Keith Primeau. (Or deal what it would take to get him) For the loss of Belanger I would deal him for Mike Fisher from OTT, straight up or add a pick. I would move Hogeboom in Carter's place.

For the defense, I would sign or trade for Sean Hill to replace Modry.

For the goaltending situation I would just leave it.

Hogeboom-Pirnes-Flinn (for an enforcer to defend Palffy.



(what i posted in the other thread)

punchy1 04-10-2004 07:51 PM

I would fire everyone from Andy Murray down. They have had their chance.

I would tell Al Murray he is doing a great job and find out if he needs anything. We have had some exceptional success with our picks since he took over and he is to be commended.

I would hire one of the following, Nolan, Quinny, Phos fired coach whos name is right by me for some reason.

I would then do the following.

I would let walk or deal EVERYONE accept the following.

Frolov/Cammelleri(graduated)/Luc/Armstrong/Lappy/Klatt/Cowan/Barney/Brown(graduated)/ Pirnes/Gleason/Corvo/Visnovsky/Holland/Matty(unless he got me something special in a trade)/Avery from this past years team.

That means NO to the following ufas


I would use the following to get better or younger players. If ANY team offers picks I would insist they be for next years draft as this years isn't a good one.

Straka/Miller/Matty(only if it is for someone special)Belanger/ and this years fifth for the best first line center I can get (pref a younger lad) and to try and sign Primeu. My lines would be the following,

Frolov/Cammelleri/Barney (Brownie and Hogeboom would get looks)

Luc/Primue/Klatt (Same as above for Brown and Hogie)



Brown is my first call up. Flinn rides the pine and is used as needed.





I would try and get for Straka and the rest ONE solid young player and a second round pick next year. IF I were to be able to do so, I would insert him into the line up.

Capn Brown 04-10-2004 08:19 PM

Retain Andy Murray, but get rid of Van Boxmeer. I don't care who he won a Stanley Cup with or when, the guy comes across as a large-scale clown. I'd actually sign Adam Oates as our Power Play coach. He'll garner far more respect from the players than some fat balding dude who last played when Jimmy Carter was President.

Remind the coaching staff that true contenders are built around defense. That said, our #1 PK unit two years ago was coached by Harpo, so there's no reason why he should go. The only big time changes the PK has been through have been the loss of Smoke, Boucher, CJ, and Eloranta. So what's the answer? Get these guys back? *Sigh*. Getting CJ back is easy, but LA fans probably won't go for that. Smoke just signed an extension with the Sens not too long ago, though the Stars could be eliminated from the playoffs in just three days! If I'm DT, I'm thinking about swinging a deal to get back Boucher. I'm serious! And Mikko is Mikko......

Allison - There's been so much bull ***** ever since AM assigned that timetable to Allison's recovery it's just sickening and ridiculous. If you're into the rumour-mongering that goes on at LGK, eveybody there has already written Ally out of the Kings' future permanently. Well, this message is for all the immature and pessimistic a-holes over there: You're all a bunch of sour old ladies! GET SOME PREPARATION H AND MAYBE YOUR ITCHING FOR NEGATIVITY WILL SUBSIDE!!! That said, DT has to work out some sort of deal with Ally. Rules state that DT has to offer Ally 8.5 mil or Ally becomes a UFA. But rules don't say anything when said player misses the entire season with "whiplash". It would be foolish for DT to offer Ally 8.5 mil, but just as foolish if he didn't try to offer him a contract at all. How much is a franchise player worth if he's missed the last season and a half? I'd put a deal together that would have a base pay of 5.5 mil irregardless of whether or not he plays. There would be incentives attached to take it up to 9 mil for things like:

1) plays at least 60 games
2) scores at least 1.25 points a game
3) scores at least 25 goals
4) scores at least 50 assists
5) takes us to the second round of the playoffs next year
6) plays in at least 80% of our playoff games
7) Winning the division
8) Winning the Conferance finals

With most if not all of the above incentives very realistically within a healthy-Allison's reach next season, there'd be no reason NOT to take a contract like that (unless another club offers him a better base salary and easier incentives, but who'd offer more than 5.5 mil for "damaged goods"?). It's be a one-year deal to see whether or not he's acually able to stay healthy, and then he and the Kings would renegotiate from there.

