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Granlund2Pulkkinen* 04-23-2010 04:51 PM

Spray Painting Hockey Sticks
Hey I was wondering if anybody has done this?

I wanted to spray paint one of my sticks and I was wondering if anybody had any tips on how to do this?

I have heard Krylon Spray Paint is the best but how should I prep the stick, do it, etc?

Thanks guys!

6 8 5 13 04-23-2010 04:54 PM

My friend spray painted his stick black and it made it really sticky. Well not so much sticky, but just too grippy (in my opinion) on the shaft. I'm sure you could find a certain kind of paint that won't have this effect, but just be aware that this could happen, and I know I like the shaft of my stick to have a little bit of slide through my gloves when I'm playing.

Granlund2Pulkkinen* 04-23-2010 06:19 PM

Maybe I should have clarified that it was for my girlfriend not me. She likes to go to outdoor inline places and skate around with me... I'm using one of my old hockey sticks and painting it hot pink with black zebra stripes.

I've already sanded down the stick and I'll be sure to post pictures of my progress!

kr580 04-23-2010 09:46 PM

I'm not sure of the prep needed but be sure to do several VERY LIGHT coats of paint and let each coat dry completely before applying the next. If you don't you'll end up with an ugly, sticky stick with paint that will come off and color her glove palms right away.

Hold the can back about a foot and spray in one quick, even sweep. The first coat should look like the paint is *barely* peppered on there, don't go for full color right away. Just continue adding very light coats and it'll look nice.

Might be a good idea to throw a clearcoat over the paint job to minimize bleeding onto her gloves/hands.

Good luck. :nod: Hope the paint doesn't crack/chip with all the flexing going on. :help:

Ani simov mal 04-24-2010 05:33 PM

All you have to do is use sand paper on the part you’re spraying, wipe it, spray it, and let it dry. It's that simple.

Hockeyfan68 04-25-2010 01:21 AM

The best way to paint anything is to use a primer first so the paint actually sticks and doesn't fleck off. That being said it will chip anyway as the general nature of hockey will make contact with stuff. The absolute best spray paint I ver used was one called Plasti-coat or Plasti-kote i forget now. It made a great hard finish.

After the primer coat (one or two depending on the quality of primer you get) paint whatever you wish on it.

I always wanted to do a van halen red,white and black guitar graphic paint job on a stick shaft.

I play guitar and did a couple of guitars in the late 80s which looked pretty awesome but were just black and white. You paint it all white then apply masking tape in whatever design pattern you want to then paint it all black. If you wish to do red with white and black stripes you add more masking tape and then paint it all red. After that dries you peel off all of the tape and you get a van halen design.

Here is the black and white I did and a black, white and gold (Go Bruins heh).



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