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glenngineer 04-05-2010 01:28 PM

The Team
I've read the message boards for the Preds for quite some time now. More so elsewhere but this is the place where most have migrated to. I just wanted to get something off my chest. We as fans are fickle. We cheer when things go well, raise h e double hockey sticks when things are going wrong and can generally find anything wrong with the team, a player or the staff. Guess what, at the end of the day, they have all contributed to us being in the playoffs. All their plays, good or bad, have us in the playoffs. All the line switching and juggling the staff did, has us in the playoffs. All the moves/trades that have been made, have us in the playoffs.

I have been hard on Trotz for years but this year he has done a wonderful job of keeping this team even keeled thru good and bad. The start to the year was worrisome but once the ship was righted, we have been a pretty solid hockey team not going on extended losing streaks and then having some really good winning streaks. He has this team playing consistent hockey and that's one of the things I've asked for over the years. Notice how I haven't been bashing the guy this year? How could I when he's done what I've wanted him to do for a while now.

People will bash Poile for the moves he's made. Two seasons ago he was counting on Jones and Hornqvist to come in and help our scoring. The move failed at the time and while Jones was waived and never amounted to anything, he's found a gem in Hornqvist.

People weren't happy with Suter's play as of a few years ago and look at what he's turned into.

As unhappy as we are with Hamhuis and Klein, they do suck together as a pair, they are good productive defensemen on the blue line for us. They have helped us to where we are today.

Smithson has hands of stone and can kill most any rush up ice but he plays a roll for us and has gotten us to where we are today.

Arnott, for as much as I'm not a fan of his lack luster play from time to time, has actually been a pretty consistent player for us this year in his hustle and play. We have been a different team since he's been out and we will become a better team once he's in the lineup.

All that said, we can pick apart any single guy on this team and find things wrong with their game but the sum of the parts has us primed for the playoffs. Mistakes always stand out because they usually lead to a goal against us. What we don't see or comment on a lot are the great plays that we make or the sacrifices that the team has gone thru this year to make it to where they are today. There are tons of little plays that these guys did that were good plays that go unnoticed yet we rip apart one bad play and forget to praise on the 100 good plays before that.

I'm not saying we should all be happy campers all the time but sometimes we need to look in the mirror a little and see what we have accomplished this year as a team. I'm really proud of all these guys from the top down. This has been a really fun season to watch for me and I hope it has for everyone else. Now the next season is upon us and that has me amped up even more. Can't wait til next week when the playoffs start and all this hard work will hopefully start to pay off in the big dance.

token grinder 04-05-2010 01:37 PM

are you having a mid-life crisis?

spot on

JohniusMaximus 04-05-2010 01:50 PM


Had some mystery person given me a magical glimpse into the future at the end of last season and I was able to see our record and the current standings I probably would have jumped for joy and hugged that mysterious stranger. I did not expect this, especially after the finale last year.

We've done well. I wear our jersey on the street with pride.

Nitrous Mafia 04-05-2010 02:02 PM

it's not being fickle it's discussing something you like, warts and all.

Drake744 04-05-2010 03:17 PM

I was as skeptical as anyone last year as we tried to salvage the missing the playoffs by convincing ourselves it was all good because after the all-star break we were on pace for what? 110 points or something over an 82 game stretch? Nonsense I said. Not to be negative, but because let's face it, there was no way this group of guys was gonna have 100-plus points this year. There was no way. I figured we would finish around 10th place, maybe squeak into 8th if we were lucky, but I was expecting mediocrity and was bracing myself for it.

Now lo and behold what do we have here? Our team defies all logic. No star player, no big scorer, and two goalies that share time in net. 100 point season. I've been a Trotz and Poile homer for quite some time but not even I imagined what could've happened this year. Sad thing is, if we get eliminated in the first round this year again people will see it as a disappointment yet again, which in itself is a testament to how good Trotz and Poile are at what they do. They will be a victim of their own success, but whatever the case may be, I'm glad we have some success rather than none.

I don't think some Preds fan realize how lucky we are to have the success we do on a yearly basis. Since 2002-2003, our worst finish has been 10th and even then we were in the race until the last weekend. How much do you want to bet 3/4ths of the teams across the league wish they had as much consistency as we do? Pretty much half of our existence we have been a competitive team in the playoff hunt and a team that no one wants to face. I remember late last year during a Wings game, FSN Detroit had a poll, "Which team do you least want to face in the first round?" Nashville, Columbus, St. Louis, Anaheim, Minnesota. Coming in with a landslide victory in that poll was the Preds, with almost 60% of Wings fans wanting nothing to do with us. Not bad since that was our worst season in recent memory.

Predsrule 04-05-2010 06:09 PM

lol yes fans on here are fickle ... its always what have you done for me of late.. but this is true of most posters on this site not just our fans

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