Palffy - A four-year deal worth 6 mil the first year, 7 the next, 8 the next, and 9 in the final year. So, in essense, a four-year, 30 million dollar deal. Palffy's 32 now (or will be in May), so the idea is to trade him at the deadline of the 3rd year of this deal (or in 2007, three months before his 35th birthday). This is good for two reasons: 1) It'd really be like the Kings paying him 6, 7, and 7, or only 20 million for nearly 3 full seasons. And 2) at 34 and 9 months, how many more good seasons would Palffy have for us, anyway? He'd be 35 at the end of the 3rd year of his deal and would have over-stayed his welcome if we DIDN'T trade him at the 2007 deadline. I've nothing against Palffy, I think he's amazing. However, business is business, and it really makes little sense whatsoever to keep more than 2 or 3 hockey players on your team who are past the age of 35. If anything, players that old should be in goal or on the D, not "speedy-wingers" that they no longer have the ability to be.

Deadmarsh - Oh hell, Deader's such a good sport I'd sign him to a two-year deal worth 2.9 mil regardless of whether or not he plays. There would be massive incentives, of course, which would take his earnings above the 6 million dollar range for incentives similar to Allison's, but centered more on goals scored and games played than on assists and points and games played. Deader's "Mr. Goal".

Carter - I'd sign, but only for the wrong reasons: 1) He's Ally's friend, 2) We gave up Aulin to get him (and I'm still bitter!), and 3) he's black and could improve the fan base in LA. Not trying to be racist here, just looking at things through the eyes of a businessman. Two-year deal at 2.4 million with incentives that take it beyond 4.6 for goal and point production. Though he needs to be offered something like 3.8 to be qualified, how could he, in good conscience, accept anything over 3 for one lousy assist in 15 freakin' games?! 35-year-old Cliff Ronning did better. Amazing.......

OK, I've typed enough for one late afternoon, but I'll leave you all with two questions: 1) Does Forsberg become a UFA this summer? And 2) What would you give up to get Luongo?

Old Hickory 04-10-2004 09:09 PM


Originally Posted by The Daleks
OK, I've typed enough for one late afternoon, but I'll leave you all with two questions: 1) Does Forsberg become a UFA this summer? And 2) What would you give up to get Luongo?

Luongo is not going to be traded. He is as untouchable as Frolov, if not more

Malakian#13 04-11-2004 12:59 AM

I would let these guys walk .... Palffy unless it's for under 7 M a season , Allison just forget he ever played here , Stumpel Later , Deadmarsh maybe bring him back with a Nelson Emerson type role .. If he can prove he can play sign him , Modry Later ,

I would make the following trades or something simular (I'm not delussional)...

To Buffalo: Michael Cammalleri , Joe Corvo , 5th round pick
To Los Angeles: Maxim Afinogenov , Brian Campbell

To Montreal: Aaron Miller , Scott Barney
To Los Angeles: Mathieu Garon

To whoever : Cechmanek , Carter
To LA: prospects/picks

I think Luc will retire ..

I think we should sign a top center and a good defensive d-man with allison and palffy's cash . also sign a few depth players

That makes our team next year

Frolov --- Free Agent --- Afinogenov
Kanko ---- Armstrong --- Klatt
Cowan ---- Straka ---- D. Brown
Avery ---- Belanger --- Laperriere

extras: Pirnes , Hogeboom , Tambellini , Clarke , Flinn , Chartrand , Steckel

Norstrom --- Grebeshkov
Gleason ---- Dempsey
Free Agent -- Visnovsky

extras: Campbell , Holland , Zizka , Rome


at the draft here would be my top 15 prospects ... ( to fit in with LA )

1. Alexander Ovechkin
2. Evgeni Malkin
3. Cam Barker
4. Rostislav Olesz
5. Robbie Schremp
6. Marek Schwarz
7. Lauri Tukonen
8. Alvaro Montoya
9. Wojtech Wolski
10. Andrew Ladd
11. Alexander Radulov
12. A.J. Thelen
13. Enven Lisen
14. Alexander Picard
15. Drew Stafford

Legionnaire 04-11-2004 02:55 AM

Sign Lappy to a contract that he is deserving of. No more of this below league average stuff.

