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GB 08-31-2003 03:34 AM

FBNL Rosters

This thread contains all players currently signed to play in the FBNL for the 2003-04 season. Due to image size issues the rosters will be split into two posts. This post contains Bracknell, Dundee and Edinburgh


N/M=Net Minder

P/C=Player Coach

*=Two way contract with lower league team


Mike Ellis (F) (I) (P/C)

Danny Meyers (F) (B)

Greg Owen (F) (B)

Ryan Aldridge (F) (B)

Mark Richardson (F) (B)

Nicky Chinn (F) (B)

Danny Hughes (F) (B) *

Adam Hyman (F) (B) *

David Poulton (F) (B) *

Joe Reynolds (F) (B) *

Darren Hurley (F) (I)

Dave Matsos (F) (I)

Nathan Rempel (F) (I)

Scott Allison (F) (I)

Luke Reynolds (D) (B) *

Ross McDougall (D) (B) *

Curtis Sheptak (D) (I)

Daryl Lavoie (D) (I)

Jean-Philippe Soucy (D) (I)

Steven Murphy (N/M) (B)

David Wride (N/M) (B) *

Tom Annetts (N/M) (B) *


Roger Hunt (C)

John Downes (F) (B)

David Smith (F) (B)

Gary Wishart (F) (B)

Paul Berrington (F) (B)

Laurie Dunbar (F) (B)

Derek DeCosty (F) (I)

Dino Bauba (F) (I)

Magnus Sjostrom (F) (I)

Patric Lochi (F) (I)

Jason Shmyr (F) (I)

Craig Phillips (D) (B)

Paddy Ward (D) (B)

Mark Thompson (D) (I)

Scott Young (D) (I)

Johna Johannson (D) (I)

Stewart Rugg (N/M) (B)

Dave Trofimenkoff (N/M) (I)


Tony Hand (F) (B) (P/C)

Steven Lynch (F) (B)

Iain Robertson (F) (B)

Craig Wilson (F) (B)

Ross Hay (F) (B)

Neil Hay (F) (B)

Adrian Saul (F) (I)

Steven Kaye (F) (I)

Martin Cingel (F) (I)

David Beatson (D) (B)

Miroslav Droppa (D) (I)

Mike Clarke (D) (I)

Jan Krajicek (D) (I)

Ali Flockhart (N/M) (B) *

Kevin Forshall (N/M) (B) *

Ladislav Kudrna (N/M) (I)

GB 08-31-2003 04:19 AM

This is part 2 of the FBNL rosters and contains Fife, Guilford, Hull and Newcastle.


Mark Morrison (F) (I) (P/C)

John Haig (F) (B)

Daryl Venters (F) (B)

Steven King (F) (B)

Daniel Goneau (F) (I)

Todd Dutiaume (F) (I)

Karry Biette (F) (I)

Kyle Horne (D) (B)

Derek King (D) (B)

Ian Fletcher (D) (I)

Greg Kuznik (D) (I)

Steve Briere (N/M) (I)


Stan Marple (C)

Tony Redmond (F) (B)

Ricky Plant (F) (B)

Mark Galazzi (F) (B)

Michael Timms (F) (B)

Nicky Cross (F) (B)

Jozef Kohut (F) (I)

Peter Konder (F) (I)

Rastislav Palov (F) (I)

Ryan Vince (F) (I)

Milos Melicherik (F) (I)

Paul Dixon (D) (B)

Neil Liddiard (D) (B)

Peter Michnac (D) (I)

Marian Smerciak (D) (I)

Stevie Lyle (N/M) (B)

Joe Dollin (N/M) (B) *


Rick Strachan (C)

Mark Florence (F) (B)

Stephen Johnson (F) (B)

Michael Bowman (F) (B)

Stuart Brittle (F) (B)

Slava Koulikov (F) (B)

Evgeny Alipov (F) (I)

Andrei Nikolaev (F) (I)

Noel Burkitt (F) (I)

Linus Schellin (F) (I)

Andy Munroe (D) (B)

Karl Hopper (D) (B)

Kevin Phillips (D) (B)

Pavel Gomenyuk (D) (I)

Vyacheslav Timchenko (D) (I)

Brent Pope (D) (I)

Pasi Raitanen (N/M) (I)

Sam Roberts (N/M) (B)


Rob Wilson (D) (I) (P/C)

David Longstaff (F) (B)

Simon Leach (F) (B)

Jonathan Weaver (F) (B)

Stuart Potts (F) (B)

Karl Culley (F) (B)

Martin King (F) (B)

Stephen Wallace (F) (B)

Anthony Johnson (F) (B)

Paul Ferone (F) (I)

Matt Beveridge (F) (I)

Rob Trumbley (F) (I)

Marc West (F) (I)

Ian Defty (D) (B)

Richie Thornton (D) (B)

Scott Moody (D) (B)

James Robinson (D) (I)

Pasi Jarvinen (D) (I)

Rory Dunn (N/M) (B) * (Temporary replacement)

Tommi Satosaari (N/M) (I)

GB 09-01-2003 07:03 AM

Chris Bailey has left Hull. Rosters have been updated.


GB 09-09-2003 03:15 AM

Rosters updated to include September signings.

GB 09-14-2003 09:15 AM

Now that the season has started I'm going to keep this stickied.


SwisshockeyAcademy 10-17-2003 09:39 PM

The Hull stingrays dipped into the Ukrainian market did they? Where were those players before?

GB 10-17-2003 11:53 PM


Originally Posted by SwisshockeyAcademy
The Hull stingrays dipped into the Ukrainian market did they? Where were those players before?

Well they signed 4 Ukranians.

Pavel Gomenyuk played last season in the FBNL for Solihull MK, but only played 10 games before suffering a broken anle. Prior to that he played mostly in Kiev for Berkut Kiev and Sokol Kiev, however he also spent part of the 01/02 season with Vityaz Podolsk.

Vyacheslav Timchenko, like Gomenyuk a defenceman, is a bit more traveeled. He played the early years of his career playing for Sokol Kiev and then moved to Nizhnekamsk Neftekhimik of the Russian league in 97/98. In 99/00 he moved to HC Voronezh. He then moved back to the Ukraine and played the 00/01 season with Berkut Kiev. He spent the last two seasons in the German 2nd division, playing for Weisswasser ES. He also played in the 2002 Olympics for the Ukraine and represented them in the 2002 and 2003 World Championships.

Forward Andrei Nikolaev started his career with SHVSM Kiev and has since represented Sokol Kiev, SHVSM Kiev (again), back to Sokol Kiev, Neftekhimik Nizhnekamsk, Berkut Kiev, Sokol Kiev (3rd time), Ldinka Kiev, back to Neftekhimik Nizhnekamsk before returning to Berkut Kiev. He also played for the Ukraine in the 1995 and 2003 World Champonships.

Forward Evgeny Alipov played the early part of his career for Sokol Kiev, at one time being team mates with Andrei Nikolaev. In 1994/95 Alipov moved to the Czech leagues, playing first for HC Trinec before moving to HC Havirov Panthers in 95/96. He stayed there for 4 seasons before playing his final season in the Czech Republic for HC Slezan Opava in 99/00. He then returned to Kiev to play for Berkut Kiev. He played the 02/03 at his first club, Sokol Kiev.


SwisshockeyAcademy 10-20-2003 08:00 PM

Some solid research, thanks.

GB 10-21-2003 04:22 AM

No problem, that's what I'm here for :)

Also Hull have a very good roster section on their site.


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