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B187 03-11-2010 12:15 PM

Vapor Flex
I have a Vapor V2 87 flex. I've had it for a while but have not used it very much. I tried an X60 87 flex and it feels like its stiffer. Shouldn't the flex feel the same since they are both rated at 87? Is it possible that the V2 has softened with use? I get a nice kick off the V2 but the X60 feels like it take more effort to flex. Thanks.

Jarick 03-11-2010 12:24 PM

Well there's a few things...

The V2 I believe was from a few years back, maybe from the XXX generation of sticks. The sticks were made differently and by different people.

On top of that, the V2 was a price point stick, so it definitely would feel different than a high end stick, especially one from many years apart.

And yes, it could have broken in a bit over time.

The Vapors seem to be a bit stiffer in general this year and last, I'd check out the 77 flex.

meanolthing 03-11-2010 02:17 PM

How long are the sticks in question? Longer shafts tend to have a more flexible feel if I recall correctly. Cutting shorter makes the stiffer.

TBLfan 03-11-2010 04:07 PM

The Vapor sticks for this year appear to feel stiffer. My X:60 doesn't seem to take more effort to load but it does feel slightly stiffer.

Also, you can't compare a high-end stick to a low-end stick. You also can't really compare a mid-level kickpoint to a low-kickpoint.

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