Sign-Khabibulin!!!! I'd rather have Cechmanek sitting on the bench at 3 million than Carter on the ice at 3 million.

Add-A hard nosed D-man UFA

Re-sign Ziggy

Re-sign Stumpel depending on whether on not Ziggy stays

Re-sign Denpsey or Modry depending on how much each is asking. If it's more than 2 mil no.

Bye,bye Carter. No sense in making the problem worse. You took the shot and missed Dave. Just take the mulligan.

Bye, bye Allison. Thanks for nothing

Draft Montoya or Picard

See if we can get a good deal on Ahonen without giving up the farm

Legionnaire 04-11-2004 02:59 AM


Originally Posted by Malakian#13

To Buffalo: Michael Cammalleri , Joe Corvo , 5th round pick
To Los Angeles: Maxim Afinogenov , Brian Campbell

To Montreal: Aaron Miller , Scott Barney
To Los Angeles: Mathieu Garon

Trade #1 I wouldn't do because Afinoginov has not been the same since his concussion.

#2 Is waaaaay to much to give up for an unproven career backup.

Oh, and that team that you are icing, is quite possibly the worst Kings team I have seen put on paper. :eek: Who is going to score? I take it you are hoping to win the Crosby sweepstakes ;)

Malakian#13 04-11-2004 03:23 AM


Originally Posted by Legionnaire
Trade #1 I wouldn't do because Afinoginov has not been the same since his concussion.

#2 Is waaaaay to much to give up for an unproven career backup.

Oh, and that team that you are icing, is quite possibly the worst Kings team I have seen put on paper. :eek: Who is going to score? I take it you are hoping to win the Crosby sweepstakes ;)

the 2 free agents in the line up would have made it look better ..... I'm just not sure what players are going to be available.

Frolov , Klatt , Armstrong , Afinogenov , Straka , the #1 center could score Cowan , Kanko , Avery , Belanger . Brown , Lappy could all score 10 -15 goals. that team would also be more physical and less likely to get hurt next year. all the guys " I got rid of " have been inconsistent or injured constantly.

Vis and Dempsey are good offensive d-man.

spend like 7-8 million on a center and 4-5 million on a d-man and you will get 2 good players. Maybe sign Kovalev and play him with Straka and Frolov on the 1st line.

The team would be young , fast , physical and have a winning attitude.... at least that's what I would be hoping.

Legionnaire 04-11-2004 05:08 AM


Originally Posted by Malakian#13
spend like 7-8 million on a center and 4-5 million on a d-man and you will get 2 good players.

Who would that center be? Let's see you've to Zhamnov, Nylander, Primeau, Rolston, Damphousse, Conroy, Nedved, Lindros, Nieuwendyk and Perrault. Are any of those guys really 7 or 8 million dollars, or are number 1 centers? Not for me they are not.


Originally Posted by Malakian#13
Maybe sign Kovalev and play him with Straka and Frolov on the 1st line.

So you're going to let a top ten player in the league in Palffy walk, in order to bring in a guy who has underachieved since he's left Pittsburgh? Well, maybe if he is willing to sign for something in the neighborhood of 2 million I would think about signing him.

A few of the UFA defensemen that I would be willing to throw some money at are Rathje, Zhitnik and Matvichuck.

LinkGtz23 04-11-2004 07:21 AM

Hoping to strike a realistic balance between current competitiveness and blending in young talent, to start the season:




All the rest are either traded, not tendered an offer, depth, or sent down to gain further pro experience.

Legionnaire 04-11-2004 09:55 AM

Jesus, going back and looking at everyone's line combo's(including the ones in my head) I realize now that we just need to tear down and rebuild completely. The right way this time.

BTW Punchy, I think that Primeau spelling takes the cake for worst ever. :snide:

punchy1 04-11-2004 10:24 AM

I aree. There simply aren't any blokes around here or in Irl where I lived with them kind of names so its hard to recall which way it typically goes.

I almost spelled it primoe but remembered someone else had spelled it along those other lines Primeau? Primeua(south pacific feel to it) Premeau?

