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SactoShork 03-27-2010 02:00 AM

#75: San Jose Sharks vs Vancouver Canucks | 7:00 PST | CBC(HD), CSN-CA(HD)


http://www.hellobubba.com/images/hfb...75/huskins.gif < PiCkLEs PickLes PickLES!

SactoShork 03-27-2010 02:01 AM



Originally Posted by SJeasy
McCreary #7, Kowal #32

McCreary is senior. Kowal is a poor skater, McCreary is worse. McCreary is a mildly loose caller, Kowal is mildly tight. McCreary has average game control, Kowal is poor. Very little score calling from both. Both tend to swallow the whistle in the third. A little home advantage from Kowal, none from McCreary. Kowal has a high safety rating, McCreary is below average. Both will make calls generating 5on3's. McCreary tends to even up calls for a game, Kowal does not.

Review notes:
By reviews, McCreary has the lowest overall GPA of all refs. Kowal is low. If skating grades are held out, McCreary is second lowest next to Fraser.

Bill "The Stache" McCreary #7

Tom "The Hammer" Kowal #32

Karl with a C 03-27-2010 02:06 AM


Kitten Mittons 03-27-2010 02:09 AM

LOL, "you've been seeing other networks". Love the South Park reference.

I think we win 4-2
Thornton, Pavelski, Mitchell, Malhotra (EN), Burrows, Sedin

edit: nice Huskins .gif!

sjshark91 03-27-2010 02:18 AM

Oh, no. The Sharks are going to play Detroit. :golfnana:

MrCowGod15 03-27-2010 02:20 AM

Good God I love this GDT! :laugh:

Will be at the game, and it's my girlfriend's first hockey game, so, please play really well and win Sharks!! :D

SideRivals76* 03-27-2010 02:20 AM

Canuck fan here, Hoping for another good game. It was pretty close game last time around.
Nice GTD btw.

LadyStanley 03-27-2010 02:23 AM

Crazy next five days. May or may not have time between rehearsals, church services, games, family gatherings, work meetings for updates.

XM 204

Merc pregame story

Sharks story on Vlasic's return

SJ pundit suggests turning off the lights and using a glow-in-the-dark puck for a period for Earth Hour

AP preview

NHL preview

Game shown during "Earth Hour". So watch game ("an essential use of power") by illumination from TV and turn off lights.

Friday notes - Luongo starting

VS preview

CBC preview (OK, the Sharks are on a two-game winning streak, clinch playoff berth, back on top Western Conference, yet the CBC call them "sliding"?)

Lebanezer 03-27-2010 02:24 AM

Sharks 5-2

Couture, Seto x2, Heatley, Boyle,

SactoShork 03-27-2010 02:26 AM

right on. thanks all!

got this one up with 20 seconds to spare. :phew:

that video link on the Sedins makes me feel so awkward. haha

Virtanev 03-27-2010 02:33 AM

Nice GDT,good luck.

sharkbite3 03-27-2010 02:42 AM

Lovin' the GDT.

Sharks win 4-3
Heater, Pavs, Patty, Juicy
Sedin 1, Sedin 2, Kesler

Kingshark49 03-27-2010 02:49 AM

This is a very good matchup of two division leaders trying to fortify their playoff position. The Sharks have already clinched a playoff birth, the Canucks are trying to move closer to locking up their own playoff birth and division. This would also be a possible playoff preview (if both teams get past the first round, depending on who ultimately seeds where). The Sharks will need to be on top of their game as this Canucks team is loaded, and will keep Nabby busy (as the Sharks, also being solid offensively will keep R Luongo busy too). This should be a fun game tonight, I'm looking forward to it...


IamJebus 03-27-2010 03:01 AM

SNOGgin it this morning.

4-2 Sharks

Juicy x3, Pavelski
Sedin, Burrows

Keep the momentum going boys!

Bartcal 03-27-2010 07:55 AM

No snog, just a win please.

matt trick 03-27-2010 09:54 AM

Just win

bluefunnel 03-27-2010 11:20 AM

Another nice GDT.

4-2 Sharks.

Goals from Marleau, Boyle, Setoguchi and Ortmeyer.

WineShark 03-27-2010 11:53 AM

In the two game win streak, I've snogged against (not trying to win a snog ... just reverse mojo). And since that is the reason they broke the losing streak and I can't argue with the mojo gods....

Sharks give up 2 goals in the first period, tie it in the second, both teams score 1 in the third and the Nucks win 1:46 into OT.

4-3 Nucks
Sharks goals: Clowe, Pavelski, Marleau
Canuks goals: Ehrhoff, H Sedin, Kessler, Wellwood

one2gamble 03-27-2010 11:59 AM

4-3 OT win for the SHarks

GWG Patty

Seto, Boyle, $$$

Sedin, Kesler, Error

Shape 03-27-2010 12:36 PM

Schweet GDT.

Sharkies 5-4.

Setox2, Manny, Pavs, Joe

Vaasa 03-27-2010 12:48 PM

Sweet GDT!

My SNOG: Sharks 3 (Seto, Pavs, Boyle) - Nucks 2 (D. Sedin, Edler)

jgood 03-27-2010 12:49 PM

sharks 3 Canucks 2

Patty, Clowey, Murray

Erhoff, Salo

CrazedZooChimp 03-27-2010 12:51 PM

Solid GDT!

The Sharks good play continues with their new lines, they win it 4-2. Goals from Heater, Boyle, Clowe, and Manny.

Karl with a C 03-27-2010 12:55 PM

Sharks win 3-1; Pavelski, Setoguchi, Heatley; Ehrhoff.

Thresher 03-27-2010 01:12 PM

If we could rate threads, I'd give it 5 *'s
GDT, so very awesome.


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