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shayne 11-11-2009 07:43 AM

Eklunds latest...mind blowing
Could Carey Price REALLY be traded? (and who is the mystery team?)

It depends on Carey. In the very recent past he has very much taken a much bigger ownership of his game and for the first time is acting like a guy who could be ready to take the city on his shoulders. The difference will come, and be very apparent, if Carey continues to act like he doesn't want to be a Canadien. There were people in Montreal who wanted him to know that if he wasn't going to be happy there they would make sure he wasn't there. The problems cut deep and many question whether or not Carey indeed does suddenly want to be the Habs goalie or is just playing along to get out. I think he is legit in his realization, however will it take? Will adversity or something else in the city turn that tide? The Canadiens aren't the Senators. Gainey will not allow this to reach a Heatley point where the trade value is diminished. There are no shortages of teams, especially Western Canadian teams that have interest. Also the Stars and Kings have interest. The Habs are limited because they aren't all that strong on Halak as a starter. They will need to get a goalie of equal value back, plus a player that excites the base. Gainey will never admit to what is really happening of course. And that is unfortunate because I am one of the people who has told him to reach out to the faithful. They would understand.

The second last sentence stuns me, Eklund talked to Gainey and gave him hockey advise, i may not like the moves Gainey has made recently or maybe Gainey is the puppet and Ek the master pulling the strings

WOW is pretty much how i feel, rolling my eyes of course:shakehead

Tricolore#20 11-11-2009 07:54 AM

Advice: Don't waste your time reading Eklund

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