Fat Elvis 04-11-2004 12:18 PM

I agree with some and disagree with others.
Who I'd not have back either by trading them or not resigning.
Modry, Belanger, Tripp, Carter, Corvo and if the right deal comes Miller
I'd resign the following:
Palffy, Cowen, Barney, Lappy, Dempsey, Lubo, Holland(decent 7th), and Stumple
Deader and Allison come under the unable to perform list in which I really think that Adam should call it quits and Allison is proving that he IS a head case.
I'd give Clarke a good look to make a roster spot, Hogeboom will most likely see some games as well as Kanko. Brown should have a year in Manchester imo.
I'd stay away from Kovalev but look at Primeau and Mellenby.

swinginutter* 04-11-2004 02:39 PM

I think "kingsjohn" mentioned to everyone not to throw trades in there, but it looks like everybody jumped ship! So anyways i'll follow suit on what I would do top to bottom.

First i'd get rid of the coaching staff, and start interviewing right away for other coach's. Quenville, Keenan, Nolan, Francis.etc...
I believe in systems and hard work, but our brass seems to have lost the plot. Our special teams we're a nightmare, and this season and last became systems over talent........and simply you need both. Also, enforcers are needed.....AT ALL TIMES! 60% of our injuries could be reduced if this was the case. We've had a lot of freak injuries...yes.....but a lot we're also caused because of policing situations. AM simply does not believe in it....but this is the NHL, not International play.

Goaltending needs to be sorted. I get the feeling they're going to give Cecho one last shot since he's signed through next year. First fifteen games are crucial for this headcase....Personally i'd make a move for another Goaltender. (LUONGO IS NOT AVAILABLE)....Hopefully, Tampa gets wiped out by the Isle, which will then make Khabibulin available. But stakes will be high because Vancouver will finally be over and done with Cloutier.

Defense. Let Modry walk! Trade Miller at all costs, even if you have to eat a million a year. He's heavily overrated, and most fans are in denial about this guy. He blows in my book. The core would be Matty, Lubo, Dempsey. Build around those three as they are all quick and agile, which seems to be the NHL today. Gleason, Rome, Grebs, Holland, Rullier, and Muir could all follow into the next three spots, but i'd still try to aquire two defenseman. Rivet or Gauthier would be my first option, with Belanger and a pick or prospect going the other way. Phaneuf is ready to make the jump next year, and was menacing at the championships, probably making Gauthier expendable. Rivet is another a-hole we need in the back. One of those two. Next would be either Zhitnik or Hamrlik. Hamrlik was sub-par all year, which could make him available for cheaper. Zhitnik has all the skills, and everyboby would love having him back............and he plays nasty too. Imagine him with either Vis or Grebs!

Forwards. You get rid of AM, and you get to keep a top five center in the league in Allison. Nobody knows what to believe anymore with the whole Allison situation....and he's really been made the bad guy in this whole situation. NONE OF US KNOW! If AM walks, I bet you he talks! Deadmarsh to me will retire because of injuries. Than all of a sudden a miracle occurs and he ends up with his best buddy in Colorado. Making him the bad guy! SIGN PALFFY!!!!!!!!!!! The people on this board going the other way with this guy are completely nuts! Ziggy is the only reason I spend so much money a year with these guys! He's *****ing amazing! I'd also get rid of Stumpel....he does things at snail pace! As for Carter "DO NOT" excercise his option at 2.8. Simply let him try out, and re-sign him to a lowball offer.........He'll stay believe me, or he'll end up in Analheim. He wants to be in LA at all costs....to bad his game doesn't translate!

As for the Primeau fans...........***** THAT! He's a locker room cancer......everywhere he's gone! My family owns an Italian Restaurant, and our wine and liquor distributor (saleman) is Bill Barber's cousin. His words we're simply "he's a *****ing assh*le! So no thanks! His play is overrated too!

My lines:

Frolov - Allison - Palffy
Luc - Straka - Cammy
Barney - Army - Klatt
Cowan/Flinn/Kanko - Avery - Lappy

Any combo:
Norstrom, Dempsey, Lubo, Zhitnik, Grebs, Gleason, Corvo, Rivet, Gauthier, Hamrlik

?????? (If filled, put Cecho on waivers or buy out contract)

punchy1 04-11-2004 03:11 PM

Ohhh. I didn't know that about Primeua. It would be interesting if it is true. He certainly sticks around his teams for long periods of time to be a cancer but who knows.

It reminds me of the "Paul Coffee is Gay" thing during the late 80's. Of course, who knows if it is or were true but, at the time, evertime he went out dancing you would read them "Coffee seen dancing with the boys' articles.

Even then, who cares as long as he plays well. Coffee were straight brilliant for most of his career and so has Primeyooo been but, I would want to know if this were true before we nabbed him.

We think a bit alike you and I.

Fire our coaching staff. All of them. I might be tempted to keep Harpo as long as our new coach wanted him about. If not, I would look into keeping him in a prefunctary role with the Org. Maybe a scout or something. As an ex king and the fact he were offered another job but stayed to be a Kings speaks for me.

Bring in Q, Nolan, the bloke who just got fired in Pho or find the best coach who has an ATTACK phylosophy on offence. Keeping a sound defencive structure is important but so is attacking on offence. That is a Joel Quinny trademark. So is TEAM BLOODY TOUGHNESS. Watching the Slaggies versus the Blueys says one thing for that bunch of hacking idiots with songnotes on their chests, they won't be PUSHED ABOUT.

To their detriment right now and it is obvious that this isn't the right coach to get them to the promised land, but, they actually are "TUFF TO PLAY AGAINST" and not just hard to beat because of their trap.

Here is what I would do IF IF IF we were certain to have Allison back. Totally different then my first suggy.

So, new coach.

Trade Miller/Belanger/Straka. Let walk Modry/Dempsey/Stumpel/Carter(uggg)/

Sign Lappy/Ziggy/Barney/Steckel/Rome/(all our pending kids actually)/

My lines,





Flinn and many others at the ready.

If Bonk is allowed to walk by the Sens I would look to pick him up. He IS not a perimeter player and has proven his self time and again to be the real deal. He would be a grand fit as our second line center and likely at around $3mill.

I would also believe that Belnager/Miller/Straka would all be right well for deals.


I too would go out after Zhitnik hard but I reckon so will many others. If we could move Miller and pick up Zhitnik we would be right solid on the bluey. I also, if we were putting together another team for a run, would think that Rivet,Gauthier or Hamrlik could be added.

Corvo/Zhitnik/Gleason/Grebeshkov/Matty/Visnovsky/Holland/Zizka WOW, that is one potent defence without any holes even IF we go down to inury.

Sign Rome to get his year or two on the farm as well.

Something like that.

Kingz4life 04-12-2004 04:43 AM

First, I would sign our following free agents who might be able to leave: Palffy, Lappy, Vishnovsky, Pirnes, Flinn, Dempsey, Corvo, Carter(but at a cheaper price), Huet, Avery, Allison(if 100% healthy), Deadmarsh(but hell probably retire), Barney, Rosa, Kelly, Holland, Chouinard, Belanger, and Luc. I would also sign Rome. If any of these guys are not free agents sorry...

Our lines should be:

Straka-Allison-Palffy(If we dont have Allison then we have to sign a great winger and move Straka to center or some how acquire a center...)

Frolov-Camms-Carter-(I would love Deader here)

Luc-Army-Klatt(Great third line...)

Cowan-Avery-Lappy(One crazy line...)

and then Pirnes, Belanger(I would trade him early in the season), Barney, Rosa, Kelly, Hogeboom, Brown, Flinn, and who knows maybe someone can pull a Dustin Brown and make the team-Steckle?...Obviously only two can stay with the club...

IF, Lucky retires then we can replace him with one of these ^ players.or acquire a good forward to replace Carter and move Carter onto the Army line...

Norstorm-Miller(2 veterans)
Vishnovsky-Grebeshkov(Great talent)
Gleason-Dempsey(Great ability)

and Corvo, Holland, Zizka, Rome(Maybe), Petiot(who knows)-Only one can stay up...Hopefully try to add a huge, nasty, D-men via trade or free agency and replace one of the second year players...

Goal Tending:
Roman-(Unless we can sign a better goalie...)
Huet-(Great backup)

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